Nintendo Revives 30-Year-Old Handheld 'Ball' For Club Nintendo Members

Nintendo's most loyal fans in the United States will be able to get their hands on the company's Ball, the Club Nintendo exclusive re-release of the 1980 Game & Watch portable. It's the latest Club Nintendo reward.

Club Nintendo of Japan gave out Game & Watch Ball hardware way back in 2009, a recreation of the decades old handheld. Now it can be yours, U.S. citizens, for just 1200 of those precious Club Nintendo coins.

Game & Watch: Ball [Club Nintendo]


    I love haow Aus never gets the good stuff. They always find ways to block us from getting the good stuff too.

      I dano.. my mario pencil case is pretty pimping..

    This is the best game ever, I could never beat it though :(

    and our latest addition to the Club Nintendo items is.... A fan.... Awesome.

    The best thing we have is the Limited Edition Game and Watch DS game, which takes ages to save for. Mines still sealed =)

    And one again Australia gets screwed over. I love it how we get jack all.

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