Nintendo's Trinity Of Classic Beauties

From left to right: Peach, Samus and Zelda. By Megan Lara.


    Very nice. If only peach looked like that, we might be more interested in saving her rather than collecting as much cash as possible from each level!

      MOB baby!

        Good spot on Hack last night Mark.

        We were talking about it here at work and I think it's partly that after than many sequels, you scrape the bottom of the barrel for good/memorable songs

          True - every now and then a new song comes out on Rock Band that I get excited about - I hop on, download it, and then enjoy it again. It's been a while since that's happened.

    "From left to right: Peach, Samus and Zelda"

    If you had to be told who is who, I think you are at the worng site ;)

    Dem hips.

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