Of Angry Birds And MineCraft Clones

This week in Gaming Apps we looked at a MineCraft program that allows you to explore the game's pixelated island without fear of Creepers. We also saw an Angry Bird Clone perhaps better than the original, and more!

Here's your look at this week's Gaming Apps of the Day.

Legendary Wars Could Be The Next Plants Vs Zombies No game on the iPad or iPhone captured my attention near as much as the touch-friendly versions of PopCap's immensely popular Plants Vs Zombies. Then came Legendary Wars.

MineCraft Comes to the iPhone With a Hate-Mail Inciting Twist Game developer Robots and Pencils have been getting lots of attention lately, much of it in the form of hate mail.

It's Like Angry Birds, Only With Balls Bullistic is an Angry Birds clone. Only, I think I like it better.

Fruit Frenzy Is Charming Juicing Fun For The iPhone Are you thirsty for more match three puzzle gaming? Then perhaps you should drop $1.19 on Fruit Frenzy, a delightful little iOS game that delivers colourful puzzle gaming in high concentration.

Like Tapper With a Soccer Ball - And Zombies, Of Course Pro Zombie Soccer got a special iPad version - the "Apocalypse Edition" this past week; today we'll take a look at the just-a-buck original which combines a single simple gameplay mechanic with that winningest of themes, the undead.


    Your title is missleading, apparently these are not the clones we were looking for.

    *waves hand*

    But we all know that Minecraft and Angry Birds are clones of other former and lesser known titles, right?

    Sigh @ ignorant hate mail senders.

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