Official Minecraft Coming To iPhone, iPad, Android

Official Minecraft Coming To iPhone, iPad, Android

Rejoice miners! An official version of Minecraft is coming to the iPhone, iPad and even the Android.

Speaking with Kotaku earlier this month, Mojang’s head of business development Danial Kaplan said that while the developer had discussions with third party developers, in the end they decided to “do the iOS/Android version of Minecraft inhouse”.

The port is due out later this year.

This may be the first time a port of a game hits a mobile device before the game itself is done. Minecraft remains in beta, with nebulous plans for a full release perhaps later this year.


    • On iOS I’m guessing the port won’t be in Java, which can probably take some of the blame for memory usage, as both the JVM and Java’s abstractions add a non-trivial amount of memory overhead, and the language does not allow manual memory management (ie. explicitly freeing up memory when it is no longer needed).

      Also, I imagine world data is the main offender in terms of memory usage in Minecraft (I doubt it’s the textures, haha) and on a mobile this data could be easily unloaded from RAM and only streamed in from the flash when needed, as flash memory is super fast.

  • makes sense they haven’t added anything to the game in months now they have a reason not to add any more

    and the stuff he has added doesn’t work in MP anyways

    • you mean the one that essentially added stuff that was in creative mode a year ago(colored blocks) the only useful thing in my opinion

      and a couple of items that for the most part are useless

      as for the next update they seem rather SP centric.

      i mean how does the game deal with half the playerbase skipping night while the other half don’t

      Not to mention his lanterns still haven’t shown up

      his halloween update seems to have been ignored since he can’t get them both working on the one server and the portals never worked in any sense of the fashion offline

      and in my opinion random generated terrain is no where near what it used to be like it till seems more rounded and less eccentric

      and his new client with its browser window seems pointless to me. Especially seeing as the page it links to is rarely updated.

      notch seems to be trying to replicate things mods provide in his game Ie the ability to skip dark. have custom spawn points.

      Except that too seems pointless since the mods do it better

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