Only One Company Could Rip Off StarCraft This Expertly

Only One Company Could Rip Off StarCraft This Expertly

Give it up for Gameloft, creator of fine imitators of the world’s biggest games. Their latest, Starfront: Collision, hits the iPhone this week, bringing the StarCraft that Blizzard can’t be bothered to make to Apple platforms.

Starfront: Collision spins a familiar yarn of three intergalactic races fighting in real-time strategic combat, all over “rare Xenodium crystals.” There’s the Myriad, an indigenous race of aliens, that you may know better as the Zerg, battling the Consortium, aka the Terrans. Mixing it up with both species is the Protoss-like Wardens.

See Starfront: Collision gameplay in this all-new trailer for the iOS game, gameplay that you’ll feel instantly familiar with.


    • That’s the Queen’s English pronunciation you are hearing. Since the company is headquartered in Europe, I’m not surprised and actually like that pronunciation better for some reason. Kinda rolls off your tongue a bit easier.

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