Pirates Of The Caribbean Has Never Been So Blocky

You've seen the trailer, now check out the first action-packed, block-built screenshots of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean in action.


    Yes the LEGO games get repetitive
    Yes I would *maybe* trade this in for Disney's Pirates game that was canned late last year.

    This is still gonna be awesome.


      would have much preferred the other Pirates game that was in progress, but i guess this will do

    Been hoping for this for a while!

    I just hope the physics and level layouts are a bit more refined and provide more of the interesting puzzle-platforming around blocky levels from LSW1, with less of the cludgy uneven (and not very Lego-like) outdoors environments from later games where an errant rock will make you repeatedly slip sideways off what should be an easy landing!

    And I hope it has a bit of Overboard!/Shipwreckers style ship-to-ship combat - I could definitely see that working after some of the vehicle sections in LSW2!

    But seconded on wishing Armada of the Damned wasn't canned :(

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