PixelJunk Shooter 2 Gets a Final Release Date

I'm a huge fan of Q Games and have signed a blood pact to purchase every single game they create until I die an inglorious, peasant's death. So I was pretty happy to hear that PixelJunk Shooter 2, Q Games' first sequel has received a solid release date.

Said release date is a surprisingly soon March 1, according to Dylan Cuthbert, the founder of Q Games. So only another two and a half weeks.

I honestly can't think of a single PixelJunk game I didn't fall in love with - I even liked PixelJunk Racers, which is usually thought of as the weakest of the bunch. PixelJunk Shooter was a game bursting with ideas that never felt fully explored in the design, so I'm hoping it will eclipse its predecessor.

Here's hoping.


    Day 1 purchase for me!

    I found Monsters to be the weakest. I have a big soft spot for Racers as it brought me back to the old AFX/Scalextric days (ah nostalgia) and I adored some of the modes like Speed Monkey which at full speed destroyed my eyeballs.

      Monsters is my favourite!

      Loved Eden as well actually.

    Can't wait. Will be an instant buy for me as well. Loved Racers and Monsters but never played Eden.

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