PlayStation Plus Subscribers Get Stacking For Free

Double Fine's Stacking is one of the newest perks for PS3 owners who subscribe to PlayStation Plus. PS+ members will get the Russian doll adventure on day one (February 8). More good PlayStation Plus news at the


    More US content. Aus PS Plus members get Europe's deals.

      It's been confirmed for EU also...

    Hmm that's unusual. Normally they give away some game that's been out for 6-12 months which you'd have already bought anyway if you wanted it.

    Between this and the news about cloud storage for save data, you'd think Sony were actually starting to take PS Plus seriously.

    Why does this sound too good to be true? Oh that's because it is.

    I seem to remember Jack Tretton saying multiple times at the PS Plus launch at E3 that any games given to you free on PS Plus will be yours 'for the duration of your subscription'.

    So not only do you not own that free copy of Stacking, but you're paying a subscription fee to play it.

      a lot of people (like myself) tend to buy psn games, play them, then once finished or trophies are collected will not return to it as they lack a pull factor to play it again, since most of us move onto other games. Considering the fact that we wont play it again say in 12 months time then its great value for money.

      All psn+ is, is like a video rental store, you pay to rent it out for X period, and you use it as much as you want in X period. After the period has expired you can no longer use it, but if you wish to keep it pay for it. If you have had your fun and dont see yourself playing it again then let it be.

      It is so easily forgotten that Sony has an online service, the regular PSN, that is free of charge to use. Having a whinge about an optional subscription service that provides users with free access to multiple games, avatars, themes etc over the course of said subscription is a bit lame when you consider that the main competitor's subscripton service IS their online service. Never mind not 'owning' the games, how's about paying to play the games you already own with other owners of said game. Fuck. That. Shit.

    It actually seems like Sony has been getting the edge over microsoft recently with developments like this. I think it's awesome :)

    What benefits can the get for it?

    Still not enough to convince me to get Plus....

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