PS3 Hacker Threatened With Prison And Million-Dollar Fine

PS3 Hacker Threatened With Prison And Million-Dollar Fine

A legal document posted on, reportedly from the offices of law firm Arnold Ruess, shows that the hacker whose home was earlier this week raided by police is now facing threats of jail time and/or massive fines.

The report, which appears to have been signed by the firm’s Professor Doctor Peter Ruess, states that the hacker in question – Alexander Egorenkov – is looking at substantial jail time or a fine up to €1 million ($1.4 million) if a court finds in Sony’s favour that by hacking the console he has violated copyright laws.

Egorenkov (who calls himself graf_chokolo), has apparently continued posting comments online throughout proceedings, saying:

You know guys, you will say i’m totally crazy now, but i never slept better than in the last 2 days. I don’t know how to explain this feeling but i don’t care about those threats with jail and high money penalties, btw, SONY wants about 750.000 euros from me if i don’t cooperate. They don’t know me at all. I don’t care about it and they might double it. The higher is the sum the higher gets my motivation. They don’t understand what makes me tick. Money and even my life doesn’t mean to me very much without knowledge. I have a scientific mind and the knowledge is food to my brain. Without HV, Linux and FreeBSD kernel hacking my life is meaningless.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe does not comment on legal proceedings, but we have contacted the law firm in question to confirm the validity of these reports. We’ll update if we hear back from them.

SCEE Sues Graf_Chokolo For 1 Million Euros But He Still Want To Hack [PS3Crunch]


    • Agreed.

      The irony is that to win the case they probably have to push the idea that his hacking was meaningless and not illegal. So it’ll end up that what gives him meaning, is meaningless.

  • Sony really sucks lately. If you buy a product then you should be able to do whatever you want with it. Also, what is HV?

  • If Sony was smart and not putting their thumbs somewhere it shouldn’t be, they’d ask for cooperation in finding security holes in their hardware. Instead because of their budget shortfalls from losing money on the ps3 for a few years, are now suing people left and right. Get a grip Sony!

  • I respect Graf’s comment. I understand what he means about the pursuit of knowledge. Although, if he was smart, he wouldn’t go and tell them what he’d die withouth. Sounds like SONY, if not make him pay, can make sure he gets a permanent ban from touching any computer. 😉 He’s going to have to find another hobby real soon.

  • What’s funny, is that he somehow managed to upload his unreleased projects and source codes to a private mirror before the police managed to seize his computers and shit. Makes me wonder why he would do that in the first place

  • I hate when people say that you should be able to do whatever u want with the ps3 once you buy it. NO. you can do whatever you want with the HARDWARE but the software that comes with it you only have a license to use it you DON’T OWN THE PS3 OS SOFTWARE so stfu

  • Stupid guy. he really is stupid! he thinks he can do whatever he wants without consequences, I hate asshat programmers like this guy who thinks its ok to mess around with other peoples programs.

    if he indeed has such knowledge he is wasting it. Clearly a dumbass!. im all for sony in this one

    • Then why is Sony making so difficult (and dangerous) to install Gnu/Linux onto the PS3? A PS3 has ddr3 memory, a really nice graphics card and a sweet motherboard. Everything a normal computer should have. In fact you can string at least 200 of them together running Linux and make a pretty sick super computer like what Virginia Tech did. At one time Sony had the other OS option,but took that away why? Next thing you’l know Sony will cry copyright violation because someone put GNU/Linux on their VAIO series. Should that be illegal to?

  • Idiot. If he really meant it then why post up the source code for everyone else?

    If he kept it to himself the consequences would be minimal if any.

  • Stupid sony fanboys!

    People can do what ever the hell they like with what they own!

    If you think that a company should be allowed to control what you own then you should be FOAD!

  • U idiot its not illegal to hack the ps3 software its only illegal to hack psn. Do u get in trouble for hacking the iPhone os. Or even windows? No u don’t. Maybe if you get your face out of Sony arse you would realise this.

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