PS3 Hacker’s Home Raided By Police

PS3 Hacker’s Home Raided By Police

It would appear as though Sony is not screwing around when it comes to going after PS3 hackers. While in the US this means gentle lawsuits and polite, in Germany, it means police raids.

Earlier this week, German hacker “graf_chokolo” was on the receiving end of a visit from police (and a representative from Sony), who had arrived to seize his computers and PlayStation 3 consoles for use as evidence in an upcoming court battle. It obviously wasn’t a NOBODY MOVE GET YOUR FACE ON THE GROUND kind of raid, but still.

It’s bad news for graf_chokolo, but also for Sony, as only half an hour after first telling the world of the raid via his blog, the hacker had managed to upload his work – aimed at cracking open the PS3 and getting Linux back up and running on the console – on the internet for countless others to toil away on.

While Sony Computer Entertainment Europe was unable to provide details on the incident, as it is a legal matter, a spokesman was able to confirm that the police visit and seizure did indeed take place.

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    • You think big corporations can just waltz into you’re home and take what they want without having some kind of law enforcement around and not get sued? Get a clue please.

        • what do you mean miss the point this would be no different than if i was to sue someone and on a similiar claim and stated that the person had stolen my design plans via hacking

          Some people just have an issue with big business and think they should take crap.

          aside from the fact that sony removed the other OS feature.

          There well within there right’s to sue him for it especially as it opens other doors.

          unlike when apparently it’s illegal to download shows which studios plainly refuse to sell even in another part of the world

  • so….. I buy a console off sony. I am supposed to own it. When you own a computer you can run whatever code on it you like.
    So, here sony says “we dont like the code you are running on your hardware”, and they have the right so raid your home and seize your property?
    All when they are only trying to restore a feature which was present when they purchased the console?

    This, too, sickens me……

    What we have here is not a purchase, or ownership. But a very expensive lease.

    If they are against piracy, then you go after the pirates. In a murder case do the gun manufacturers get put on trial?
    What is the difference here?

    • Sure you own the console but you don’t have the right to modify or reverse engineer the proprietary software.
      If you wanted, you could flash the console and write your own operating system for ps3. But when hackers modify Sony’s code it’s illegal.

      It was geohotz that got OtherOS removed anyway, I don’t see why our anger for sony removing that isn’t shifted more towards him for doing something illegal. It’s up to Sony to remove security flaws (and piracy enablers) with each new version; to protect the users like you and I and keep the confidence of game publishers (that their games won’t be pirated or cheated online).

      I use OtherOS everyday. I just didn’t update my console.

      Also about your gun analogy, isn’t it closer to: Sony makes a legal semi-automatic gun. Then a hacker modifies the gun into a full automatic and it’s used in a crime by someone else. It wasn’t legal to have or own a full automatic. Isn’t both the criminal and the hacker at fault here?

      Anyway, the hacker mentioned in the article did something illegal. So its natural that the police are involved. The police have to protect software rights.

      Read about closed source here:

    • But you don’t own a computer here anyway’s and the difference is also you can do whatever you want with Your property. You can’t upload it on the net for someone else to use. If you can sufficient;y hack and crack the console of your own skill then fine but giving out to every cheapskate out there who will use it for piracy is the issue.

      And You can customise your console the same way as you can customise your car. It stays within the law which bypassing the Encryption software does.

      Essentially your complaining because you strapped jet engines to your car and you get sued for driving on the road.

  • It’s a product…they’re a business…they only allow you to buy an item if it comes with their chosen strings attached. Don’t like their strings? Don’t become a customer. Is it that difficult?

    Quit the victim mentality, peeps…

  • The issue isnt that he ran his own code, it’s that he was uploading that hacked code on the internet, do what you want in your bedroom, just dont try to f**k with sony.

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