Quiet, All Of You... We're Approaching Jurassic Park's Debut Trailer

Telltale's Jurassic Park game has broken cover, with this debut trailer showing that it at least has rain, electric fences and dinosaurs in it!


    Needs more Sam Neil.

      And Jeff Goldblum.

    Wow. That was incredibly average.

      I was excited about this but looks terrible haha. What's the go with the accents as well? Eng-merican? Canto'nish?

    I'm wagering here that they couldn't get their hands on the John Williams score. I have to say that looked kind of "meh". Telltale's normal engine (which I'm assuming they're reusing for this game) isn't responsive enough to be in an action game, and a puzzle adventure game in JP sounds like it would be a snoozefest.

    I, like many, started as a big fan of Telltale, but after the BTTF game they have to look really hard at what they're doing if they're going to survive.

    That was really awful. And why do the dinosaurs eyes now glow yellow in the dark?

      I was looking at that myself, were all those dinosaurs standing there with their eyes closed hoping they wouldnt be seen?

    Give me an "M"
    Give me an "E"
    Give me a "H"

    What does that spell?

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