Remember This?

I've been too easy on you guys, apparently! So let's see if you can remember this! As always - if you get it quickly feel free to reminisce and get bleary eyed behind your rose tinted glasses!

Thanks to Robert Bissonnette for the suggestion!


    Red Dead Redemption for PC?

    Call of Duty - Survivalist..

    It's the Ballarat gold rush simulator sans disyntery!

    And I remember the sequel too: Failed Grizzled Prospector Turns Hillbilly Cannibal(tm)


    Lost Dutchman Mine


    Oooo sorry to say but still too easy!

    Lost Dutchman Mine on Atari ST!

      Wow x2 :D

    I swear, I think its Gumboots Australia for the PC.

    Perhaps this game should be taken to the extreme in the future. Overall there seems to be at least someone that knows the games that are posted...

    Maybe the game should be changed to "Remember This Loading Screen", I'm sure there will be a few that would get unanswered.

      LOL! And the answer must also have the length of time it took load!

        Medieval Combat on the Atari 800 used to take 40 minutes to load from tape. That is 40 MINUTES!

        You had to be committed to be a gamer back then :)

        I remember when my brother and I saved up to get the Atari 810 floppy drive, and it loaded in 22 seconds, we thought technology could never get any more advanced.

          we used to press play and then go out and have a game of cricket

    God, I need to suggest a few Remember This would NEVER recognize half the games I've played.

    Lost Dutchmans Mine... Classic!

    "Game of cards Old timer?"

    Good ol' Lost Dutchman. I have many fond memories of searching that desert as a kid. Glad to know there's a few other tragic nerds out there. :P

    My god, my brother and I have literally been looking for this game for years! I've given up all hope of ever finding it again until it popped up on here.
    Awesome! Thanks!

    Is there an end to this game? I played it as a kid, and never got too far. Shame too, because I really liked it.

      Yes, there is an end, I just never got there as a kid. To "win" you had to find the titular mine. Once you did that, you'd win the game.

      I remember back when I still had my Atari ST (Damn you, moving halfway around the world!) the game actually had a flyer inside the box. If you found the mine before a certain date, you could enter a contest to win a real gold nugget.

      Reminds me of the "Key to the City" promotion for GTA-IV, except many years prior. Kind of cool when you think about it.

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