Remember This?

Alright folks - let's see if you can guess this classic game from just a single screenshot. Chances are you'll have no problem – but if you guess sooner rather than later, feel free to get bleary eyed and nostalgic over this classic.


    Cruise for a Corpse?

    Cruise of a corpse. Amiga version?

      Cruise for a corpse. Not 'of' a corpse. argh

    Cruise for a corpse =)

    Cruise for a corpse?

    Captain Mark Serrels & His Swashbuckling Adventures On The SS YouTube

    Cruise for a corpse, on Amiga. A classic from Delphine Software. Always loved what these guys did back then, taking on Lucasarts with their adventure games. Future Wars is another of my favourites from that era.

      Delphine were the business back in the day - Flashback is one of my fav games ever and I just found it recently on the Iphone.

    Mario 64


      This is Mario 64:

        I don't even...

    Croisière pour un cadavre!

    Pirates of the Carriabean for the NES.

    ...Monkey Island 5?

    this is one off the first adventures that came out in the begin 1987 Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards thats 24 years ago and me can still play larry I in one round all the word, but this one on picture king quest or something like that?

    ...starring Howard Moon!

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