Remember This?

Can you remember this classic game from a single screenshot? I'm guessing yes - and if you happen to get this one right before I check back in, feel free to get those rose-tinted specs on and get nostalgic.


    Whatever it is, it's not River City Ransom.

    Which is a shame, because River City Ransom was awesome.

      "Well it ain't Fiona Apple, and if it ain't Fiona Apple, I don't give a rat's ass..."

    Looks like the C64 version of Target Renegade to me, the Amstrad version didn't have the eyes closeup image down the bottom.

      The close up eyes is the, hands down, awesomest bit of that screen shot!

      I mean, just imagine having to play that game with those accusing eyese boring into your soul and daring you, just DARING you, not to keep going...

        They didn't just stare at you. Whenever you got hit they'd wince in pain, too. Hard to believe somebody actually expended effort implementing that "feature" :P

    It's this isn't it?

    Wow. It's a C64 game? I thought I'd played just about everything on C64 over the years - I still play Wizball - but I've never seen this one. Hmmm. Might have to boot up the ol' emulator and see if I can crack this one.

    Totally forgot about this. Good or bad thing?

      Yeah... back in the good old days, no fighting game was complete without pimps n ho's. Somewhere along the way since then we lost our innocence, and blatant imagery of prostitution all but disappeared from mainstream games.

    Target Renegade looked amazing on the C64, with great music. From memory, the tape version included the famous 'Ocean Loader' music.

    Unfortunately, the game was very tough. You really needed to collect the baseball bat to survive, and had to time your swings very accurately. Being a 'hi-res' game, they could only have one or two baddies onscreen at a time, but to compensate they made them very strong. Not in 'health' but in their ability to hurt you with very few strikes. Ouch.

    Oh, and the 'bullet effect' on the title screen was very cool. Thanks for the memories, Mark.

    Renegade? Doesn't look anything like the TV series, where's the Indian??????

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