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Sometimes I put games on 'Remember This' that I don't really remember that much, or care about - but every now and then I chuck up one that really hits me in the nostalgia button. This is one of those times. So can you remember this classic game from just one screenshot? [Sob]


    Castle Master - not sure the system (C64?), though it looks like a German screenshot! Innenhof is a courtyard, right?

    Played plenty of this one on the Amiga!

    Oh I remember this. C64 I think. There were 2 games in this series and in one of them at least you were exploring a deserted castle. It was like physics puzzles throughout. And one of the first 3d games I remember playing. But, can't remember the name...!

    Castle Master

    Is that Castle Master? One of those old Freescape engine games... some of the earliest solid-polygon 3D games.

    I'd guess that's the C64 version which if I recall correctly ran at about 1 frame every 3 seconds :P

    Sonic the hedgehog!

    Mario 64

    Castle Master C64 - And a game I just couldn't get into - But then I as only a kid and would probably find this enthralling now.

    Those castles look pretty good, but nothing, NOTHING tops that lightning!

    It reminded me of another game, MidWinter on my Atari ST. My friends thought it was terrible but for me it was like stepping into another world.

      Midwinter! Yes! That's a game which needs to be remade. Sure there was much traping about the snowy countryside on skies, but that only made it better when you set an ambush and watched those invaders blow sky high... really was unique.
      Check it out: wiki/Midwinter_%28video_game%29

    I've got a boxed version of the 3D Construction Kit out in the shed still. Never did figure out how to use it properly, but it was a fun little tool to play with anyway.

    Yeah I think its Castle Master and you had to shoot ghosts with spacebar and eat cheese or something. Sequel to Driller on C64?

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