Remember This?

Can you remember this classic game from a single screenshot? I'm guessing yes - and if you happen to get this one right before I check back in, feel free to get those rose-tinted specs on and get nostalgic.


    Leaderboard! Had it on the Commodore 64.

    I actually thought of PGA Tour 96. I remember the Commodore 64 version of leaderboard being less.... colourful.

      I thought PGA Tour as well (I was thinking more 1990). Golf games became more boring each year after 1990 though.

    I beleive its EXECUTIVE Leaderboard, on C64. Loved that game, had it as a cartridge. One of the few games on the 64 that did not take 15min to load! The tape drive was the worst in that regard, waiting 35min for Arkanoid to load..

      hahaha Lucky you.

      I remember having Gunship on C64 for the tape drive. The game took 60 mins to load.

      The problem was, it was that hard you'd die within seconds and then have to wait 15 mins for it to reload.

      Can't believe I endured that and now get the shits when a game takes 30 secs to reload.

      I had Leaderboard and Lemans 24 on cartridge. The racer came with these wicked paddle peripherals.

    Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge?

    I seem to remember this game was one of the first to have digitised speech in it (PC version)..
    "you...can't be too happy about that one!"
    The name eludes me..

      I remember that voice sample (thought it was "ooh" rather than "you", though)! But I associate that with one of the old PGA Tours, and I'm pretty sure their swing strength gauge was different to this one. But the trees in this screenshot do look reeeeeally familiar... jeez, how many golf games did I play as a kid? :s

      I think the one you are thinking of is Links... with lines like "Looks like he hit the tree Jim!" and "Oooo can't be to happy about that one" like you stated.

        Ah, Links! That's the one. Not sure how many versions those samples are in, but I played the hell out of Links 386... even though I have zero interest in golf. o_O

        That's World Class Leaderboard.

        "From my vantage point, that's safely in the fairway."

    I seem to remember a game like that at primary school. It was on an old apple from memory.

    I don't think it's any of the Leaderboard Golf games though, had Leaderboard and played it to death, but I don't ever recall it having that kind of swing mechanic... this game is also too pretty for a C64 game...

    Mario 64

    "Looks like he hit the tree Jim"

    Hate to disagree with everyone, but it looks more Amiga than anything. I remember it being special for the curved powerbar which was a first. Perhaps Links...

    Yep, its Leaderboard, the Amiga version.
    I had this on my Amiga 500.
    It had its own DRM as well, in the form of a little dongle which went in to one of the joystick ports :p

      The C64 version of World Class Leaderboard had that, too! It was a little dongle thing that plugged into one of the ports on the back (the parallel port, I think).

    Links 386

    I'm pretty sure I played this on a PC most likely a 386. But it could be an Amiga version, looks a bit good for a C64.

    knew it wasn't the one that I played, as I found that image online now...

    World Class Leaderboard - SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis

    Is it golf?

    It's golf, isn't it?!

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