Remember This?

Expecting you guys to get this even quicker than normal, but have at it regardless! Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? If you get it before I get the chance to check back, feel free to reminisce over this classic game.



      Correct! It can be (legally) downloaded for free, along with Daggerfall, although I think the links at the official Elder Scrolls website are down due to the Skyrim redesign.

        Those pesky dragons!!!! I saw that Skyrim preview and about wet myself!

    Is it the original Elder Scrolls?

    Been so long since I've played it (and even then, I didn't get very far)...


      Yeah, my original thought was either Arena or Daggerfall.
      I've played a bit of one of them but can't remember which one.

    I don't think I want to remember it, if I knew what it was...

    One of the oblivion games, just judging from what is on the screen as well as the fact that the new one is coming out soonish.

      sorry for my noobishness - one of the elder scrolls rather!

        Ah you realised - you are ofcourse forgiven :)

      I can't believe you called TES series 'one of the oblivion games' :O

    How appropriate, given the Skryim trailer released this morning! xD

      I haven't really checked, but if that's Skyrim (above) yall getting waaay to excited ;)

    It's an Ultima isn't it.....
    Damned if i know which one though

    Pretty sure that's Arena, not Daggerfall but I could be wrong. They're both free nowadays on Bethesda's website.

    Looks like Elder scrolls Arena to me

    Elder Scrolls Arena!


    The Elder Scrolls: Arena

    And you know what? For all of it's flaws it was one of my favorites of the lot.
    It was AWESOME!!

    In fact, i still have the original box with all the manuals and everything at home.. i think it's somehting lik 6-8 disks..

    And the box art.. man was that some awesome box art or WHAT?!

      Furthermore - a glitch i discovered myself.
      Load yourself up with a box and as many arrows as possible.

      Find a shop with a counter that is closed off.. like a big rectangle shape. Usually a mages guild. Rob it, kill the guards then climb behind the counter. Sleep and monsters will wake you, but they will be the other side of the counter and harmles.. Masacre them with bow and repeat and get awesome items!

    The Elder Scrolls: Arena?

    I thought it was Ultima too at first, but yeah it's The Elder Scrolls: Arena.

    Definitely Arena. Remember playing through that fing dungeon and replaying it over and over due to DOSBox being a pain to set up for it.


    1994 ;p

    I'm sure I remember playing this.
    The bar that you can't see was blue and I remember it was very rarely full.
    It was a C64 game.
    Definately not an Ultima.

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