Remember This?

Can you remember this game from just one screenshot? History and precedent says yes. I'll check in later, but if you guys manage to guess this before I get back, feel free to get nostalgic in the comments below.


    Having never played it, I can only assume this is Red Dead Revolver.

      Pretty sure you mean Red Dead Redemption, the 2010 smash hit from Rockstar Games.

      I got it Batguy

    Mario 64

    Law of the West on the C64.

    Law of the West!!! I played that game so much back then on my commodore 64. Lots of time has passed since then ;o)

    Law of the West C64.

    Was addicted to this game when I was a kid.

    Ah this takes me back. Late night sleep overs, lots of coke and cookies. Thems were the days. Thanks for the pic! I had forgotten all about this little commie gem. Definitely takes me back =D

    Law Of The West for Commodore 64. Shoot everyone in the head immediately to win.

    Blazing Saddles: The Interactive Adventure?

    Looks like C64 - Law of the West

    Why thats Law of the West Partner!

    FYI - Law of the west.

    Law of the West, a game that was about talking crap to people then shooting them in the face. Prepared me as a kid for the world of modern online FPS.

    Law of the West on Commodore 64

    Does that cowboy have 6 fingers? O_o

      I think he just have a really big pinky.

    From this one screenshot you can see the promise of intense violence unsuitable for minors, sexual themes, and course language.

    I cannot see how this game would have been awarded classification in Australia. All of those people who do know the name of this game must have imported.

      There was no ratings system for games back in the C64 days. And, as those of us old enough to remember can attest, it was an absolute free-for-all of hardcore pornography, rape and violence.

      It was only in later years that we elected and paid people better than ourselves to impose the fundamentalist christian lobby's moral standards upon our gaming, thus delivering us from that rancid cesspool of freedom of expression.

      Is that sarcasm?

    I have played this game, but never got too far.

    Brokeback Mountain?

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