Rift Might Not Be Ready For Rift

Rift Might Not Be Ready For Rift
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Due to overwhelming response, hundreds of hopeful players of Trion Worlds’ Rift have just had their afternoon totally screwed. Trion is opening new servers on the fly, so if yours is full, try another!

This message brought to you by the guy waiting three hours to play.


  • I’m massively jelly of you. At least you get to wait looking at the server screen!
    EB screwed me around and never gave me a pre-order key, now I’m waiting for my email to be responded to by Trion so that they flag my account for the head start. And seeing how hectic launch days are my hopes aren’t exactly high on a hasty response. Sad face.

  • Sinara, go into the EB Store and request the key card again, if you preordered it, they should give it to you.

    I had to argue that they did have them when i preordered, cause the rep that was working didn’t even know they existed.

    • I’ve gone in and spoken with the store thee times.
      Called up customer support.
      Called up a complaint line.
      Their excuse is EB Games wasn’t given enough codes for all of their pre-orders so not everyone got one. Even though I pre-ordered on 9th January I am not able to get one. EB says call Trion its your problem with them, not ours.
      The rage that induced….
      One of my friends got the exact same response and we are now both sad pandas with collectors editions pre-ordered but unplayable atm…

  • I reserved my names soon as they went up, then went to sleep. Came back and it was 90min queues. The thing is though, I’ve been in queue for over half an hour now and its jumped back up to 90min again. XD

  • I got up at 6am for work, the servers opened at 5am. I went to go to Briarcliff which was popular in beta to, but had 1200 minute queue, all were full except one which was Daybreak I think which had High population, guessing it was nearly full to.

    This is the reason why I didn’t get up early this morning to rush onto the servers. I got up normal time for work, spent 10-20mins on there. I just want to see which populations have high pop in AEST at night.

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