Rockstar's Nutball Domain Names Can Only Mean Grand Theft Auto V

From Weasel News to Maibatsu, [email protected] to Logger Beer and, of course, the Degenetron, Grand Theft Auto's games are well known for delivering a pitch-perfect satire of the times in which they are set. The registration of five zany Web site names by Take-Two can only be for a Grand Theft Auto game, and they suggest a setting that deals with the current economic downturn.

The sites are,, and Those are pretty clearly ripping on Cash4Gold, TheLadders (or name any employment listing web site), the obnoxious debt relief ads choking the life out of sports radio right now, and LifeLock. (Not sure what HammersteinFaust is. A law firm? A Hammacher Schlemmer-style tacky catalog?)

The sites all were registered Jan. 26 except LifeInvader, registered Jan. 7. Rockstar is well known for making viral marketing campaigns out of its in-game satire products and ad spots. It's evidence of nothing, but it's worth a chuckle, and hints at the context for the next GTA installment.

Take-Two Interactive Registers New Domains – Possibly To Do With GTA V [RipTen. Image via; not official]


    Oh yeah. Bring this shit on!

    hopefully they can bring back the charm of 3 VC and SA to this one becasue IV was tripe

    Please be GTA V.

    :,) FIANLLY



        Place your bets folks - Vice City or San Andreas?

    +1 - Rockstar can do no wrong - They matured the sandbox game with GTAIV and perfected it with Red Dead. I'm so glad they changed from the schoolboy humour of GTA San Andreas... as much fun as it was.

      You do realise that the reason why the people who had a problem with GTA IV was because the GTA series was never known to be taken so seriously.

      It was as if Rockstar woke up with some crazy idea that turned reality. It is a great game (98 on Metacritic though? RDR I would IMO) - but for a GTA game it isn't that great. Put those graphics and engine/combat on SA/VC and it would be a different thing altogether.

      I hope Rockstar have enough balls and courage to make a proper GTA game this time around and make it all about making fun of themselves. Considering how successful RDR was for not really a new IP but in some sort of way it was AND also with that dramatic take - Rockstar can leave the emotions for new series and the jetpacking for GTA.

        It's all about perspective. Some people say they hope Rockstar have the balls to take the franchise back to its more light-hearted days, others say they hope Rockstar have the balls to continue what GTA IV started instead of bowing to pressure from the fans who think it's up to them to decide what a "proper" GTA game is. Both camps are justified in their hopes but you can't please everybody.

          I'm in the (minority) school of thought. For all of you hardcore potty humor school boys, I'd just like to see Rockstar make HD ports of GTA3/VC/SA - if they don't want to mine that any more, more power to them.

          I myself would like to see them go (almost) all the way with their seriousness. Sure, GTA4 was a solid step, but this time I want a straight up no holds barred crime game, gritty-as-frak, no "Big American Titties" shit like GTA4 kept trying to shoe-horn in. Yeah, I get they were going for a migrant angle, but we really didn't need those annoying characterisations.

          Wow me Rockstar. Wow me so that I can believe in you and your ability to innovate. There's really nothing left you can do with the satire thing, at least not with it as the forefront of your story. It'd still be fun to have it on the radios/internet/billboards (what's the betting everyone will have satirical iPhones this time with humorous apps?) but when it comes down to your protagonist, give me someone I can say "fuckyeah!" to, not "OK whatever let me get back to the game..." aka Niko Bellic aka those guys from the GTA4 episodes.

          Even a return to Tommy would be better...

    I hope Rockstar played Saints Row 2 and remembered what a fun GTA game was supposed to be like...

    Not to be a bummer but it's probably not GTA 5. It's probably a side game like Vice City or San Andreas, or San Andreas Stories?

    I'm just basing this on past experience, since GTA4 took 7 years since GTA 3.

    I hope the next GTA game makes some funny satire jokes about the ridiculousness supposed 'man-made' climate change.

      Obvious troll is obvious.


    About time,been waiting for the next gta.o ya

    I want to play a returned Iraq veteran hit hard by the GFC who turns to a life of crime utilising the skills he gained while in the military.

    This doesnt sound like a "GTA V game" but more like a fun spin-off like Vice City and San Andreas. If it is, i hope it brings a good competitior to SR3

      Same. Could be a 3DS or NGP title, or maybe a small XBLA/PSN spinoff like the upcoming downloadable Saints Row game.

    Best news of the weekend! Day one purchase for me.

    If its gta v i hope they improve the phone system. The main character should have an android phone with:

    Simple games and

    I should be able to listen to music when outside a car.

    Please PC version not be a lousy port job again...
    Yup, Monday morning wishful thinking..... :-/

    Woo! There's a party in my pants..and, of course, you're all invited!

    I can't believe people actually like saints row 2. I can't stand any of those 'Games for Windows" they never work properly and all expect you to use an xbox controller. Truely awful..

      Truly steve!

    I'd be happy if they updated GTA: VC to the GTAIV engine & added a few things.

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