Screw Consoles, Let's Play Games On Our Bathroom Mirror

Brushing your teeth, doing your hair, shaving, all BORING. What we need to liven things up is a mirror that doubles as a touch-screen display. Like this one.

Designed by Alpay Kasal, it's inspired by a similar display he'd seen which was intended to be "the bathroom of the future, complete with news and weather to accompany your toothpaste in the morning".

News? Weather? Lame. So Kasal spiced things up by adding a touch-panel and including some basic tools like painting and a retro shooter game.

Can you imagine if tech like this actually winds up in our bathrooms in 5-15 years? Your toothbrush could become a game controller, and Wii Fit could meet its daily, repetitive match in Yuu Shave.

[via Make]


    Gamings good but once they figure out how to do porn on it they will fly out the stores.

    My wife would go insane having to clean it every day to remove the fingerprints..... neat idea though :)

    Kind of cool, but just about all of it seems completely useless. I mean I don't really want to be playing games standing up in my bathroom. At least the weather and news would be useful and interesting while you went about your morning routine.

    As a graphic designer. I often find myself designing stuff on the foggy shower screen. This could turn my morning doodle into billable work!

    This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo OLD.

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