Sega Genesis Games Come To PlayStation Plus

Sega Genesis Games Come To PlayStation Plus

In the unlikely event that you don’t already have Sonic The Hedgehog in a dozen other forms, you’ll soon have one more option to play Sega Genesis classics. Sega’s bringing its 16-bit hits to the PlayStation Network piecemeal. The best part?

PlayStation Plus subscribers will get those games for free – with a limited download window and while your PS+ subscription is active – this (northern) spring and summer. And they’ll get them early than non-members. Sega’s plan, as of right now, is to bring Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Altered Beast, Golden Axe 2, Streets of Rage 2 and Comix Zone to the PlayStation 3.

Price per game is five bucks, which means you may find Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection for the PS3 and Xbox 360 a much better deal. Unless you’re a PlayStation Plus member, which makes pricing moot.

Dates for PS+ members and non-members at the official


  • Still no link in Sonic 3 and Knuckles?

    What about the odd saving system that cripples Super Sonic replayability in Sonic 3???

      • I’m talking about the ports.

        The original S3 had it’s own save system that let you replay levels so when you got SS you could replay the game with that ability.

        Not so with the latest ports available on LIVE, there is a new savestate system that hasn’t the ability to let you replay earlier levels.

        A big fat shame.

  • Wording on the blog suggests that unlike other free PS+ games, we’ll only have access to these for 1 month before losing them (and a new game becomes available).

    • That is only referring to the release window, in that timeframe they are free to PS+ subscribers, after that timeframe, PS+ subscribers won’t be able to get it free anymore, but you would have to buy it like the regular folk.

      If you download it for free, you will still be able to play it after that end date.

  • Not those same Sega games again! How many times are they going to release those same games? Thank the stars for emulation…

  • Apart from Streets of Rage 2, hopefully it will have Beyond Oasis, Land Stalkers and Adventure Kid/Monster World Series as well.

  • Why do SEGA insist on flogging Altered Beast?
    It was such a crap version on the MD when it was released.
    Came with my MD – played it twice and it sat it the cupboard for years..

  • As the article says, you may well be better off getting the collection. Unless you’ve got PS+ then it’ll likely be cheaper and it comes with a LOT more games (I think about 50-odd when everything’s unlocked).

    Still, good to see that these games will be offered – and free for that matter with Plus. People who missed out (and inexplicably haven’t played it in one of the two-dozen formats it exists in) can finally play Sonic 2.

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