Seven Left 4 Dead Posters From An Alternate Universe

Here's a look at seven early concept designs for Valve's Left 4 Dead, posters that blur the line between the 2008 original game for PC and Xbox 360, and Left 4 Dead 2, released one year later.

The above, "Dead End", looks like an early take on the level that would become Left 4 Dead 2's "Dark Carnival", with its memorable motel and outdoor wooded setting. Other poster concepts feature looks at the sequel's swamp and amusement park levels, but each poster stars the original Left 4 Dead cast of Louis, Zoey, Francis and Bill.

Obviously, those four were replaced by a new group of Survivors, but many of these concepts lived to see the sequel. Perhaps the most interesting of the group is "Wrecked", which shows a rotting cruise ship and lighthouse. Maybe Valve will revisit that level in a future downloadable map.

Click on the "expand" button in the bottom right corner of each gallery image to see each poster at its full size.

Left 4 Dead "Drive In Hell" looks like the opening to Left 4 Dead 2's "Dark Carnival" campaign, with hints of Whispering Oaks.

Left 4 Dead "Fair Game" would eventually become the popular "Dark Carnival" chapter in Left 4 Dead 2.

Left 4 Dead "Ghost City" looks to feature the flooded waters of the sequel's "Hard Rain".

Left 4 Dead "Line of Fire" appears to feature the trailer parks featured in Left 4 Dead 2.

Left 4 Dead "Wrecked" offers a tantalising look at a destroyed cruise liner, an area we've not yet explored in the universe.

Left 4 Dead "Dead March" looks like the beginnings of the Left 4 Dead 2's "Swamp Fever" campaign.


    Are we sure these are Valve's? They look like poorly done fan posters to me, as though somebody got a background from Google images, photoshopped the characters in, and added some WordArt...

      If they're only at the concept level then that's probably exactly what they are. If they'd gone further and developed them more detailed art would have been created.

        they look fan made and if they were at the concept level they wouldn't have the credit bars at the bottom of everyone

        not to mention that the titles on few of them just sound crap even as a concept

        like Line Of Fire

      I agree. It is the same 2 character poses just chucked ontop of varying backgrounds. Reeks of fan art

        Take a closer look at the real L4D posters, and you'll spot the same problem.

      I've actually always throught the official ones were done pretty badly. Also I think they were going for B-grade movie posters originally.

      I know, I can tell from the pixels and from having seen quite a few shops in my time.

      I'm gonna say fan art. I highly doubt anyone at Valve would leave the 'e' off of 'adrenaline' in the Fair Game poster...

      My vote is fan created

    Hehehe love the slogan for the first one...
    "100 miles from the next town"

    100 miles is that all? Come visit Australia.

    The lighthouse setting was used in L4D1's "survival" mode.

    Also the names and quips are bad, glad they didn't use them, if they are real.

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