Sing Like Low-Life Thugs

Sing Like Low-Life Thugs

Never one to shy away from real world cross promotions, Japanese crime game Yakuza: Of The End lets gamers belt out tunes that feature two of the game’s characters in the cheesy sing-along music video.

Main character Kiryu Kazuma will appear and sing along to MachineGun Kiss, a tune he sang in Yakuza 4 as a mini-game and Kamuro Setsugekka, a mini-game from Yakuza 3.

Schoolgirl character Haruka will sing Kitto Change Myself, a tune from Yakuza 3, and Otomeiro My Life, another mini-game tune.

These song can be sung at UGA and Joysound karaoke parlors across Japan. In the past, the Yakuza series has done cross-promotional efforts with a everything from noodles to tanning saloons. That’s Yakuza for ya!

Yakuza: Of The End, which features zombies, will be out in Japan in coming months.

『龍が如く OF THE END(オブ ジ エンド)』のゲーム内カラオケ楽曲がJOYSOUNDとUGAにて配信開始 [Famitsu]


  • All this advancement in computer graphics, and the game studios still can’t re-create a suit that acts like a real suit.

    raise arms = sleeves shorten

  • Wicked !!
    Going to be in Tokyo in the coming months, and look forward to busting out Kamuro Setsugekka a Big Echo !!

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