SOCOM 4 Strategically Releases $US150 Full Deployment Edition

SOCOM 4 Strategically Releases $US150 Full Deployment Edition

Sony gives SOCOM fans a chance to gear up for the new age of motion-controlled shooters with the $US150 Full Deployment Edition of SOCOM 4. What’s inside?

One of the high points of the recently-released Killzone 3 was the brilliantly implemented support for the PlayStation Move controller and Sony’s new Sharp Shooter gun peripheral. With that success behind them, Sony gives SOCOM 4 fans everything they need to experience motion-controlled combat in the Full Deployment Edition.

Releasing side-by-side with the standalone game on April 19, the Full Deployment Edition boxes up SOCOM 4 with a PlayStation Eye camera, a Move controller, a navigation controller, and the Sharp Shooter peripheral.

“Given the high level of anticipation for SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs, we wanted to provide the most immersive offering to fans of the franchise, who seek to experience the next evolution of motion gaming,” said John Koller, Director, Hardware Marketing, SCEA. “With the precision of the motion controller and the intuitive design of the sharp shooter, PlayStation Move delivers on that promise. When used in tandem with the stereoscopic 3D support for games like SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3, it results in an experience only possible on the PlayStation 3 system.”

Maybe this will mark my chance to pick up a Move controller for the second time, having traded the first one I purchased back in after not enjoying a single game in the entire launch lineup.


  • Ive been really looking at getting the move to much around with….this is the perfect pack for it.
    Has anyone used to move for Killzone 3? main reason why I want to try it + i got dead space extraction with my dead space 2 copy?

    • I just played through all of Killzone 3 with the Move and really enjoyed it. Far easier to aim. The Move was a little hard to control turning quickly for me to stick with it for competitive multiplayer. But really dug it throughout the whole campaign

    • For me, having played numerous Wii FPS games before upgrading to a PS3, the Move has been very enjoyable to play with, right off the bat in multiplayer I am getting over a 1.2 death ratio which is quite good for a beginner player like myself.

  • Hope it works better than the joke of a gun-frame that came with the Wii’s Ghost Squad… the wiimote fitted into the pistol barrel, with the nunchuck in the handle (so you could use the Z-trigger as the pistol trigger), but the fire button in the game (which couldn’t be remapped) was the A button… on top of the barrel… I can’t believe they released such a bullshit and insulting “accessory”.

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