Solving The Mystery Of LA Noire's Gameplay

LA Noire's facial animations have gotten a great deal of attention, but Rockstar's gritty crime thriller is more than just a pretty face. Check out the first in a series of videos investigating the gameplay of LA Noire.

LA Noire mixes action and adventure gaming in a way I never knew I wanted. I was fine with limiting my detective work to point-and-click affairs, scratching my action game bug with games more suited to fast-paced thrills. LA Noire looks to deliver the best of both worlds.

Check out the video to see how we'll be playing the game come May 17, once we get over those startlingly lifelike facial expressions.


    Nice, better than I was expecting. Face animations are awesome and the city looks amazing. Though I didn't think there would be gun fights, hopefully it is a minor part of the game - not a couple dozen massacres.

      I don't think Team Bondi, or Rockstar for that matter, would drop a GTA style shootout into this. They've been building this game as a drama/thriller adventure. Doing an over the top shootout in the city would go against the feel.

      That said, it would be fairly epic to be 8-10 hours in and to suddenly watch as this slowly-simmering crime-drama game reaches boiling point and bam, you're using your car as cover against a shotgun shooting at you from the windows of a farmstead on the edge of town! (if you played Mafia 1, you might notice my inspiration as coming from that mission at abandoned gas station)

        Hopefully, that would be sweet! I feel like playing Mafia again, one of my favourite stories in a game.

    Something looks kinda weird with the facial textures. Doesn't matter though, the trailer looked pretty good. A great blend of GTA and Heavy Rain, this trailer has pretty much ensured that I'm going to buy this game at some point.

    I love this guys voice im pretty sure hes the same bloke that did the red dead redemption features too.

    The facial animations threw me for a second. It's so much more fluid than we're used to seeing, and that felt weird. Hopefully this will set the standard for future facial animation.

    Remedy, take a hint from Rockstar.

    I can't remember being this excited about a game release since GTAIV. I <3 you, Rockstar Games.

    It's going to be weird to play through the entire game and be so intimately close to Ken Cosgrove from Mad Men.

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