Some Of The Prettiest Games You Can't Actually Play

The "demoscene" is a place where video games and music videos meet. It exists on the periphery of both mediums, but that doesn't make it any less pretty to look at (and listen to).

Unlike the "demos" you're generally used to - samples of commercial video games - the demoscene is a place where videos are made that combine computer graphics with an accompanying musical track, the latter often synced or closely related to the former.

While these demos are usually not interactive (though there are exceptions), their use of computers, programming and real-time graphics means they share a close bond with gaming, especially if you've been up late at night playing a game like Pixeljunk Eden or Auditorium.

Awards for the best "demos" of 2010 are currently being mulled over at, where you can check out videos of all the nominations in all the categories.

In-Depth: analysing The 9th Annual Awards - Part 1 [GameSetWatch]


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