Sony Is Not Allowed To Ask Google For The PS3 Hacker’s Names

Sony Is Not Allowed To Ask Google For The PS3 Hacker’s Names

So, some guys cracked the PS3’s copy protection security wide open. One of them is a “celebrity”. The others are complete unknowns. So unknown that Sony can’t find them, meaning it can’t take them to court.

In an attempt to track them (“them” being the fail0verflow team) down, Sony earlier this week declared it would be issuing subpoenas demanding sites like Google and PayPal hand over personal and contact information on all the hackers.

It sounded a little much, and US District Judge the Honorable Susan Illston agrees, blocking Sony’s attempts at issuing those subpoenas.

While this will only buy the hackers time – it’s not like they’ll stay secret/hidden forever – it may be enough time to cut the phone lines, pack their best Hawaiin shirts and head for a country whose extradition laws are…lax.

SCEA vs. Hotz: Judge Denies Sony’s Request for Expedited Discovery [PSX-Scene]


  • When I heard Sony was going to do this I was hoping a Judge would see sense and deny their request.

    But as you say. It will only be a matter of time before their names appear.

      • Enabling piracy!? Your DVD burner “enables piracy”. Your PC “enables piracy”. Your internet connection “enables piracy”.

        They cracked a system that let’s you do what ever you like with the hardware you paid for. Yes, that means you’ll be able to play pirated games. But it also means you’ll be able to play free homebrew games. It means you’ll be able to run software media software like XAMPP. It means you have the freedom to use your PS3 in a lot of very legal ways.

  • Funny. You’d think Google would just give it, considering how cosy Sony and Google are getting over their Xperia Play/Playstation Suite news.

  • I’m just saying a hypothetical, what if thet hired some mercs to “deal” with these guys. They are out there, i know a few 30ish year old duds that “contract out”, (PMC esentaly); I mean while I do not edorse it, companies have done some pritty low stuff in the past. I mean google told me that piracy cost apple $450 million and the Uk indistry 1.5 billion pounds. This is probly infated some but still, I could see sony calling up steve and saying “we got a solution”.

    • Uhh… because it’s kinda super illegal and I think someone would notice if they got murdered… by hitmen… I mean, just sayin’

  • I think the length of which that Sony is going through to catch these hackers is just plain ridiculous. They really just need to cut this out, it’s just making them look bad, even if they catch fail0verflow, the massive ‘snipe hunt’ they went to get them just wouldn’t be worth it.

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