Sony Responds To DC Universe Cost Complaints

DC Universe has had a troubled launch in Australia - mainly due to the costs of local subscriptions. Instead of charging users a flat US fee, and letting the exchange rate take care of the rest, DC Universe has a flat Australian dollar figure - and we're paying more than the rest of the world. Thankfully Sony has responded to the DC Universe community in the form of a statement released today.

Below is Sony's official response...

"While SOE have no price change to announce currently, we have recently commenced a promotion for the 3-month PC and PS3 subscriptions reducing the price for a period from AU $54.95 to AU $39.95. This is in addition to the 30 day trial offered at purchase. We will continue to review this structure as we expand."

DC Universe Community Manager Tony 'RadarX' Jones expanded on the announcment.

What does that mean? There are no plans to change the subscription rates for DCUO in the very immediate future. This is all the information I can provide you at this time. I'm also closing the thread because this is as much information as we can provide right now. The feedback you are presenting is valuable but we are very cognoscente of the Australian community opinion and these threads end up devolving very quickly to political discussion and bickering.

My goal is to focus everyone back on to gameplay which is something we can directly and more immediately affect. We appreciate everyone’s support and understanding and hope to see that continued in the future. The Legend Promotion is a great deal and I would encourage each of you to take a look at it. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to PM me and I'll be more than happy to discuss it but this is the end of the road for this issue. If there are further updates I will be more than happy to discuss them.

It's good to see that Sony are at least responding to Australian concerns about price - and good to see that they have provided some sort of discount, even if it is only for a specified period of time. This might not be enough for some DC Universe players, however, as Sony still hasn't necessarily responded as to why Australian consumers are being asked to pay more for a product that is distributed digitally.

More as we get it.


    "Sony still hasn’t necessarily responded as to why Australian consumers are being asked to pay more for a product that is distributed digitally."

    The same issue exists with PSN (look at the cost of games on the AU store vs the US one), and they haven't shown much interest in changing that either.

      actually they could justify that based on the fact that the games have been rated for release in australia(for the ones that are PSN only) along with the fact that they have to have a seperate AU store

      the issue with DCUO is the fact there is absolutely no reason why we pay more because they haven't run Aussie Servers or anything that is specific to the australian market that could justify charging us the extra other than the fact that there charging AU dollars

    So lemme get this straight, instead of reducing the by-month price, they're offering a 3-month plan, that should be cheaper then a by-month plan, at the same rate as the US by-month plan? Maybe the plan is to get people to play for 3 months, get them to like the game so that they'll just go back to the more expensive plan?
    Utterly ridiculous.

      Yep. Get them addicted. Keep them coming back at the higher price.

      Actually, it's not a one off.. if you choose to buy in to that subscription, you will continue to pay that amount for each renewal as long as you keep your subscription going. So technically, you won't be going back to the 'expensive' price if you continue to play.

      Only if you choose to cancel and then later on decide to re-sub, then it's regular pricing.

      And we didnt know about the different aussie subs until afterwards!

      Read this

    I'd much prefer they were "cognisant" than "cognoscente"...unless they're suggesting that understanding the Australian mind is an art form?

      +1. Using big words doesn't look good if they're wrong :/

        Corcordantly, he's suffering from "The Architectitis". ;)

    “While SOE have no price change to announce currently, we have recently commenced a promotion for the 3-month PC and PS3 subscriptions reducing the price for a period from AU $54.95 to AU $39.95. This is in addition to the 30 day trial offered at purchase. We will continue to review this structure as we expand.”

    You see the problem with this is, every region gets this deal. So we are STILL paying more. Absolute BS if you ask me (and probably every other aussie).

    Oh well, I was hoping it would be a positive change which would encourage me to give it a try. ALAS, no...

    Oooh "cognoscente", fancy words :P

    SOE have pretty much just been money hungry failures for years now. I refuse to get any of their stuff now. Their games feel tacky now.

    However if Planetside 2 is decent I'll prolly cave in.

    Not paying more for a crappier poduct (latency etc). My free month just ran out and i have no immediate plans to renew lol.

    Poor form on SOE's part. It's a scam. They know it's a scam. 'effem, I say.

    Well I just cancelled my subscription that was due to be renewed today. The game itself is fun, but I can't stand to be forced to pay at a different rate as everyone else.

    SOE has been a joke for years. It's funny because to me it seems like PC users are getting the better end of the stick (mind you it is a crap stick) in DCUO and the PS3 users are getting shafted with pricing, with the lifetime sub not really that much.

    Although, why anyone would want a lifetime sub to a SOE game is beyond me. If SOE had a face then i would punch it in the balls.

      The face doesnt have balls =]

    Kotaku AU, please keep chasing this up direct with SOE for the actual reason we are being charged more.

    The reduced (Legends) pricing is not something they did to appease Australians. The temporary pricing scheme is available to ALL regions but is based off the current sub prices. So while we can get a cheaper sub it is still more expensive than other countries. This does not address the issue at all, even mentioning it is just the smoke and mirrors routine they pulled when it was first raised.

    And still thats not an answer thats a hey we lowered the price for EVERYONE, but you Aussie still pay more for no reason... now look at the shiny game to forget you actually have a legitimate concern.

    "We don't know why you're being charged more, but it's too much trouble to fix it so we won't. And because nothing will be happening in the forseeable future, we're going to stop you from complaining about it.
    "Please continue to pay more for our product, even though you're getting a worse version, while we focus on ignoring you and putting more content in the game, which is done by an entirely different department than the one who should be sorting out the expense issue."
    Media spokesperson talks with forked tongue.

    I was going to get this game. Then I realised it was pay to play. I don't pay for games I already bought.

      Its a MMO, they are all (primarily) pay to play

        Very true. Thus why I don't play any MMO's :P

          Do you even understand the concept of a MMO bro?
          The idea of it all is you help maintain the server and development of content.
          Much like a car you bought, you kinda need to open the wallet if you want new wheels, and you have to open it again if you wish to use the public roads.

            "The idea of it all is you help maintain the server and development of content"

            Yup, true for everyone except SOE :P lol

            Guild wars.

    They haven't "responded to the community", they've totally ignored what people were saying. The same promotion is running in the US. It does nothing to address the exchange rate differences. It's a complete blow off.

    I still want to know why NZ PC players get to pay the US subscription fee. That still has me stumped (and they STILL haven't replied to my post).

    Champions Online is free with optional subscription or micropayments. It doesn't have batman, who I believe should be present in all IPs regardless of setting, but isn't bad otherwise.

      Champions online is a pretty good game considering it's free to download and free to play.

    I've cancelled my subscription. They have me until my 30 day trial expires but I'm gone if they haven't properly addressed the situation by then.

    DCUO looks like a terrible game anyways, Pay or no pay I'm not playing rubbish. If I need my Batman dose Arkhim City will surfice. I've had enough of paying for content that is originially provided in the game.

    I don't play DC:U (don't have a PC), but Sony, equal prices or gtfo.


        Nvm, something happened to my original comment :/

    If you've got an active subscribtion - you cannot complain. You've accepted the price and are taking it.

    Either take it, or not. The only way they will change the price is if subscriptions drop and there's suddenly less money in their (SOEs) pockets.

    Remember who you're dealing with: Sony Online Entertainment. The same pack of imbeciles who thought that the "New Game Experience" was a good idea for Star Wars Galaxies.

      That's not entirely true. The Australian price wasn't advertised before launch - the FAQ only had the American prices.

      I think you have a right to complain when you only find out the ACTUAL subscription price after you've already registered your game and made it impossible to return. Advertised at $15USD, and told you're paying $20AUD at the last stage is criminal.

    You THINK that SOE have thrown you a bone - well.. actually, not only did they reduce the price for you, they reduced the price for everybody. They didn't do anything for the Australians here that they are ripping off.

    US will pay $29.99US for three months

    Rest of world

    Lame lame lame.

    I've now cancelled my account for this very reason. I like the game. Heck, I think it's one of the best MMOs since WoW, but you know what? I can only justify playing one subscription MMO at a time, and it's not like there isn't competition popping up every other day.

    I am saving my money for a company that isn't bigoted.

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