Sony To Comb Through PS3 Hacker’s Computer

Sony To Comb Through PS3 Hacker’s Computer

Sony can’t get the mysterious PS3 hackers names from Google, but it can look through the computer of the known “celebrity” one, George Hotz.

Hotz, who first got national attention when he hacked the iPhone, had to turn over his computer back in late January. His attorney attempted to block Sony from combing through the hard drive.

This week, a federal judge ruled that Sony is allowed to examine Hotz’s computer hard drive and fish out info “that relates to the hacking of the PlayStation,” reports.

“It’s a problem when more than one thing is kept on the computer,” said US District Court Judge Susan Illston. “I’ll make sure the order is and will be that Sony is only entitled to isolate… the information on the computer that relates to the hacking of the PlayStation.”

Last month, Hotz landed in hot water after successfully hacking the PS3 and then posting a how-to on YouTube as well as the code on his website. Sony has taken him to court over the hacking.

However, performing a similar hack on a cell phone is not illegal.

The judge order Hotz to work out a time and place in which Hotz could allow Sony to look through his hard drive and was ordered not to delete any jailbreak-related files.

Sony to Inspect PlayStation Hacker’s Hard Drive [Wired via GamePolitics via VG247]


  • if i was asked to turn over my HDD i would modify it as i saw fit then clone it to a new one for $ony.

    sif they’re gonna get what they want the stupid fucktards.

  • HDDs have all deleted data still on them hidden away, ghosted as it’s commonly known, so finding something incriminating would be pretty easy but I don’t think he knows the other “hackers” personal details. And copying to a whole other hdd would just make Sony more suspicious when they find no ghosted data on the hdd.

  • man i swear to god this guy he need to get a life!
    bet all he do it hacking and s*** everyday! god! why cant people just go out side and see what the world is about.

    • You need to understand that both George and his father both are quite intelligent people and enjoy doing things like this for entertainment value.

      You are aware that this is a gaming website right? And most people on here have no need or want to go outside.

      I suggest you go back to your backpacker’s website or where ever you are from and let us be inside and explore the worlds inside our games.

  • One could use software to delete the offending files & overwrite the free blocks of space with Ghost Data (files of your choice). This way everything looks above board. There is plenty of disk wiping software out there capable of doing this.

  • contrary to what you may have been told you can clean a harddrive properly without “ghosting” and im sure Hotz is more than capable of doing so

  • Billions of dollars in R&D and Sony still can’t secure their s#@t. May be you need to give this kid a job instead if burning him on the steak.

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