Sony’s NGP Was Stripped Of Features

Sony’s NGP Was Stripped Of Features
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The Next Generation Portable is an amazing little machine. I was quite impressed with it. But it could’ve been even more amazing — amazinger! Not to mention more expensive, too.

“There were elements that we found pretty cool, but had to set aside to remain on target,” Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide studios boss Shuhei Yoshida told Edge. “It’s a big lesson we learnt from the PS3. There’s no point putting everything you want into a device and doing the math later.”

It’s not uncommon for companies to remove elements during R&D. What made the PS3 different was that Sony started doing this when the console was still on sale. When the PS3 was first revealed, the console had an array of features, which were eventually removed during the console’s life in order to make the machine a money-maker.

For the NGP, Yoshida said that Sony always had the price and the player in mind. “We had to sell something that people could buy,” said Yoshida, adding that Sony “can’t sell the NGP for the same price as a PSP”.

If Sony is going to want to compete with the 3DS – which no matter what Sony says, the company is doing – then it’ll need to price the NGP between $US250 and $US300. The closer to $US250, the better. If it’s above $US300, forget it.

News: Sony NGP features dropped to keep handheld affordable [CVG]


  • “it’ll need to price the NGP between $US250 and $US300. The closer to $US250, the better. If it’s above $US300, forget it.”

    here comes AUD$400 price tag on launch, possibly more.

  • It would be interesting to know what the removed features were. Though I highly doubt they’ll tell anyone. lol

    Oh, and I’m putting a very early prediction for AU$450 on launch. I don’t know why… It just -looks- like $450? 😛

  • “can’t sell the NGP for the same price as a PSP”.

    Does that mean it might be cheaper than what the PSP launched at? I hope so, make it the same price as the 3DS for some real competition.

    • I doubt it, bud. That said, a PSP here launched at $350, but given the exchange rate back then, it works out to be $266 USD or so. PSP launched in US for $199USD.

      So therefore… NGP… might only cost -as much- as the old PSP did in Australia? 😀 If they’re not greedy… but this -is- Sony we’re talking about…

      Miiiind you, we all know how well the PSP did down under… >_>

  • Wonder how likely it’d be that the ngp would be region locked. If we manage to maintain a decent economy by the release date importing might be a good plan

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