Stephen Colbert Tries To Understand The Power Of Video Games

Game designer Jane McGonigal tried to convince Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert yesterday that playing video games helps people to be more confident. He's got his unique way of interpreting things.

McGonigal argued that controlling an avatar even if just for 90 seconds can give someone a confidence boost for a full day. Stephen Colbert needs no confidence boost, of course. Maybe that's a result of a lot of gaming?

McGonigal is on a media tour for Reality is Broken, a book in which she talks about the potential for games (video and otherwise) to have positive effects on individuals and society.

The Colbert Report, February 3, 2011


    I think he's onto something here.

    Colbert <3

    "You're actually sending starving children game consoles? Is Bono working on this?" :D

    i disagree with so much of what she says, but i can't stay mad at her she's adorable.

    If she's an evangelist for gaming we're in trouble.

    While I'm passionate about gaming and I'd love to agree with her, the arguments she presents are weak and overreaching.

    I have to go with Steven Colbert on this one.

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