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    For all those minecraft players that want to play soccer. Now we have a field.

      OMG. That is awesome.

      (Also - thanks so much everyone - you know who you are. Your generosity had me wiping a single, solitary tear away from my eye. It was a long week last week, and it was perfect timing. Thank you all!)

        Awww mann... did i miss something?

        I hate being away from here for extended periods of time :(

          Probably for the best - I spent the whole weekend angry and irritated (which is totally insane) until I resolved to never again use the internet.

          That didn't last long.

          On a brighter, related note: I had my first comment moderated last week XD

          Aww looops. :( We're all having funs in MC without you... Why did you have to move house at this time??? WHY????????


          I take that back, I just wanted to touch you again. :D

          The whole Bungie saga is what you missed Loops.
          Mark copped a lot of flack for doing his job.

            I can't help but wonder if HBO didn't link to the article and some people came over from there. It would be a pity if they were the offenders because I use to be fairly active on that site and most people are very friendly, but it can be a somewhat elitist community and probably wouldn't deal with negative press about a company they care about very well.

            WTF... somone linkify me for my lunch break!


                I breezed over some TAY comments last week and wondered what the hubub was all about... some people are so lame. Well, it's been said already but we love what your doing anyhoo Mark.

                  Now lets see if Jimu calls you a suck up :)

        You're welcome! But remember that FatShady organised the whole thing because he's a legend!

        Btw FatShady, how much do I owe you?

        It is our honour Mr Serrels. :)
        Yeah FS where's my little bill for pitching in? ;)

          Anything to do with our server will be managed via e-mail to keep it off this site.

          I will send an e-mail over the next few days.

          I will however say that i have had some very nice offers from a few of the team to pay one or more months in full, so i will communicate this to the group also.

          If others want to join in i am all for that. Even though we have 10 slots available we have never hit 10 users at once, so theoretically we could have more than 10 involved.

          Just make sure you msg me before you try to connect.

            Now that Qumulys has hooked me up with the game I should probably try out this multi-player thing. So send me an email at batguy dot kotaku at gmail dot com if/when you're looking for substitutes, even if only temporarily.

      I would have joined the fun this weekend, but it was just too damn hot to do anything :\ Really wish we could get back to sub 30 temps again.. this is killin me!

      must be the home pitch for Central Coast Mariners, no-one is there

      Words cannot express how beautiful that is! Very nicely done FS!

      Thanks FS
      I wish I had superhuman give-me-anyhting-I-want admin powers too :P

        I said to some of the others if you are working on a large project and need specific resources i would help out. Yout pitch idea was just too cool. I am thinking of building the stadium up larger and then even do a car park with some cars in it. Let me know if you want to and if so, what resources will you need. Happy to help.

      Wow. It's pitch perfect.

      Sweeeet! I love the stadium! I'll finish my project this week, will jump in shortly. :D To Mark, hope you manage to join in with us soon :)

      What server type/mods do you run?

      I have my own server that, if I can figure it out, I might make public and let some people in. Having a few problems with persmissions that need to be sorted out first though.

      I'm running Bukkit with Permissions, Essentials, Minecart Mania, Multiverse, Worldedit, IConomy, Movecraft.

      I think my favourite has to be movecraft for the ability to make vehicles. I'm also hoping to get a good NPC shop mod up and going when I find a suitable one.

        Fatshady organised our server, which still is having some teething problems. We all chip in, but I think all our spots are filled up at the moment. Although your add-ons sound pretty neat! :D

        Stock standard mc for us with a simple multicraft control panel. Mods or plugins would only increase lag issues so trying to keep it simple.

        Also I just wanted the single player experience just with more people.

        Wed always offer some help testing if you wanted.

        I have no idea about all this server stuff. I just get stuff done (my work motto).

          Yeah I imagine lag would be an issue, I only run my server over a lan at the moment and get my friends to come round to play it. Vanilla survival would be fun to go back to, but now that I've played around a bit with the ability to just give people items my users have built some truly epic structures.

          I'm not sure if I could go back to normal survival now, I might post up some pictures of some stuff that I made with friends on the server if you guys would like.

        I once had a lan server set up for me and my younger brother, I used Hey0 server mod, the precursor to bukkit. I used movecraft, which was fun, but i couldn't always get it to work...
        Craftbook was my favourite mod, you could make gates, bridges that could be turned on and off, and elevators.

      Nice work FatShady, and good work to lambo too, for his idea.

        I want to make sure i didnt take credit for this. Lambo had such a cool idea but didnt have resources. I have super server resource powers to helped myself. I kind of hijacked his idea and feel a bit bad, but it was such a cool idea i couldnt stop!

          Are you one of those people that just decides they're going to commit themselves to an insane goal and then terminator your way to victory? I totally get that sense.

            Check out my Trials HD wiki link below as another example.... I think you got it in one!...

            If anyone has done/seen a Myers/Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Im an ESTP.

            ESTP's are interested in everything going on around them - activities, food (FAT-Shady), clothes, people, the outdoors and everything offers new experiences. Because they learn from doing than from studying or reading, they tend to plunge into things, learning as they go, trusting their ability to respond resourcefuully.

            It also says that i irritate people by acting too quickly and relying on improvisation, using biting humor and sarcasm and precipitating crisis for the 'rush' they give.

            I did that about 4-5 years ago and every line in the 6 page doco i got has me spot on. Thought i'd share that.

            Interested to hear if anyone else has done one and what you thought?

              I'm an INTP.

              According to the test I just did, I'm about 90% introvert (which I think runs from a theoretical -100 to 100, but whatever).

              So, I'm thoroughly introverted, slightly intuitive and I have a moderately thinking personality, with ok, but not great perceiving skills.

              I'd love to do a proper one, but I'm far too lazy.

              According to my research, I'm dangling on the precipice between INFJ and INFP. Wonder which way I'll fall....

                All introverts huh??? Interesting.

                  While I am an extreme introvert, by "societal" standards, I am actually an extrovert under the biological definition. Biology wise is all artsy fartsy, and it's about whether or not you draw "energy" from yourself, or others. I was very confused, given normally biolology (sic) is straightforward and logical (ish), but this definition is wank.

          Don't feel bad, I don't mind you building the stadium, all I want to do is mess around with my electronics. I've got a scoreboard working at one end of the field, which is good. :D

    Soooo... how about that TopWare allegedly blacklisting reviewers for not giving Two Worlds II favourable scores?
    And then replying back with "HAHA WAT U MEAN?? NOTHING OF THE SORT" whilst emailing back some of the people they threatened apologising about saying they'd revoke their press access?

      Classy indeed. A fine bunch of Gentlemen. And Scholars. And idiots. Seriously though, Reality Pump Studios, they aren't exactly names every gamer knows, and their line up of games isn't this best thing either, so doing something like this really isn't going to help their rep with reviewers, the ones who made me aware that Two Worlds 2 even existed.

      Can you give us the source?

        Destructoid has a (large) summary of the happenings (
        But the original story seems to have come from Beefjack.
        Then with a second article with TopWare's response:

        I remember Wildgoose talking about this once long ago. Interesting reading.

    Hello all, spending a chilly sunday afternoon in the hotel, will probably snow tonight. Now i know i have previously professed my love for hip hop, but i will actually listen to anything.
    So I went and saw David Garret on Friday night.
    Dude was frickin amazing. He played Master Of Puppets on the violin, including the solos!
    Went to a comic convention on Saturday, met the dude who played Chewy, saw some amazing artists at work and got some bargains.
    Could one of my fellow M&Mers give me a quick update on whats been going on? Tried logging on but makes my netbook sad :(
    @ Jimu
    i can grab you a copy of DragonQuest6 if you have an original DS (they assure me it will work but not on lite or xl)
    And you said Absolute V for Vendetta right....?
    I got this sweet softcover called DC Universe Origins by various artists so you don't call me a heathen again :)
    @ Strange
    replied to your Twighlight bit last week....
    and just to make you drool more

      Not much is going on in M&M, we don't really have anyone to kill so I guess everyone is just building quietly.

      Olympian tried to snatch lambo's city last night, but littleJJ totally trounced his face.
      But apart from that, nothing much apart from the previously mentioned quiet building.

        Now thats what i like to hear neighbourino!! ( you too Jo!)
        Somebody congratulate littlejj for me.
        Quiet building eh....First Alliance to get a Tear is just going to get raged i think....

        The M&MMMO works in Aus now? Why was I not informed?!

        Starting now if you're interested in another ally

          Wait! Go via link so you start near us.


            Already started. I'm in The Dragon Legacy – Ocea. Is the same world close enough or should I register again?

            I'm only clearing out my starting area at the moment so I'm not too deep to start again.

              I would start again, that way we can trade with you and all that.

                There's a small new town just inside the Kotaku AU alliance territory, to the north, near Salem.

                Cauldrons boil and Wizards toil,
                Flying stone monkeys take to the sky;
                The magic courses and the golems walk,
                Now Kotaku AU will make men die.

              I recommend starting again. Not sure if Alliance can take any more members, but if you close we can at least offer some protection. I think single players are getting pillaged as soon as newbie is up, cos most people are in alliances....Then again i haven't been on for a week..

                Dude you should go on even just to check on your gold.
                I didn't check for 3 or 4 days and somehow my main city maxed out. $375,000 being the max :0

                Oh and we have 1 free spot.

                  My city is in safe, capable, responsible hands....

      Olympian tried to take Lamboman's old town, but littleJJ fought him off and pwned his ass! Now she's gonna take it and give the town to someone else ;)

        I have a badass army now so let me know what you want me kill.

      NO HAnDLE!

      Thanks for all the offers but I cannae afford nuthin.

      Just bought a few things like the Absolute Planetary. If I spend any more cash my wife will stabe and divorce me and then stab some more!

      Thank you muchly though!

    So i had a thought over the weekend.

    My new issue of game informer arrived with an Interview with Ice-T, whom i have a new found respect for as a gamer due to the article. Quite the intelligent man, i say.

    But this got me thinking... if i was a rapper... what would my name be??

    So i have it...

    Biggie Coles
    Because once mother fuckers are down, they're staying down - ya dig?

    What would your rap name be?...

    I mean besides Fatshady.. yours is obvious :P lol

      MC Runs..
      cos you know I talk shit..
      you love my verbal diarrhea
      my raps are so sick
      they gonna give to gonorrhea

        err to = you :0
        see... told you i talk shit ;)

          LOL did you mean to use actual real rap lyrics?

            real rap lyrics? Is that part of a song already? I was just being stoopid, so i guess.. no.. i didn't mean to.. if they are already part of a rap song, perhaps I should take up rapping :0

              I'm pretty sure it's an old Camron freestyle. Least you have a back up career if the IT work slows down :)

      Well, after Notorious B.I.G, you could say I have some 'big' shoes to fill........


      "No use crying over spilt milk muthafucka."


      "It's only a dollar a litre"

      Beatty Jay
      Cause that's my initials, and it sounds cool
      B T J

      Hmm, ummm, Que-Bo-Diddly?

        I know Qbert.... no wait he's a dj
        How bout Q-tip.. no wait he's a rapper already
        How bout Q wait thats a cartoon character
        I think Qumulys is a pretty sick name for an MC IMO

      Because I'm a nerd rapper.

      Yo, Big-Lagman here.

      You try to play a game,
      but you're just a noob,
      So I blast you off,
      with my mega noob-tube.
      (I have no idea, shut up)

    So people who read comics around here, Yes I'm looking at you Jimu and jamesmacvomittedonmyhandle, best place to start??

      Preacher. Series from the 90s.


      I've read a handful of comics over the last year, one of the starting points I was given was Kingdom Come. It's easily my favourite comic, so I would recommend that.

      I also read some Ultimate Marvel, starting with Spiderman, which is a good place to start if you're more familiar with the film versions of the Marvel characters and don't want to get bogged down with decades of continuity.

      Joss Whedon's run of Astonishing X-Men is also worth a read. Not being too familiar with main universe X-Men continuity, it still all made sense to me and is actually a pretty good read.

      On the DC side, there's the Sinestro Corps wars, which focuses on the Green Lantern characters. It starts with a reboot of Green Lantern, so you can familiarise yourself with Hal Jordan, and then goes on to Blackest Night/Brightest Day, which is one of the big crisis crossover series.

      As a one off comic, like Kingdom Come, set outside of the main continuity, there's also Red Son. Which is a story about how the world would be different if Superman was raised in the USSR instead of America.

      That's the big ones, but if you're not after the big super heroes and villains stuff, there's always Sandman (by Neil Gaiman)and Preacher (by Garth Ennis).

        Ok, so I didn't mind Kingdom Come, but the artwork was what really put me off. And for graphic novels, artwork is fairly important, imo. Marvel Civil War was kinda like Marvel version happening of Kingdom Come, and I quite enjoyed that.

        Also, I haven't read Preacher by Garth Ennis, but Ennis' run on the Punisher is freaking awesome. Get onto his 'Welcome Back, Frank' run, and his 'Punisher: Born' run. Both good stuff.

        Also, for Batman, you must read - The Long Halloween, then the Dark Victory, both by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Then read Hush, by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee.

        You must definitely read the Dark Knight Returns and maybe the Dark Knight Rises Again by Frank Miller. And if you enjoyed that, All star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, by Frank Miller and Jim Lee.

        Alan Moore is also awesome. So you must read 'The Killing Joke' (which is more of a Joker Origin). Read Watchmen (there's no question, you have to read it.) Also, V for Vendetta by Alan Moore. Moore also helped a reboot of the Swamp Thing, his run on it was pretty good as well.

        And that's about it.

        No wait, read Sin City as well.

        Yep, that's it.

          I've got to disagree about the art in Kingdom Come. Alex Ross's work is amazing and one of the many things to attract me to that story.

          I haven't read Civil War, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video games were enough of that story line for me, especially after I heard some pretty scathing reviews over the treatment of Iron Man and Captain America.

          Jeph Loeb's work in general is pretty good, although anything from about 2005 onwards really dropped in quality. The guy went through a pretty rough patch with the death of his son, so it's best to just skip his work written around then.

          Also, the DC Animated Universe stuff is generally pretty good, Jamesmacusedmyhandle mentioned it in a comment below. Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, Batman, Batman Beyond, Superman and if you're into the stuff aimed at younger audiences, Teen Titans (it helps to skip the opening song on this one).

          There are movies that vary in quality, Under the Red Hood was good, as was Return of the Joker (technically a Batman Beyond story, but focuses on Bruce Wayne era Batman).

            I was kinda on the fence bout Alex Ross but i just got Absolute Justice and The Worlds Greatest Superheroes and his style fits the stories.
            @ Rocketman
            Anything by Paul Dini is gold.

              Don't worry Jimu, i still prefer it dirty ;)
              Arkham Asylum is amazing.

        I quite liked Ultimate Spiderman, and love the concept of sort of 'rebooting' the storylines of a bunch of the series. I had considered moving on to read Ultimate Xmen but had heard it wasn't as good. I was also a little disappointed by the art change in Ultimate Spiderman, and haven't really read it since.

      If you're completely new, go for either a full graphic novel, or some trade paperbacks of a series that interests you.

      I'd definitely recommend reading Watchmen.
      Also, The Killing Joke and The Dark Knight Returns are excellent Batman ones.

      You need to start with something that is good and will keep you interested but isn't too cerebral and will put you off. Unless of course you have a history of reading other full on books.

      Even though I love Promethea, I wouldn't recomend you start there because it's full on.

      I would suggest Ultimate Spider-Man, fantastic Script and art and easy to pick up and understand.

      Do you have a fav superhero or character that features in comics? Maybe I could tell you the best run to read...

    For those who have an extra $900 to spend, Big W has an epic pack open for sale:

      You're back Tadmod!

      I won't have to sit here, bored as our post counter creeps slowly toward 600 on a friday.

      Thank god.

      Also, welcome back, all that jazz, I wish I had the cash for that deal.

      So how bout O-Week? Still going with suave evil genius.
      O-Week pimpn'

    I really only seriously got into comics in the last 6 months or so. I mainly go for deluxe editions and collections. Easier to look after and keep up with "continuity"
    Batman Hush - Loeb/Lee/Williams
    Batman Year One - Miller/Mazzucchelli ( In fact anything Frank Miller)
    Batman Killing Joke - Moore/Bolland ( In fact anything by Alan Moore)
    Superman For Tomorrow - Azzarello/Lee/Williams
    Daredevil - Miller/Bendis/Mack/Brubaker

      Stupid Hotel Wifi!!! This was supposed to be a reply to Rocketman.

        AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH! Why do i keep disconnecting mid-comment!!!
        That list was much longer and not as bat-centric, but everyone has posted pretty much everything that was on it above.
        The DC Animated Series and Movies are pretty sweet to and lots have stories lifted from the comics.

      I've collected comics for years. It gets to a point when you realise trades and absolutes are just easier to look after and find on the shelf.

    I now have a new favourite artist(music artist that is) :D

      Ahahahah, brilliant! Didn't know he was still doing his thing!?

        Better than that, he's touring next month!

      Weird Al is Awesome.

      My favourite song of is is horoscope for today. The Love Hina video clip makes it even better.

      I’m also partial to White and nerdy for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on...

    Well I had a better weekend, finished ME2 (Paragon) and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on the train home on Friday. So now I'm doing ME2 again (As my imported badass this time), using the original Shephard model. It feels good getting the original guy and corrupting him in the first one, maybe it should be good here too. On my DS, I'm finally starting the latest of the Golden Sun era: Dark Dawn. So far I'm interested, though the necessity of using the stylus in certain points kinda annoyed me. I never liked the stylus lol, but that's just me. I usually play on the train and I enjoy holding the DS with both hands, not one hand and one hand using stylus, it might drop from my hands after a small jerk from the train moving. Or worse get easily swiped cuz I'm on a Melbourne Frankston line train, not exactly the smart thing to do holding the DS in one hand.

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was pretty good, but I don't know... it still felt really bland in terms of telling a story like KH1 and 2 did. In terms of the story's setting, I was hoping for more depth between the characters, not talking about the normal guys you hung with, but the whole society in total. I was hoping to learn more about them all but it just left me with near nothing more than what I already learned. Gameplay was pretty much the same, which is great (Never change it, EVER!), minus the camera control which I never ended up using cuz it was a real headache.

    ME2, I loved the ending, did not see that coming at all. Despite the control shortcomings for PC playing, I still enjoyed it a lot, so much that I started my new playthrough right away. I just wanted more of it.

      Where in GS:DD do you have to use the stylus?
      When I was first playing it, I used it for all the psynergy puzzles (Which, I agree, is just tedious to do when you're only using the stylus for a second), but later on, I found out that you can use the D-Pad for moving stuff, and for things like Growth, Douse, Arid Heat, Whirlwind, you only need to aim in the general direction (using either the D-Pad or L and R) and press A.

        Yeah the synergy and when selecting text during conversations. I had to keep pulling out the stylus to do that stuff, which kinda got annoying. You saying I don't need to use it? I was fiddling with Move for about 30 seconds till I realised I had to use the stylus to continue, argh!

          Yeah, I think it's all about range. I remember thinking having to use the stylus at the beginning as well, because I couldn't use the D-Pad, but if you get nice and close, the little glowing dot will automatically hover over the move-able object and you should be able to D-Pad from there.

      Have you played the ME2 DLC yet?

      Lair of the Shadow Broker is amazingly brilliant/epic/awesome.

        I dunno if I'm able to or whether I need to pay more (FRACK YOU DLC!), cuz my Steam copy gave me a Cerberus key as well as a normal game key. Does that count?

          The Cerberus Key gives you some of the DLC, but the three big mission packs (Overlord, Kasumi and Lair of the Shadow Broker) will probably cost money.

          Out of the three, Lair of the Shadow Broker is definitely the best value.

      The biggest problem I've found with 358/2 Days (and pretty much any spinoff title developed for a Nintendo handheld) is they tend to be pure fan-service, but not contain much in the way of new storyline content. I understand the appeal of fan-service, but if we get yet another spinoff without any actual new storyline content instead of Kingdom Hearts 3, I'm going to flip my lid (and yes, I am certainly aware of KH 3DS and plans for Birth by Sleep 2).

        The last KH I played was 2, I love the intro and ending stuff but couldn't care less about the disney stuff inbetween.

        Actually 358/2 days DOES fit in with the original KH story. It's not actually a spinoff, just the prequel to KH2, and it tells Roxas' story. If you remember...

        ***SPOILER ALERT***
        In KH2, the whole thing with Axel near the beginning, was what he saying all true or all a trick? 358/2 Days shows Roxas' time within Organization XIII and includes the blindfolded Riku, what he was up to while Sora was asleep, you even relive the actual fight between Riku and Roxas that you only see as cutscenes in KH2. I liked that a lot, that it did actually fit into the original story.

        Though you look at ones like Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded and the new 3DS Kingdom Hearts being planned... THOSE are spinoffs that make little sense

    Success! I totally didn't waste 3 hours last night finding Blast Shard #349 and #350 in inFamous. Also, I got full Negative karma powers trophy. Only one trophy away from victory! I kinda went on an inFamous high over the weekend, seeing as the Hero Edition was announced. It was priced as $US99, but no local price was announced. The DNF Balls of Steel Edition was $US99 and is $AUD149, so I'm hoping that price will translate over to inFamous 2. But seeing SCEE's track record with liking to screw us over, I have a bad feeling. I don't suppose you could shoot Sony an email, could you Mark? It would be much appreciated :)

      Our pack has a couple of minor differences though, minor in that we get a tiny bit more, so that will be the justification if they raise the price higher...

      Still... It's already bought even if the statue is crappy, it's still boss!

        Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. We get the inFamous 1 skin, and the lenticular cover. I figure SCEE will justify it and say, You're getting more, therefore, $AUD200 is the best value EVAR!

        Oh well. I suppose Play Asia will still be a viable option if it's anything more than $AUD150.

    Waste, Global Warming/Climate Change, Greenies. Pfft to it all, but it does kind of have morals which I think could be applied to games.

    I've recently been tooting about in Test Drive Unlimited 2. Yes, its not what it could of been and has a whole herd of problems, but I tell you something, the amount of art work in the game is quite awe inspiring. The size of the two islands must be a mammoth of an effort to prepare. I mean you can drive over the whole thing.

    So I started thinking what a waste it all was. Why is it practically all of these games we play treat the artwork/environment as yesterdays jam? Its just tossed away.
    So why don't studios arrange two completely different games using the same created world? If you've played TDU2, imagine how fun of a place it could be if used for a mmorpg? Or even some kind of FPS? Perhaps it would be fun to be used as a Red Bull Air Race???

    I just think some environments could easily produce a few genre's worth of entertainment, not all of us like racing or mmo's, but I'm sure multiple camps could/can appreciate great artwork.


      It's not a bad idea, so long as they were upfront with it at the start. For instance I'm currently playing a bit of Crackdown 2 which feels like the exact same map as the first one. In which case I ask what they spent all their time on as I'm not really seeing any improvements.

      Re-using the same area would make people expect to see a game out sooner, and if they didn't admit they were doing it during development, then people would probably feel gipped when they see the game.

      However I still think this could easily work, as the Red vs Blue guys have spoken about, imagine if Rockstar said 'Hey we have this great city, and we already have the system for people to go online and play in it together, let's just fill the thing with zombies and make a game of that'

      That could turn out to be a really fun game and so long as they said from the start they would be re-using the same map, I wouldn't mind at all.

        Oh yeah, the colaboration should be made clear from the start. I just think its a shame tdu2's environment wont be enjoyed by those who dislike racing games (or good racing games..).

          I guess, as well as many other problems, from a game design perspective, you would suddenly go from a map designed around, say, racing, and then you would have to make it work for something else (which would probably work for an open world shooter or something, but maybe not a physics based puzzler).

          While it wouldn't be impossible, I imagine it would be quite irritating. One thing that I think I've seen in some Xbox developers is the re-use of shaders, so you just take what another company did to make decent water(for instance), and copy it (with permission, of course), and I imagine that at least helps a little with reducing dev time (or else all of them just suck at making water, and suck in exactly the same way).

          Still, I understand your point.

    Any Prototype fans out there? I really liked Prototype, despite its flaws, because I found it endless fun. The freedom of running up buildings and jumping from one to another, launching of the top of one and dropping to the street, turning my arms into weapons and cutting down military and infected alike. The over the top abilities and powers, the fun of jumping onto a helicopter mid-flight and taking it over.

    I also liked the plot, though I have heard it criticised by some. Even though it was a little cliche, and it did take some time to put all the pieces together, I enjoyed it and really enjoyed the character. For once I wasn't the total do-gooder that saved the world, but I wasn't the mindless villain that just tries to kill everything. Alex Mercer felt like a complicated character part saviour, part terrorist, part hero, part murderer.

    This is why I hate the idea of being a character that is trying to kill him in Prototype 2. I really liked Alex Mercer and don't want to hunt him down. Anyone else feel this way?

      Played and finished it. I enjoyed it also. Once you got powered up you felt unstoppable. I'd def play another one.

      I have not read anything about the next plot but it doesnt bother me. He'd be a tough opponent. I think sometimes a story runs it's course so it makes sense to change. I'll play it either way.

      Yeah I enjoyed prototype but I can see why someone would want to hunt down Mercer, especially someone from the army.

      I did not find him complex so much as hypocritical. From memory he moaned about morals and the greater good but he was the one who unleashed the virus and his solution was pretty much kill everything that moves.

      I enjoyed the game but can't say that I liked Alex. By the end I had very little empathy for him and felt that he deserved everything that happened to him!

      I really loved Protoype, I just got the feeling that it should have had another two months of polish. There were lots of parts of it that just seemed like placeholders, and then the graphics at times were just arse.

      Still, so long as the sequel doesn't take itself too seriously it should be good.

    Anyone else getting tired of the editing fails coming from Kotaku US? With the demographic of petulant nerds like me I wonder if they're doing it on purpose. Either way it's grinding my gears.

      I used to be a regular commenter over on Kotaku US, had a star for a while, then lost it over a joke in poor taste (a similar joke was given Comment of the Week that same week) and then given another one for a pun that made Comment of the Week, before losing it and being banned in the "Kotakulypse" after getting sick of the really poor standards over there.

      So, in my experience, I would say that they aren't doing it deliberately, but more that they are both incompetent and stubborn. Crecente does not respond well to any criticism and the majority of the team just isn't very good at what they do. Especially Brian Ashcraft, who apparently cares less about games and more about anime boobs.

      I used to go there for the community, but that was falling apart shortly before my ban, so now I come here instead. Where I can ignore the poor US content and enjoy Serrels's excellent work.

        There the ones who write all the articles without doing the proper research. Sends me nutty.

        Real obvious stuff too, like the colour of the original Gameboy screen.
        Maybe it was an honest lmistake, but I was getting the impression it was written by a 3 year old who truly beleived the first Gameboy was the pocket.

        And the pic with the article was a GREEN screened GB...

    Ok.. shirt ideas... i have 2... until i get the net back at home i won't be able to put them together, however.

    Delorian... text above saying "how about you and me take a timeless trip.."
    text below in BttF font, "BACK TO MY BEDROOM"


    Spider silhouette
    Text above "the above-average"
    below "arachnid guy"
    also possibly adding at the bottom "Fighting crime and copyright protection sice 2011"

    I'm also planning a few non-geek related ones, so yay...

      How about more with limited/no text? Shirts with text tend to be good for a while, but after a few wears, even the funniest joke will make you cringe. Shirts with only a picture are just classier.

      Having said that though..."BACK TO MY BEDROOM" made me giggle. :D

        Yeah i was going to do a couple delorian ones - one with text and one a lot more simple.. ie. tiny amount of text or none at all..

        although, the idea of a Delorian with Xzibit next to it saying "yo dawg, i heard you like time travel, so we put a flux capacitor in your car so you can travel time while you spend time travelin!"

          -1 for the xzibit tee.
          Pimp my Ride pretty much ended Xzibits career and credibility. Those of us that care, would pretty much prefer to forget the whole mess ever happened.
          Liked the spidey one though.

            Ugghhh!! That came across as a bit prescious, i think it's funny, but i'm with Strange in terms of those types of things dating very quickly.

      How about "Your Amicable Community Arachnid Guy"?

      How about a minimalist BttF shirt - essentially just featuring the twin stripes of flame or some such?

        Oooh, and then you could maybe add the caption
        '... you're gonna see some serious shit.'

    I feel somewhat obliged to inform you, Loops and TadMod, there's a de Blob 2 competition on. Check under the competition or de blob 2 tag, I'm sure you'll find it.

      Also, if either of you win because of this, I will be sad. Very, very sad.

      There's 400 bloody comments on that. Dreading choosing the winner. Stakes are too high man!

        If you picked a top 50 or something, and made the community vote then no-one could blame you when they didn't win. :P

          You know, that might not be such a bad idea. I WANT TO DISAVOW ALL RESPONSIBILITY!

          yeah, i don't envy poor Marky Mark...
          see mate.. maybe massive comps should be limited to one entry each.. LOL

          A top 50 may be too much to vote on... maybe a top 20?

          Also make it that you can't vote for yourself...

          Then again, letting the community vote may go awry, especially if someone is a nominee and just has all their friends come to the site for the first time ever just to vote for them... doesn't really seem fair, especially if someone has a much superior entry

            Yeah, I don't think I would actually do it. But it would be nice to have someone else choose.

              I have an idea for you Mark, why don't you just choose the very first entry?

              And then discount the person who was arrogant enough to simply reply to my entry with their own when they had nothing to say in relation to my comment! *glares*

                Sorry, my mistake.


                On the bright side, I've now raged against them, so I'm feeling good.

              Get Elly and/or Seamus to do it, then as you reveal the competition winner subtly imply that you would've chosen someone else without giving specifics.

              Sure, someone feels bad... but they've just won an awesome prize and everyone else can be deluded into thinking you would've chosen their entry.

              Everybody wins! :P

                Ooohh, that's devious.

                Have you ever considered a job in middle management or human resources?

        Just get me to pick the winner :P
        I'll probably be the only one happy with my choice though :D

      haha thank Notty-R

      Thanks to Mark's warning very early last week, i was keeping an eye out for it, wondering what it could be. Friday afternoon, i simply typed in "competitions" and lo and behold i found it and promptly shat my dacks.

      What a seriously awesome comp - by the time i got my first entry in i was already up to 300 posts... i got my second in this morning before work, and it was over 400 posts then... i don't like my chances lol

      Honestly, as awesome as finally getting a PS3 is, i would be more than happy to just win the game.

      I saw one entry where someone used math to ACTUALLY MAKE a new color... now that shit was impressive, i'm tipping him for the win...

      Thank again for the heads up, though - it is really massively appreciated. :)

        Not trying to be mean or anything, but there was practically no real math in that entry...

          You were one of the chaps i was referring to. Not sure if you actually know what your talking about but from the sounds of it you have some sort of super brain!... I want your help with the Trials HD wiki... Let me know if you have some spare time.

            ... and im not saying i doubt you at all, I just know that it was mostly over my head!

            I'll probably have a look at those Trials things over the next few days, and see if I can help.

          Oh... well idon't feel dumb for not understanding a single bit of it..

          also, i'm suddenly less impressed

        There's another reasonably ok comp on at Gizmodo... Not as cool as Kotaku's mind you.. Its just a whole car....
        So you might want to put your name in for that one too!


    Just need to share some of my pain.

    I created a wiki last year to assist the Trials HD community to solve the Trials HD Riddle. Essentially there are a bunch of easter eggs that are complex on their own to figure out, but are all connected. We are still now (15+ months later) only just figuring out what eac of them mean, let alone the larger riddle.

    I noticed some of the discussion about light and colour in the de blob comp was way over my head science smarts so I wanted to see if anyone else here wanted to contribute to the project.

    You don't need the game as we have slowly been updating the site with hi res images of the secrets.

    The wiki can be found here:

    If you need to know where to start, just let me know. I need all the help i can get. Also the devs have offered up custom made t-shirts that will be exclusively provided to the group that contributes and solves this (there are only about 4-5 contributors to date).

    To give you an example, and explain why my heads hurting, here is one we only solved this morning.

    There is an easter egg on a track called Donkey Business in the first DLC. It is binary code.

    The binary code reads:


    It also looks like the right plank of wood may be covering something.

    Binary to decimal (decimal used primarily because the numbers are prefixed with a '10' and this is also the method used in the 42 puzzle to decipher binary code)

    Line 1: 1011110100111

    Binary to decimal 6055

    Line 2:10011110101101

    Binary to decimal 10157

    Converted using

    Then go to:

    Long 60.55 Lat 101.57

    Converts to: 60° 32' 59.9994", 101° 34' 11.9994" which is a location in the middle of Russia.

    I have investigated the Tunguska event and i have found this site for the approximate epicentre of the event.

    You will notice that the coordinates for this location are: 60° 53′ 9″ N, 101° 53′ 40″ E

    Pretty close to the ones we have which suggests that this is what the clues are pointing to.

      Perhaps the mystery is determining where the Trials warehouse is?

      That place is pretty spooky so the site of an alien landing would make sense!

      Looks to me like the characters hidden behind the wood in that screenshot are 'N' and 'E' respectively, lending credence to the use of the binary numbers as lat/long coordinates.

      I can't relate the overall connection, however the cave paintings used in Mother Of All Jumps may simply be used as a way to reference the petroglyphs found in Moab, Utah, as the name references the Mother Of All Bombs, or the MOAB.

      Some examples can be found here:

        If you have a look at the cave painting that is supplied in the investigation section, I think it pretty much maps to the one in the game. I will however keep that link and see if there are any other matches.

        I will be putting together a summary page that only highlights the actual easter eggs rahter than every track.


          I'm fairly sure that none of them would match up, I however thought it might be wise to consider the more obtuse angles.

    I'm (literally) going to sleep in about 2-3 hours time so I can get up at midnight and go into the city to watch two big, stupid ships in the same general vicinity.

    So, to make up for a lost night of gaming, what can I do in Darling Harbour between 2-8am on a Tuesday morning? :/

      This is an insight to my youthful drunken nights...

      Urinate off Pyrmont bridge with two other people, one of whom you only just met. I feel weird even mentioning it, but you don't forget a night like that!

      It is a funny story that you can tell your kids/internet friends about.

    Hey FatShady, you damned bastard, getting me addicted to Trials. I finished Inferno 2! It nearly killed me, but I goddamn did it! I felt so... happy, joyous, relived, all at the same time.

      As mark will confirm that is freaking amazing.. how long have you had the game. It took me a few months to get past that i think. I just put it down for a few weeks then tried again, rage quitting at every turn. I just hate it when you get past the wooden planks, make a few crazy hard jumps, then there are a few pipes just sitting there, unlike anything else you have ever seen.

      Well played mate. Gold medal time?

        Those pipes were fun (in a good way). Worked out how to do them pretty quickly but only had about 60 seconds left to do them on my first approach. Mainly because of those %@#[email protected]#^@ near vertical sections.

        Reckon that gold on the groundhog one is a definite possibility.

          GROAAAAN! Tell me about it! I was stuck at that bit just before them for ages... just after you drop down between the tyres, and you get the three planks in a row, the second and third on angles. Took me aaaaages to get the third one, with enough speed to land on the stupid barrel on the other side. The first time I did it I was so happy... then I was faced with an impossible slant upwards. With a small wall. And another impossible slant after that. I cried for a few minutes.

          Pipes were very much wtf, but didnt take long to figure it out.

        Haha thanks. I got gold up until I think the last hard track. Then it's bronzes in extremes. I tried to get gold on the tournaments but the last 3 or four I can't.

      I should get stuck into the extreme tracks.
      I have been trying for silver in all the hard before moving on but the last two are proving tricky.

        Just skip forward... I finished the extreme tracks, looked back at my achievements and realised I hadn't finished the hard tracks yet :)

        The vertical climbing skills you pick up from the extreme tracks make the hard ones a piece of cake e.g. on that one with all the tires.

      Nice work Sughly :D Can you add me on your friends list so I have another Trials rival? (live id Qumulys)
      On the weekend I finished all the tracks including Hard. I finished the first Extreme track, but got cranky and tired when attempting track 2 (is that inferno 2?).

        Adding, I shall do! Inferno 2 is the last track on extreme, but all of them were quite challenging indeed. Inferno 2 though was in it's own realm of I-want-to-take-this-game-and-throw-it-at-something-but-I-cant-because-its-a-digital-title frustration.

    Wow. Went out for lunch, ended up getting a new phone.

    It's ok though, because it's a sexy Sony XPERIA X10i.

    Any ANDROID app download suggestions?

      I want one of those! They're so pretty. *sigh*
      I only really use my phone for texting and as alarms to make sure I don't forget to pick the Kid up from school though, and only spend about $15 every few months so there was no justification for getting one.
      I did make my husband get one though, he loves it but hasn't really grapped any apps.
      So yeah, that's my long-winded way of saying I can't help you.

        Um, I mean 'graBBed'.
        Hmm, "grapped" should have been a name for a colour in the De Blob comp.

          I already picked up Angry Birds for free (yes FREE! Suck it, iPhone users!) and a tonne of other stuff!

          I'm absolutley stunned at how well google goggles works though. My mind is blown...

      Titanium Backup is a must. You can back up everything (Including your phone settings, contacts, messages, calendar, etc) to your SD card and easily restore it using a simple batch command that comes with it. Even moves all your user apps to your SD card with one batch command, very useful for making space on your phone to install more :)

        Hmmm, I can't seem to find it... :\

        I'll keep looking!

          The full name is Titanium Backup root, made my MatrixRewriter. You should be able to search for it using Android Market.

          It'll look like a yellow gear with a grey "Ti Backup" written on it if you want icon too xD

      Banking apps are always useful.

      WhatsApp is a pretty cool messaging service (works like SMS, but free).

        Alas, I do not have a bank account, so any banking service would be useless.

        As to WhatsApp, looks quite nifty, so I'll give it a shot! :D

    Big storm classified as "very dangerous" on it's way. It's starting to look like midnight around here.

      I just came home from driving around shopping. It looked like the end of the world :'(

      Quick! Charge up any and all portable gaming devices, even if they're phones!
      Nothing like playing a DS in pitch black during a blackout!

      I was on the crapper when it hit and all this water started blasting through the windows and front door. I could do nothing because I was...well...

      Anyway, nothing was damaged, phew. And it cooled the house down!

    So... I competed at the Mount Barker comps on Sunday, we lost... but that's not what I'm going to talk about.

    If anyone was in Adelaide yesterday, they'll know it was cold and sometimes rainy, and mainly overcast.

    In Mount Barker it was freezing...

    Until the exact moment the Drum Major called us to attention... for the next twenty minutes I was sure I could feel my skin cooking.
    Regular readers will recall that I'm a redhead with pasty skin... and so I got burnt so, so badly.

    I'm in freaking agony... and I'm aloe-ing up every two hours.

      I've said it before, I'll say it again. AHAHAHAHA, silly pale people.


      I mean, try and find Steroid cream, you can most likely get it from a pharmacist, works absolute wonders on sunburn (just don't overruse it or you get mega-bad scarring).

      Sunscreen man, sunscreen!

      Cancer is bad and, if rumours about redheads are true, the lack of a soul means you have to hang onto this life as long as possible!

      That or invent a way to clone humans and implant your current consciousness on your new doppelganger.

      On second thought I like the cloning idea better. Forget the sunscreen.

        But what if his doppleganger is happy with his current consciousness :)

          Then you clone the clone before you overwrite the mind of the first one. Only fair way to do it.

      Nice 'n' Icey if you can find it.
      The Nivea cooling aftershave balm (solid white bottle) is awesome to if you really cooking or need to sleep.

    Batguy the server details were sent tonyou XBL account. Cheers.

    I've decided to get the new Pokemon game but i'm presented with a problem.

    Pokemon Black or Pokemon White?

      Black - the cover looks bas-ass

      Black is what all the cool kids are getting! xD

      Unfortunately, I'm not getting either, so I am rank "Urkel" :(

        I wasn't sure what you meant by rank "Urkle" so I googled it and found this.

        My eyes. They bleed.

        I think I'm going to go black because I like the idea of dragon/fire combo better then dragon/electric for the exclusive.
        Though that may mean everyone will want to trade with Jimu as the only person with white on

      Pokemon White!
      I'll be getting Black, so I need someone to trade with. :P
      Curious thing, though. When it was first announced and I was choosing which one to get, rather than say, doing something sensible and looking at the exclusives that appealed to me, I noticed a pattern in what I played. Over the first four generations, I chose Red, Silver, Ruby, Pearl. Going by the common order of referral of games in each gen (so, RBY, GSC, RSE, DPPt), I noticed I alternated between the first and second referred game each generation. As such, with Pokemon B/W, having chosen the 'second' game referred to in Gen IV, it only stands to reason that I choose the 'first' referred to game in Gen V.
      Yes, I have thought too much about this. Sue me.

      I got white for the forest and the little girl end boss.

      Black has the city and the old man end boss.

      I'm getting White because that's what the coin toss told me to get.

    New ME2 DLC leaked?


      Stupid asari with their damn nay-saying..

      As i've always said "the only good asari is a naked asari"


    Ok, so:

    An excellent article about the person who downloaded an unfinished copy of Half Life 2 and his reasoning behind it. Great article, Mark, you should make it a feature post.

    A 20 minute documentary about Minecrack, sorry, Minecraft. It's made by 2 player productions, who have also made some awesome behind the scenes videos for Uncharted 3 (The Reveal Trailer), inFamous and inFamous 2. They're looking to raise money to create a feature length documentary about Minecraft, donations are made here:

    If you donate a certain amount, you'll get a certain something. E.g. $30 donation means a DVD copy of the film, $60 means a DVD and a creeper toy etc. You should also make this a feature post Mark :)

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