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    Just stared Mass effect 2 after enjoying Mass Effect 1, i thought ME1 was good. Not GREEEAT but good.


    Hands down amazing...


      I'd join you in the love for ME2, but my hands are stuck up for Detroit. Apparently I love this city?

      In all seriousness, yeah Number 2 is so amazingly awesome, in other, lesser, years, it would have been my GOTY. Hands in a mid-way position.

        My hands are up... but that's because I just don't care.

      But there not the same game

      Me2 might be good great even but it's not what the sequel to me1 should have been

      Looks like there doing the same thing with dragon age 2

      Its a shame we don't get expansions in the same way we used to for pc but it seems consoles have put an end to that

        What do you think the sequel should have been like?


        If they pull of DA2 thw way I'm hoping it will be possible to play the way you want to.

        Also, it will play more oldschool on PC, I bet!

          They've taken out the overhead view on pc which is basically a slap in the face to oldschool

          As for how me2 should have played out is that it shouldnt have forgottenthat it was an rpg with shooting as a secondary

          The sequel basically went guns a blazing and removed any real attribut/skill system as tree was really only 1 setup for each class beefed weapons and armor selections as well

          Shooters fine but it removed alot of the rpg elements that made the first so great


            They took that view out completley? Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad...

      And here i am like a chump playing ME1 for a second time!

      On the plus side, all my games (except ME1) are packed away in boxes for the move to prevent me from being tempted! lol

        Where are you moving to Loops? Finally making the leap to Melbourne?

          haha, mate, i've lived in Melbourne all of my life up until last feb.
          In fact i've lived in Oakleigh, Mulgrave, Brunswick and Port Melbourne before moving to Geelong.
          We're actually just moving the next suburb over in Geelong, to a place with 2 bedrooms in a much nicer street. We need the bit of extra space - one bedroom just doesn't cut it anymore. We'll probably move again next year as well, as we both really want a dog and a space big enough for one.

          Funnily enough, i really like geelong. It's peceful and has everything you could ever want from a city, and no where near as many bogans as i first though (unless you go to corio lol).

            Aye, I live near Brunswick. Do you work in Geelong or make the drive to Melbourne?

            See, that would be the major turn off. Screw the commute to Melbourne for work.

              Yeah, but i only drive to altona, which isn't that bad.
              Hopefully i'll get something closer to home some time this year

            Didn't you hear? All the bogans moved to St Albans Park. Although at Norlane they're still a dimea dozen.

        You're not the only one in that boat loops xD. My second playthrough atm too

      Here here! Best thing about me2 I've found is the planets I'm exploring, the information tells me the planet is unminable but my uber probe droids can strip the planet of resources. Even on colonized planets where they depend on the mining for survival, stripped by my droids.

        That was pisspoor, BRING BACK THE MAKO!!!!

          To hell with the Mako... just let me employ some kid, ensign, to do the damn mining for me.

            Mako was a little mong. But those scanning missions were so boring.

            Also miss the missions where you drive for a bit, get out take down a base, drive for a bit repeat.

            Made the worlds seem bigger.

              Made the first time seem bigger... every time after that it was kind of samey.

                And load screens as a replacement isnt?

                  ME1 had load screens... you just didn't see them because you were trapped in the slowest. elevator. ever.

        Don't forget to try probe Uranus!
        Tricia Helfer gets the best line in the game.

      Yup, its damn good. As soon as I finished, I change to a lady shepard and started all over again. I rarely do that. :D

    Why Andy WHYYYYYY!?

      First the Socceroos, then Murray... bad weekend. :/

      On a brighter note: bought and got stuck into Trials HD this weekend - congrats to Fatshady for being so awesome! (I'm sure he'll pop-up and explain)

      Its k. Everyone knew he wasn't going to win anyway, besides you...

      Someone should've told you.

        I wanted to believe.

          Sadly this isn't a Disney film, the power of love, and your belief that you will succeed (or, in this case, someone else) is not actually enough to bring you victory. Sometimes, the better person actually wins. Sometimes, the hero of Karate Kid is actually Johnny.

            Quack... Quack... Quack... Quack...


            GOOOOOO DUCKS!!!!

            Sounds more like anime to me?

            But, back to Murray, apparently he's never won an actual set before in any of his grand final appearances so he's really not doing the British tennis establishment any favours just yet.

      This was the first year where I cared more who won the womens final than the mens. So wanted Li Na to win... she was owning the first set, too. :P

        Yeah, I was gutted about that as well. Her speech was awesome.

        "My husband, I'll love you even if you become fat and ugly."

          Yeah, but Kim thanked a random Dentist... that was pretty awesome in itself

      To borrow a punchline from Buzz Killington, you know why Murray bottled it? Because he's a Scot! Ha ha.

    Good Morning all!

    OK, I'm not really that enthusiastic, but still...

    Anyway, I noticed last week, after FatShady's promise (PROMISE!) to get us Minecraft server time (Promise), that some people began showing pictures of their wonderflonium based Minecraft creations. Since this all got lost in the depths of TAY, I figured I'd start up a fresh one for this week. I promise (prosime) that I won't out-do you all.

    Trust me, I'm a doctor.

    Anyway, to get the ball rolling, or, in this case, the large square blobby thing sitting in exactly the same place as before... Uhhh...

    Here's my Minecraft house:

    Post your weird, wonderful, or "OHSHITCREEPER" related Minecraft things below!

    Or don't, and just make me feel really awkward.

      Love this topic

      I will show mine tonight. I am working on an underwater viewing room like an aquarium. You'll see what I mean.

      It is actually harder than you think (or what you'd expect) building underwater.

        Oh, I know, some friends of mine (I helped a very small amount, but I really only got grass into it, which took ages) made Rapture, not the realistic to the game version that the P.A. fans did, but our own little version, with a biodome, and the tower, and all kinds of awesome. Took ages, and was really annoying, sadly, I think that server has closed down, so we lost all our work. :/

        Still, excited to see what you've made.

          On the trials HD side of things.

          I was boasting to my brother in Scotland about being a Golden God for finishing the last level on Trials HD. He then found out I used FatShady's guide after reading Kotaku. He's been giving me so much shit ever since...

            You notice i didn't mention it on this site just sent via twitter. You were the one throwing it round here. You only have yourself to blame. Lol

            I don't care how you finish it. Just finishing it is awesome.

      Nice house, I hope your not compensating for your virtual self.

      That beats my guard tower that reaches up into the clouds, on the top of a hill where I have put my home, that digs down to the centre of the earth, spiral staircase style!

      Really that's an awesome look with the lava falls (Are those lava falls?)

        Lava falls, over my glass ceiling, and it all goes down into my lava moat.

        It sounds really impressive, until you find out that I died about 20 times while making it. :/

      Man... maybe i need to jump on the minecraft bandwagon...

      Then again, it looks kinda pricey for a BETA.. what is it, 15 Euros or something?

        i got it for 10 in Alpha. It is still worth it i would say. Many hours spent to date and no sign of getting bored (mainly because you make your own fun!)

          I never looked into it, but I was under the impression it was like pay-per-month basis? If its just a one of pay, I think I want in too!

            It is a one pay only thing. I was skeptical as well, till I gave it a go, now I'm hooked. GET IT!

            I would never sign up for a subscription thingy.. not for games anyway.(damn you mobile phone and foxtel)

            Yeah, one off payment, you can install on as many computers as you like and all future updates are free. Not sure if the Beta codes are much different than the Alpha ones.

            Be prepared for what it is. There is no story and no real objectives. But if you think about it as a survival game that has a bunch of collecting and the environment is made out of lego then you should be in for a treat.

            The whole concept of making your own house out of nothing, then finding the right resources to make tools to allow you to extract more resources to make more impressive stuff then upgrade and build your base, then start farming and playing around with electronics....

            It is a good experience, but don't let us build up your expectations, the graphics are nothing special (except you grow to love them) and as i said, there is NOTHING pulling you through the game and no real game to speak of (storyline/objectives etc). understand that, spend the $20 and you wont regret it, especially if i can get multiplayer working.

              Ok, you sold me. I've purchased, haven't got time to play tonight, but hopefully will get at it tomorrow. :D

      Nice house. I'm looking forward to somebody making a house IRL that resembles a minecraft house (complete with lava). Or how about "Minecraft World", a huge Theme Park that's built to look like you're actually in Minecraft.

      Here's something I made - It's not realy "in" minecraft - but it is minecraft related. It's my attempt at "minecraft using an HD graphics engine":

    Hi all another wonderful week of TAY i just wanted to ask you mark a quick question how did that game creation event go on Sunday i was going to pop in but then the weather was so good the beach seemed far too enjoyable to pass up..

    on another note splinter cell conviction arrived from UK smashed through it and really enjoyed the single player campaign..

      Yeah, Splinter Cell conviction was pretty fun. Story seemed too drawn out though, but at the same time, quite short. Ah well. I still had fun leaving a ghost then running up on the pipes to commit death from above. Funsies :)

      Almost went out there, but it was just too damn hot to catch a train, so I too am interested in how it went...

    Hi guys,

    I'm staying in Glenelg at the moment for a conference. I have a couple of days spare to do my own thing. Considering I have never been to adelaide before, is there any must-do things before I leave?

    cheers in advance

      You're in Adelaide, so you should...

      Leave early?

      No, sorry, I can't help.

        And thats from someone who lives in Canberra!! LOL

          Silly Billy... no-one "lives" in Canberra.

          They just exist.

          A place like RAdelaide, where your life's in your hands everyday... now that's living.

      Hey mate - i've been to Radelaide a couple of times now, nd my lil lady is from there (and surprisingly smart and attractive considering the fact), so i'd suggest you DEFINATELY make a trip to Handorf in the hills.. i think it's half an hour out of the city.

      Rundle mall in the city is not bad for a day of shopping fun, if you're into that.


      Apart from that i can't think of much else.

        "my lil lady is from there (and surprisingly smart and attractive considering the fact)"

        If Bee was to ever come on TAY for the first time... I hope its now.

        You are amazing, and courageous. Also amazing.

          haha i've said that to her a few times.

          I've admitted to her that Radelaide wasn't anywhere near as horrible as i had imagined (but we stuck to the nicer parts), so i get away with slandering it most of the time.. i mean, what's being a victorian without being able to slag off other states?!

          But yeah, one of my favorite things i've said is "if you're from adelaide, how are you attactive and intellegent... and why do you have a job??...and teeth?!!?"

          Then she hit me...

            Well I met my mrs here, she grew up here till she was 18.


            I get to make fun of her to. lol

              Ahhhh, good old Karratha.

              We actually stock a couple of shops there.

              it's Hell-expensive to ship to... BECAUSE IT'S IN THE MIDDLE OF BLOODY NO-WHERE!!!

              Seriously, a box i'd ship to Perth for $25 costs $110 to get to Karratha.

            Damn mexicans getting uppity with the rest of the country. Although when I went to Melbourne with the wife for a weekend we did quite enjoy it. One thing that amazed me was how the afl teams suburbs are like a 5min walk from each other. And each one still has fans numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Blew my mind.

        The Rainforrest in the Botanic Gardens should be cool today.
        Ignore Handorf, it's full of tourists... and Germans... and, well, old people.
        Hit up the free samples in the Barossa.
        Given that it's cricket season, you could check the Bradman exibit at the state library.

      Have fun in your 42C heat today, Hind! Sucker!
      Back home, it's an awesome 29C :P

        It's going to be 39 and in melb again :(


        Yeh its hot ><.

        yesterday when we arrived there was a reception BBQ dinner. It was in a hall with west facing windows, and a hundred or so heat generating bodies.

        Oh and did I mention the blackout?

        No aircon.

        No fans.


          Bwahahahahaha! HA!

          Okay, I think I'm done.



    Success! Assignment submitted.

    Not so success! Annoying person waking me up on the train because of their blaring music. Seriously, how can people listen to music on their headphones so loud, that the person next to them can hear the lyrics perfectly clearly? Headphones would suggest that only the person wearing them can hear stuff from it, but nooooooooooo, look at me, I'm a douche-baguette with my 'awesome' loud music.


    I'm just bitter because I hate these people. And I stayed up for a while finishing this stupid assignment. They are the bane of my existence. Time to really try Mass Effect. Hopefully it gets better.

    Which brings me to my second rant/point. Has anyone ever had a problem with Zavvi? I bought RDR at about launch date from them last year, it took about 3 weeks, and arrived in a broken case. I ordered the Sly collection in the first week of January and it still hasn't come yet. I think I'll just stick with ozgameshop.


      i Haven't had any trouble it took about 2 and a half weeks for all my stuff. Also i have only one problem with my stuff coming in a half broken case( Still usable)

      I dunno dude. I ordered Hot Pursuit and NBA Jam from Ozgameshop on the 7th and it still hasn't come so I want to ask has anyone had an issue with them?

        I ordered a couple of games from them, order placed on 20th/21st of December, arrived about the 5th/6th of Jan? Not bad, considering it was Christmas, making the post service busy AND England had some pretty crazy snow that time, which delayed a lot of flights.

        I've bought from ozgameshop twice.

        They've been very quick to ship and arrive both times.

        In fact, the first time took only a week to get here

      Yeah, some people (with their loud music, and their freestyle dancin' and...) really worry me. I was sitting on the bus, listening to music from my in-ear headphones, probably a little loud, and I could hear someone elses music clearly over the top of mine. It really worries me that people can do that (The worst part was that they were really low quality headphones (I refuse to use anything cheaper than $100, but that's also because I break the cheap ones really easily))

        I seem to break earphones on a regular basis. So I hit up eBay and bought 3 cheap iPod imitations for $10. Only broken one set so far. Not bad, considering I've had them for about 4 months.

          I went through a pair of earphones a week for over a month late last year. (Not joking).

          I have now got a pair of Phillips ones from Harvey Norman that have lasted over a month.

          Once you get good ones hold on to 'em.

            Man, I had these ~$30 EP-630s that were pretty darn good back then. Lasted 2-2.5 years before finally succumbing to daily wear and tear of walking/public transport, which I thought was a pretty god run.
            Every pair since has never lasted more than a year. :(

            Yeah, I wasn't quite that bad, more a new pair every 2 weeks, for about 3 months...

            Then, strangely, I got Apple in-ear headphones, much higher quality than their normal ones, and they lasted me just over a year, so totally worth it.

      I've never had ANY problems ordering ANYWHERE in the UK. Including Zavvi. That being said, there have been horror stories. Somehting too ka while to arrive before x-mas, and Bee contacted Zavvi and they said if it didn't arrive in 4 weeks they would just declare it missing and refund her... so even if it has gone bye-bye, you should still get your money back.
      Last things i ordered were conviction and tattslotto v capcom, both arrived in 2 weeks.

      On a side note, you reminded me of this time i was on the train and this cute girl kept looking at me.. she started walking towards me and my heart skipped a beat. I took out my earphone and she said "can you please turn that down, it's really bothering me"...
      "o..ok.." i stammered out and slunk deep into my chair.
      Man i was soooo embarrassed... i didn't even realize it was so loud... it's all heavy metal's fault.. it always sounds better louder...

        Ha! Good one. I mean, sometimes at home I play music loud (But still not loud enough for anyone else to hear) and just sit there patting the doggies, but yeah. Too loud makes me rage at people.

        As for the Zavvi thing, that's intresting. I sent them a message a last week, they said give it a week or two and then they'll check it out. Hopefully it's there when I get home. Or a refund would be good too.

      Could be worse. Seems everytime I get on a train there is always someone listening to some really bad rap on their phone without headphones. Just using the phone speakers.

        Oh god, they're the worst. I also become ashamed (I myself am Indian) whenever I see another Indian playing Bollywood music off their phone speakers. It makes me cringe.

        I'm glad you said 'bad' rap as opposed to just generalising rap music.. (thanks)

        But yeah, Not once in history has it been cool to do this. Either use headphones or just talk to your freaking mates!!! No-one cares what you are listening to!

        Worse is when they do it around the shopping centres and walk with a "swagger"

        That being said, my dad often listens to Irish music on his phone's speakers... that not annoying so much as it is embarrassing...

        I must admit, they are rather jaunty tunes, however.

        I useed to wurk with people who did the speaker thing. I know that if I started blastin some Metal the boss would make me stop. But it's OK to blast that brain deadening POP bullsh*t ...

          AMEN BROTHER!!!


            Choops, do you listen to Devin Townsend or even Strapping Young Lad?

              I'm embarrassed to admit, but i haven't listened to much of his stuff, but what i have listened to of his i've really liked..

              I just don't buy CD's much anymore, and i never buy music online.. so i've been listening to the same stuff for over a year now.. lol

              I'll have to go out and get either one of his solo cd's or a SYL CD...

      Why do people in Australia use the term 'douche'? I mean, not that I've been looking, but I've never even seen a douche for sale anywhere in Australia?

      As far as I'm aware, women in Aus simply don't use them?

      And anyway, wouldn't it kind of be a hetrosexual compliment? Like "you're so good at giving vaginal enimas" or something?


        A compliment...

        Ask some females, see what they think...

        I don't see why it matters that Australia doesn't have douche's as such.

        The power of the word lies in its implication, not origin.

        Also, the term 'Douche' is shortened from "Douche Bag", which is, of course, the bad that collects the resulting fluids, which is far from pleasant.

        That being said, it makes me wonder why people don't ever get called "catheter bags"

          Your a catheter bag!

            Yeah, well your face is a hazardous waste bin, boy-o!

              That would prolly be all that hazardous waste I've been eatin'...

          Wait, isn't the douche bag the bag that holds the contents that gets shot up the watzit?

          Incidentally, did you know that a large contributor to yeast infections is because the ladies clean themselves out? It flushes out all the bacteria that usually eats the yeasty goodness...

          you know... just so you know...
          I think I'll stop talking about this now...

            This gave me to go to google images, turn off safe search, search "yeast infections", avert my gaze and post the link here for everyone to enjoy...

            Luckily my common sense intervened...

        wait, what?

        I know "douche" from South Park, it's used as an insult extensively on that show. I imagine that at least helped spread it.

        I've seen them in some pharmacies.

      I'm worried. Is douche like an orange? As in, I can't think of anything that rhymes with douche!? argh! help!

        The Mighty Boosh?

          Ha, my daughter said the exact same thing, I told her thats not allowed as its a namey thingy. :P

    First off welcome back all. Hope your weekend was good. Mine was. (this is what Ambrose was talking about)

    I made top 100 in trials HD. I actually got 98th globally out of dome 1.4m users. Still 3rd in Aus but Second place is 92nd so now I have a shot at it. Been working at this on and off for 6 months and the closest I got was 119th.

    Also I know no cool people like gamerscore but I cracked 20k this weekend also.

    Good weekend all round if you forget I've slept on the couch for the past week because my 2yo has taken my place I'm bed and ive not had much sleep.

      Nice work, I choose to believe that it's the MBA that's giving you your powers of insane hand co-ordination, thus allowing real life things to improve your gaming.

      Uhh, where was I? Oh yeah, that's seriously awesome, I'm happy that I managed to finish a single one of the extreme levels.

      (And nice work with the Gamerscore/e-peen, since cool people don't care, I guess it's okay that I do)

      Mate, that's awesome!

      Also, if TV has taught me anything, you should put your two year old on a coathanger and put him in the closet, he'll have the most restful sleep he has ever had and so will you!

      You are one mighty man! Are you in contact with the other guys in Aus above you? If so, lets raid there house and steal their 360's! mwhahahah!

        First place is Aussie is 18th globally. I speak to him a bit. 2nd place I'm friends with but haven't spoken. The undisputed legend of this game is also from Melb so ausssies do ok! No need to get them. We should focus on robbing guys from other countries. Lol.

    ***Minecraft server update***
    Ok. I have a server. I have server side software installed. I have an ip address and port number. I have no problems connecting to other public servers. My connection is seen on the server but the game tomes out each time.

    I have had 3 people try it with no luck.

    Anyone with minecraft server experience please let me know. We are close.

      does it timeout on connection, or once in game?

        On connection.

        I have not got access to the server but the guys setting it up for me run a bunch of games so know what they are doing.

        On client side, you load up game, enter multiplayer menu, enter IP.IP.IP.IP:Port then select connect.

        If you change the port number or IP address, you get an instant message saying failed. When you use the correct settings, the 'connecting' screen appears for some time, like 30 sec +.

        On the server it is visible that i am attempting a connection and it looks like i am there (I am making it that far at least so we know the details are correct) but then the game fails to connect.

        We have tried using the default port 25565 and another one. We have found the setting file on the server and altered the port/left it on default settings. It just does not work.

        On the client side, we have played other multiplayer servers and have not had any issues (We assume this to indicate no port forwarding issues on client side) so what we are left to beleive is that the server is not configered correctly.

        Are there any common mistakes with MC. We got the latest version from (offical site) and followed instrructions. Not sure what we missed.

      I'm not really sure what the problem would be and I know you covered some things, but these are all I can think of:

      *Ports not forwarded properly
      *Firewall blocking external connections

      ...that being said, it seems to be a pretty common problem and I usually see the response "just try connecting a few times and eventually it'll work", so yeah... not much help, I'm afraid.

      Any idea if people can connect through something like Hamachi?

        whats Hamachi? I read this name but didnt really look into it?

          Hamachi is this wizard* little program that (basically) allows you to create a virtual network & emulate a LAN over the internet. It's quite nifty - you're unlucky if you have to reconfigure anything... and as a result, I guess that it's mostly used by people playing cracked/pirated games (LAN) who otherwise couldn't use the multiplayer. I *think* it even works with Xbox Live, if you don't lag too much...

          ...but a lot of people use it legitimately too, beyond gaming because it creates a VPN. Theoretically, this means that people could play Minecraft without the dedicated server, but I don't think anyone has the upstream.

          If you wanna check it out (sorry if the links aren't that useful, I just skimmed very quickly because I thought you might be interested):

          Hamachi -
          Minecraft without server -
          Minecraft using server -
          Video -

          *After Mark and Tristan earlier today, and the latest Robot Chicken Star Wars special a couple of weeks ago, I'm bringing 'wizard' back!

      I've done Neverwinter Nights servers before, so I could help a little. One thing you gotta make sure is that all local security points in your network allows the port. So in my home network I had to open up the port both on my computer's firewall and set up a Virtual Server on my router.

      But yeah when it comes to game servers, the very first thing you check is "Is it allowed out and in your own network?"

    Gurkhas are pretty freaking hardcore.

      Holy crap... that was awesome..

      ...and hilarious..

      They really are.

      Their pipeband played with us in 2007, and they're such nice guys too... but they're dangerous.
      One of the British Cavalry guys at the base picked one of them up... just walked up behind him and put him over his shoulder. Everyone in the bar saw it... and there was this sudden cracking noise... the whole place went quiet.
      The Gurkha broke about 3 fingers on each of the cavalrymans hands, and just hopped of his shoulder and walked back to his drink.
      He was about halfway across the bar before the cavalry guy started screaming.

      The whole thing was just surreal.

      Man it is s awesome that dudes like this exist in real life. That's movie actions hero stuff right there.

    I spent my weekend putting together a computer for a customer. Doesn't sound all that exciting, but the good thing is I can put the parts from their old one in to my media centre for an upgrade! w00t!
    Apart from that, it was a busy weekend in M&M. Just wanna say a big thanks to all the guys. Not only did we fend off lots of attacks, but we exacted our revenge to the point where one of the other clans members wrote to me begging us to stop the war! mwooohahahaha! Classic stuff guys! Well done!
    Apart from that, I finally caved and bought Minecraft with littleJJ's permission! In exchange I think she's going to sub to M&M cos she's an addict now ;) Oh wells.. she deserves it I guess. She had more to do with the war planning in there than I did.

      Damn right he was begging! I would beg to if my whole army got beaten by two stacks!!!

        haha yeah that was amusing...

        I'm a little annoyed that my army was so pathetic that Olympians city just swatted me away without a fight..

        Oh well..

        I'm building up now, so lets hope i have something worthwhile soon...

        You know, maybe we should convince the other guy to join us.

        "Join us of we will continue ransacking your city"

          When did you turn to the dark side, Darth Chuloopa? Battering people into submission and forcing them to become your apprentice.

            When i discovered the Dark Side had both Cake and a damn good dental plan to go with it.

              I guess that dental plan was instituted after Malak, huh?


                I'm totally a grey-jedi fence sittin son of a gun.

                  Some of the most awesome Force-users have been or are 'grey' (or labelled so by others). Jolee Bindo, Qui-Gon Jinn, Kyle Katarn, Cade Skywalker, etc.

                Unfortunately we aren't covered for "horrble burns" any more, no thanks to Vader.

                Apparently after his mishap the insurance company decided it to be too expensive and not worth their time.

                Of course, losing his limbs didn't help either.


          You think you had it bad? Try getting your attack army wiped out from not only one stack, but they didn't lose ANY troops after steamrolling through your own?

    Dear Heat,
    I hate you, you give me headaches.
    Kindly F-Off!


    Seriously, guys, i should have been enjoying my weekend, but instead i spent most of it with a massive heat-induced migrane feeling sorry for myself.
    I couldn't even play Mass Effect because looking at the TV only made it worse...

    *grumble grumble*

    On a happier note... it's Monday..

    Wait.. that's not a happy note at all.. damn it...

    *grumble grumble*

      Whoever it was that posted on last weeks TAY informing us that the Old Spice guy was back, i freaking love you.
      That made my whole weekend.

      He's a dreamboat!

        You're welcome. i thought original ad was hilarious when i saw in states last year. Got overkilled a bit, but there are just some things you can't deny.

      /me gives you some of my special migrane pills!

      HEadaches?? Me too, this whole sit in air con all day go out to lunch and go home in the heat is ridiculous!
      Who was the smart-arse who came up with aircon?
      Makes my mild headache into a full migraine level pain!


      It's early Feb... summer was bound to hit at some point.

      One thing I can say about the heat, is that I'm working near surfers paradise beach at the moment and the view is SPECTACULAR

    So for anyone in the north eastern suburbs of melbourne, my self and a couple of friends have just started up a LAN gaming group focused on raising funds for disaster relief efforts, and other good causes.

    Our first one is still in planning, but we are aiming for mid-feb, raising money for the Queensland floods.

    If your interested, check out

    Sorry if this sounds like too much of a ad, but I’m just trying to make some noise!

    Also, I watched Lock, Stock and Two smoking Barrels for the first time on Saturday. Followed by Snatch. Both are awesome, awesome movies, but too similar. Still, they're awesome.

      OMG! Lock Stock is just supremely awesome! One of my fav movies! Partly cos Jason Statham is just awesome in everything, but all the other characters in that movie rock too! Now I wanna watch it again!! And Crank.. if you've never seen Crank, put that at the top of your list of awesome movies to watch!!

        Oh god, Crank. It's just.....

        I'm trying to think of a videogame that describes Crank. It's hilariously bad. But awesome. But stupid. But AWESOME. Should I bother watching the second one?

          Crank 2 is more of same, but worth checking if first gave you a giggle. You need to check out the Lock Stock TV series, all kinds of awesome wrapped in hour episodes!!

      They good, You see the others he did? The gypsie/boxing one and the prison/soccer one?

      Also good.

      Finally i can look down on someone for not seein ga movie i had seen 100 times, and not the other way around!!




      Lock Stock is one of my all time favorites, man it's just so brilliant how everything comes together from little pieces... Same with Snatch

      good stuff, old boy!

        I used to recite the whole Rory Breaker in the Battlecruiser speach.

      And now you must watch RocknRolla. Yet another Guy Ritchie gangster film, featuring Mark Strong, Gerard Butler, Tom Hardy, Thandie Newton and more.

        Oh yeah, we wanted to watch that, but nobody had it. We was sad. Then we had Nerf Wars. Sadness REMOVED!

      Don't forget to check out Layer Cake, too. It has a different mood to the others, but there are a couple of brutal laughs in there. The same engaging, involved plot, but a good deal darker.

    A bit of history then a question for you people:

    I don't play FPS multiplayer. I have played doom/wolfenstien back in the day, I played bioshock/2. black, PC version of the original red faction, borderlands and a few others im sure. I even played a fair bit of operation flashpoint and loved it. My issue has been that the multiplayer experience seems so shallow. I have always sucked at them so end up just getting eaten alive and spend more time watching the loading screen for a respawn than playing the game.

    Issue is that a bunch of my mates always and only play FPS online. I want to join in but just can't get myself into it. As a result, I have never even seen MW2, black ops or halo reach and this is really not an issue for me.

    BUT, last week, when battlefield 1943 was on sale for 600 points, I picked up a copy. I thought it would be a cheap entry into the FPS side of things and i could test it out.

    I am actually really enjoying it. I think i got as many as 11 kills in one match which for me is amazing. I am still not fantastic at it but i have only been playing online for a couple of days. I am however better than i thought.

    So after all that.. here is the question. have i missed the boat with the current FPS games and should i just wait for te next AAA title to come out (what is the next big game coming and when?) OR should i just get black ops now and be done with it?

    If the next big game is coming out in a couple of months i'll wait, but if you think that BO will get a thrashing for the next year i'll consider it?

    Thoughts appreciated

    Also, if anyone wants a game of BF1943 let me know.

      You haven't missed the boat - get Black Ops now and you'll be playing for ages. People till play MW2 and WAW. Black Op's is really fun for some intense fun, thought often I prefer playing Bad Company 2 as the teamwork can be heaps more enjoyable when it works.

      Get Perfect Dark on LIVE arcade...there never seemed to be anyone online when I played.

      Good game though

      Black ops will be played for a while yet. Great fun online if you just want to zone out and shoot things for a while. I do find that I get frustrated after a while from there always being one guy who finishes every game with 30-40 kills and 1 or 2 deaths. Your not sure if he's just awesome or cheating but either way it's not a lot of fun.

      Hey Fatshady
      Saw you sticking up for hip hop before, what you listening to at the moment......

        Hip Hop Horayyyyyy..... Hoooooooo.... Heyyyyyyyy

        Atm, Im actually listening to Ill Bill (check out a song called 'Society is brainwashed'). I have never really got into him previously but he is doing an Australian tour in March that I am considering going to.

        On regular repeat for me are:
        Reef the Lost Cauze
        Apaty (who is also a HUGE 360 gamer)
        Celph Titled
        Jedi Mind Tricks
        Luis Logic
        King Magnetic
        Immortal Technique
        Army of the Pharohs

        I am a 29yo white Hip Hop Fanatic. I am massively into US east coast underground stuff because thats what the cool kids say... but i have listened to it all my life. I actually become a huge groupie and it is really embarrasing.

        I managed to see an AOTP/Jedi mind Tricks show in Brooklyn a few years back and had a drink with the guys, photo with Vinnie Paz and since then I've been hooked.

        Man i hope you know what i'm talking about. If you've not heard of them (any of you reading this) go out NOW and get some.

        Now you can see why i made the comment about Strange's post. I may not know much about her musical taste but i am very passionate about mine!

        PS, see a trend here. I am very passionate about certain select things and once you got me, im a fan for life!

        How bout you, what are you listening to right now?

          Underground is an understatement. :) I consider myself extremely well versed in all things hip hop, but even i hadn't heard some of those.
          Was really into whole Psycho+logical thing for a while, but was more into the music than the content. I think necro and illbill are two of the most underappreciated producers in hip hop. Little bit more mainstream with my purchases now :
          Just got the Games "Purp and Patron" free on hiphopdx
          Apollo Kids by Ghostface is sick (looooongtime fan)
          Slaughterhouse is still getting high rotation

            Do yourself a fav and at least check out reef the lost cauze. All time fav for me. Funny talented and a real nice guy.

    Over the weekend watched Sherlock which I order from zavvi, Can't exactly remember who told me about it in TAY but thank you. Probably my second favourite tv show ever. DR who being first, Man I love steven moffat.Who is also a scot. Much like Andy Murray who lost a championship final....... again.

      He could've at least gotten one single effin' set! [sobs into another giant can of irn bru]

        At least is mum still loves him.

          damn no edit button and my poor grasp of the egrish language.

      Sherlock was fantastic. Blink remains as my favourite Doctor Who episode.

      Also. I want Sherlock's coat.

        Blink is also one of my favourites anything with those angels is awesome. I also love his coat, the only

    I spent the weekend trying to find a lag free game of Magicka to no avail. Anyone interested in a few games tonight?

    We'll make it a private host and set the password to something to be posted here.

      I was sure vlad was a vampire but then he assured me he's not


    I finished NieR on the weekend.I must say, great ending to a fantastic game.

    3 more endings to go...sweet. Lot's of fun!

      Added to folder, saw it pretty cheap somewhere on the weekend.....

        Should be, got the crap kicked out of it in reviews. Was overlooked by many.
        Appaz there was a vid on youtube of how hard the fishing segment is.

        The doosche is fishing in the wrong spot. There is a big red X where he should be and he aint.

        A Kotaku article made me aware of the amazing music which is fantastic and possibly amazing.

        I enjoy the hack and slashness of it, get a bit bored with other games.

        The bosses are some of the best Ive seen for a long time, take some lateral thinking to beat. Becomes a bit like one of those top down shooters sometimes thanks to the way the magic works.

        And finaly: it is like Zelda for grown-ups!

          LOL i had only heard about fishing.
          I think i read somewhere that we got a "watered down" version to Japanese....? Not sure..
          I gout all caught up in DragonAge over the weekend. Too a while, but wow. Can't wait for 2

    Oh, another thing.

    I have made my first Kotaku track for Trials HD. It is actually not that good, just me playing around with some ideas, but the Lotaku logo is in the game!

    If anyone has the time, go and test it out.

    to get it, go to user content>get>friends list (I have to be friends on XBL) then find a track called FatShady Kotaku.

    Feedback welcome. I have not ever got into track building but as I am about as good as I can get in this game I thought i'd make you something.

    Happy to make more if you like the idea. let me know what you think.

    **Doritos Crash Course Competition**

    Once again, Batguy is the undisputed champ of the world! I didn't put in as much time this week but my placing didnt suffer all that much.

    Batguy - 1.04.307
    Blaghman - 1.15.543
    FatShady - 1.24.432
    Tristosterone - 1.48.913
    Jimu Hsein - 3.19.989

    No-one else posted a time.

    Well, I think that concludes this comp tbh. With all the Trials HD love and the constant performances by Batguy and Blaghy, I think we call Batguy the winner and just leave it at that!

    If you guys want to keep at it, I suggest Japan Track 4 this week because there is also a cheevo for doing it under 1.40 and it is pretty tough to get.

      I'd just like to use this occasion to announce my retirement, undefeated from the world of video obstac... Oh, it's been canceled due to lack of interest :(

      It was pretty much what I was afraid of with this game - it was fun trying to shave time off a run at the first level that take 30 seconds, but not one that take 90 seconds and can be screwed up completely by a cheap paintball.

      Still the actual competition good fun for those first two weeks. Thanks guys.

      I say screw Trials HD, let's turn our competition to Super Meat Boy...

        SMB would SUCK... (only because i am soooooooooooooooooooooo bad at it). I thought that with all the similarities with Trials i'd rock... I don't! Then again I can't get away from Trials long enough to inflict this much pain on myself all over again.

        Perhaps we could run them side by side. Only issue is that when you get into it, Trials will take the whole week to get in a good time so having two comps would just kill you.

        We could do a season of Trials then a season of SMB (or if different people want different comps, then do both?

          It's OK, I'm not serious. I just wanted to keep the focus on something that I'm good at (#171 now)!

            Well your taking the focus off what im good at so stop it!!! lol.

            I truly suck at SMB.

      Man I totally forgot about this last week :0
      I was pretty busy though so I'm not surprised really. I didn't have a chance to play much in the way of games yesterday either cos I was out celebrating my g'mas 87th b'day! Go Grandma!!

      I got too into NieR this weekend. Doritos didn't even cross my mind!


    I have been thinking about a Trials HD comp for a while but not sure how to do it. We have people of very different skill levels and some who haven't played the game yet.

    Not sure what would be fair, but all I am thinking of is having a track a week and we just go at it. Not sure if we want to do a cumulative points system with a leaderboard or just a week to week competition on a single track each week... let me know what you'd think about that.

    Even if you are just starting out, this WILL make you a better rider. Just competing with people and trying to take time off your PB teaches you new things.

    This week we can focus on 'Groundhog Begins'. It is an easy track but going fast on it is not easy.

    I have a Trials HD flag that I am happy to offer up as a prize, but more of a grand prize for the overall comp rather than just a track.

    If you are keen, send me a message and post a time on GHB by Sunday 8pm (and make sure i'm on your Friends list (FatShady Live)

    We can decide how and if we want to continue it???

    BTW, I am not competing in this (just keeping times etc) BUT perhaps the flag can go to the first person that beats my times on a track. I still have the oportunity to challange by the end of the week but if you hold a better time than me on Sunday at 8pm you get the flag??? That sounds like fun!

      One problem with a Trails HD comp.

      WINNER: FatShady

      LOSER: Everyone else.

        I'm totally happy to race for second place.

          WINNER: FatShady.
          SECOND: Everyone else.
          LOSER: Mark Serrels.

          Sorry Mark, FOR I HAVE SPOKEN!


        I think you missed thepart where i said :

        "BTW, I am not competing in this"

      OK, fine. I'll remove the figurative shrinkwrap from my copy of the game tonight and give it a go.

      I better not get sore thumbs like I did after that first week of Crash Course!

      I've been thinking about running Kotaku competitions over the weekend - like a Trials HD or Super Meat Boy one. We'll post it on the Saturday morning and everyone can post their times and a pic of the screen in the comments? Best time gets a prize. Would you guys be up for doing that? We can kick it off with Trials HD this weekend?

        Are there still plans to have a regular Friday night fragfest?

        Sounds cool, but does that mean there will be a comment moderator active all weekend for prompt approvals??? Its such a lonely weekend sometimes *sniffles and hangs head*. :(

        I like it, but with the comp i was suggesting, I was not competing. If there is goodies up for grabs, I'd want in but I worry that it would therefore discourage others...

        Do i exclude myself, but miss a chance at getting something from the ONLY game i am good at, or do i just go for it and see what happens?

        I would prefer as many people as possible competing and don't wan't to discourage anyone... what to do?

        How bout this. If i compete and there is one or many riders who I am going back and forth with throughout the weekend then its a fair game. If i end up winning by 5+ seconds or something crazy, i'm out?

          If there was a regular rotation between games, I would have no issues at all with you competing - if you're good, so be it... let's just not play Trials every week so that you're always winning :P

          I almost suggested a handicap, but I think that'd be pretty stupid tbh, and I was thinking about people competing in pairs or small groups to balance it out with a mean time taken... but I think that's probably unfair to Mark/Kotaku, having 'x' number of "winners"

          So a few kinks might need to be ironed out (probably need some PS3/PC/Wii weekends too, but I won't have any of those games D: ), but yeah - totally still compete.

        This would be AWESOME! Though... maybe we should find out games that we're all mostly new to. I liked it when Explody did that for Chime, which ended up being a really fun game. I feel too far behind everyone on games like Trials and Super Meat Boy. Actually it's just me complaining about my abilities I suppose :(

      I'm game, add Jocon89 if you are not my friend already.

      Added you on live FatShady and pulled my Groundhog Begins time from a high 25 to a low 23. Not even close to platnium though but good practice.

      Anyone else wants a terrible XBL friend? Add 'sledcommando'

    Wow. Sunburn. Not cool.

    I'm hurty all over... :(

    Anyone got a cure?

      You're just going to have to man it out.

      Sun burn is just part of my every day life in the accursed country.

        Yeah man. I know what you mean, us Europeans (by blood) come from a place where the sun is like a cousin; it comes to visit occassionally and doesn't overstay its' welcome.

        I'm pretty much the pastiest guy I know. A badge of honour that I wear with pride :D

        As to the actual sunburn, it's really not THAT bad. No peeling, no scabs, just raw, red skin. It still hurts to do anything though... :(

          Mad sunburn.

            Oh wow. That's brutal! xD

            I'm not that bad. I've got about three quarters of that redness.

              Do they still sell "Nice'n'Icey"?
              That is the best sunburn treatment i know.
              Pasty Ginger Seal Of Approval

            How did that even happen!?

            I was born with Ginger hair yet a fine olive tinted complexion. I've been in Aus now for 6 years and I've never had sun burn. Ever. Also, my ginger hair slowly turned dark brown. So everything turned out okay in the end.

      Cut a tomato in half then rub it over the sunburn.

      Also, don't go out in the sun...

        I hate Aloe Vera so much. I have spent so much of my life swimming in the stuff. I hate how cold and slimy it is. I hate once you put it on you feel all sticky. Urgh.

          I was told to use it, and was planning to, until that very specific moment:
          *Shopping Aisle, wel lit, surgically clean. Two large shelves tower on either side of TAD, one side is refrigerated. TAD grabs the arm of a passing SHOP ATTENDANT.*
          TAD: Excuse me. Do you know where the "Aloe Vera" would be located?
          SHOP ATTENDANT: Yes, right behind you sir! That's an awful sunburn you've got there.
          TAD (smarmy): No, this is my natural skin colour. Are you being racist?
          SHOP ATTENDANT: Not at all sir. Which one do you want?
          *TAD takes a look at the bottles of Aloe Vera and picks up what he considers the "cheapest looking". 100 ml bottle.*
          TAD: How much is this one?
          SHOP ATTENDANT: Thirteen dollars.

          The moral of the story is:
          Aloe Vera is fracking expensive!



            Yeah - my mum-in-law somehow came into roughly 20 bottles of Aloe Vera through her work. She gave every single bottle to me.

              As a white person, there aren't many opportunities to scream "RACIST", so I take them as they appear :D
              I honestly don't think that girl understood that I was joking about the racism thing, though... xD

              Oh man. If I win another Community Kudos, can I respectfully request one of the bottles be a prize? xD

                Grow a tree in the back garden, you can snap it off and rub it straight on!


                Try owning one of those big bottles.

                No matter how pasty you're skin is, if you're single... you're going to look like a pervert.

        Does that actually work, or are you just trying to make me feel stupid after doing it? xD

          Not at all, my mum used to do it all the time.

          Ironic that when you're red all over, the only fruit that can save you is, in fact, a tomato.

        Isn't that for being skunked on by a skunk?

      I went out to the Aus. Open (Golf) in 2009... worst sunburn I've ever had - including a 3rd degree burn on the back of one of my ears. For srs... lucky I only have a small scar left over :|

      It sounds bad, but I never actually saw it for myself, so I take some comfort in imagining that Mark's sunburnt feet were more hideous :P

      That being said, I use aloe vera for burns and it helps a lot... but that's because we have plants growing in the yard, dunno how the gels'n'stuff you buy go... just whatever you do, DON'T have a hot shower <_<

        Wow. I've never had 3rd degree burns. That's insane.

        Oh dude, I tried having a hot shower yesterday. I got into the shower and promptly screamed. It's awful :(

          Sleeping is the worst. I don't envy you man. :(

            I replaced my matress with pillows, and then covered myself in baby rash powder*. I closed all the windows and murdered all the mosquitoes (about 5 of them) before laying down stiffly and awkwardly trying to relax. Needless to say, it took me about 2 hours to get to sleep :(

            *It works surprisingly well! (I don't know why we have a bottle though...)

          Argh, dude... no! D:

          When I had my bad sunburn my grandparents were trying to force me to have a hot shower, "it draws the heat out" - You're just burning your raw & delicate skin even more... :/

          And seriously, invest in an aloe vera plant one day - low maintenance and the cold, gooey sensation Mark doesn't like is awesome on burns.

          Also, apparently someone took a photo of my ear while I was sleeping - I'll have a look around for it and if it's not too graphic I'll post it up :P

        Don't know about 3rd degree burn (that's some intense stuff right there o.O), but my brother once burned so much his back turned purple...

        I try and keep out of the sun as much as possible. My dad's a ginger(ish) pommy, so the sun is not very nice to me. At least I'm not a redhead...

          I got burnt so bad I lost colour pigment on my legs... took about a year before they went back to being white.

          Moral of the story... never fall asleep on an inflatable pool thingy.

      Back in '08, my friend shaved his head. 3 days later, his head was sunburnt. He couldn't sleep, because when he lay his head down on a pillow, it'd hurt, a lot. It was pretty uncomfortable for him. I suppose I didn't help by sleeping in front of him in the train :D

      Secret medical cure that we don't let non-medical people know about (I always say we, still not sure who "we" is).

      Steroid cream.

      You can find it in pharmacies, or nick it from drug reps / hospitals (what I do), and you just put a really thin layer over the burn, and let it sit. Will clear up sunburn hella-fast.

      Trust me, I'm a doctor (Still not a doctor, and unless i manage an honourary one somehow, never will be).

    JIMUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Didn't get an email over the weekend about AC2 D:

    So, send an email to: tarkov.h *at* gmail *dot* com

    You can sign that one up to all the you like, I'll reply to you with one of my proper accounts >_>



        ...aaaaaaand replied.

        On a totally unrelated note, good lord it's hot - hit 39C at 11am.

        Too scared to look at the temperature now :/

    so school will be starting up again, and it's year 12 so i have to get serious :( so there will be a a serious dip in video game time, although i am in a video game design course at school, so i might have to do research.

    and by research i mean play monday night combat for 6 hours straight, damn that game is addictive!

      Year 12? Serious?
      Do like me and hardly ever turn up and when you do sleep or go home early.

      Leads to sweet jobs like cleaning toilets and picking up other peoples idiocy!

        Sounds like my Year 12. I failed.
        Got my shit together for Year "13", worked my ass of, got the grades to get into Uni course i wanted.
        I then thought "another 3-4 years of this, plus more if i want Masters.....Pffffft' and went and got a real job :)

          PS not bagging anyone at uni, i just meant i worked out it wasn't for me :D

            Don't you own yer own business now?

              That i do :)

          I agree completely mate.

          I got HSC but did not care about the marks one bit. I always said that there was no way i was doing uni. I actually interviewed for my first full time job during the trial exams and actually had an annual leave day to sit my last HSC exam as I was already working. (HIH Insurance btw - i'm sorry)

          I have worked full time ever since (1998 to now).

          BUT, I have my Masters also.

          I guess what i am saying is that Uni straight from school is not for everyone but if you really want it, Uni and even masters are still possible.

          Too many people think that the only way they will get a job is with a degree, but you end up with a degree and no job. I think that doing it the other way (get a job first then do Uni) will make you a much stronger person and more capable dealing with real life.

            Horses for courses. It's all about what you enjoy and what you want to have by the end of it.

          I dropped out after failing year 11... now umteen years later it's back to school to get a dimploma in commerce... the vicious cycle.

            I barely graduated Year 12, lost focus in Year 10.

            I would not reccomend that to anyone, although I'm doing okay, now.

    Holy f***balls that was an amazing cruise. Best. Week. Ever. HANDS DOWN!

    Highlights include but are most certainly not limited to: randomly bumping into and sharing an elevator with members of the bands, waiting in line to see Sonata Arctica (with my Epica shirt on) only to find I'd lined up next to the guitarist from Epica who was also waiting in line and ending up chatting for about 10 minutes until the doors opened, oh and last, but absolutely not least...Jon Schaffer(Iced Earth) and Kai Hansen(Gamma Ray and ex-Helloween) joining Blind Guardian on stage for 'Valhalla'! Most epic concert moment ever! Also extra incredible due to the fact that Kai Hansen winked at me as he politely pushed past me to get up on stage.



        You still have a week to go before you can be overtly exciting. I've seen some covert attempts to be exciting though and we are not amused. :P

        About to head back to Miami and South Beach. Maybe I should get a tattoo? :P

        Oh, and if you're ever in Florida people, don't bother with Universal Studios but don't miss Islands of Adventure either, especially Harry Potter World. So awesome.

      Achievements unlocked! Nice one Strange :D great to have you back!

      I have no idea who any of those people are but am very happy for you. Nothing like life shows and personal experience to make it memorable. Awesome.

      Sounds like an awesome cruise :)

      Welcome back to reality.

      To say i am jealous is the understatement of the century.

      The peak of my metal-hang-outs is hanging out with Frankenbok after one of their gigs and having a quick chat and photo with the lead singer from Alestorm.

      Mind you, both of those were still damn awesome!

      I was actually really depressed on the weekend due to band-related reasons.

      Came to the relisation that i couldn't afford to go to BDO (with moving and all). We were meant to be going to the adelaide one on a road-trip after the melb one sold out in 5 minutes.

      I wanted to go solely to see Rammstein. They are my favorite band ever and all i have ever wanted to do since high school was go and see rammstein live... and now that's never going to happen, as it also looks like this might be their last tour... I really hope that isn't the case, though.

      I watched a few clips of them in sydney and aukland and it only compounded my grief.... they just looked so awesome...

      But i digress, i'm glad you had a killer time. It sounds like it would hve been amazing.

      I explained to Bee where you were going but she didn't feel my enthusiasm on your behalf... haha

        Rammstien were at the BDO? How the hell did I miss that one? One of my fav bands. Saw them at the 2001 BDO and it was awesome!

        Oh well. I got my soundwave tickets. The lineup this year is the best I've seen in a long time

          Can't afford that either.. :(

          Maybe if i scrip i can go see Rob Zombie... or ill Nino... grrr i don't know..


          Would have loved to see the Queens, but they sold out SOOO quick!

      Sooooo Jealous :D
      Glad you back safe, when you back in Aus?

      Sounds pretty f**n sweet. A lot better than my week.

    *giggles* Sughly.... I'm sorry to inform you but I have increased my Chime score. I'm now 55th world best and at 7.9 million. Almost cracked the 8 :D If you like, and have to admit defeat... *evil grin* you can choose another level, I haven't even got into those other levels yet so it could be a nice change.

      Errr.....Hey there...Q-bo.....How's it going? Everything alright? Not going insane from the copious amounts of Chime being played? Seems like every time I open up Steam, it says Qumulys, in game, Chime.

      Gah! I only tried once or twice since you last told me your score. I've had my nose in books researching for my game :(

      But concede I do not! It may not be soon, but one day, I WILL beat your score. The statement has been made.

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