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    Mark - since Ask Me Stuff isn't up yet, I'm asking a question in TAY.

    How many comments would you reject in an average day? What sort of stuff gets blocked? Do you err on the side of letting stuff through, or is there a hard line that means instant rejection?

    Also, are you wearing pants?

      Honestly - not many. My usual problem is the overzealous spam filter. I've taken to checking it every now and then to make sure none of the comments have slipped through.

        This is what I read:

        "are you wearing pants?"
        "Honestly – not many"

        Laughs did ensue.

    Lol I think that facebook link needs an overhaul. I just had the chance to edit any comments I like somehow when coming into TAY this morning... but being the good cyborg that I am, I decided not to exploit it :). I can't upload screenshots on my work laptop but I'll put it up here when I get home. xD

      If we're going to put more pressure on Ben here, then I might as well add: "Do not make KotakAU look like the American site. I don't care about anyone else, but I don't like it, it's weird (there's a new design there, for those wondering)."

        Ours won't be like that. We're just tidying comments up, making things easier to read. Same format.

          Yay! I find the American version to be very awkward and difficult to navigate.

            Yeah, I'm glad we're not going to anything like that, it really seems to be the web design equivalent of a literary graduates first novel...

    Damn you minecraft!! I played for like 2 hours straight last night.. mining ever deeper came across a huge cavern and everything.. i must be miles down by now, but all I managed to find that whole time was 6 iron :0 WTF?! I think my world is borked. I have like 1000 cobblestone and gravel, fair few flints, but I'll be damned if I can find any useful resources! Grrrr!!

      Lol you will, I don't carry all my stone, I leave them all in this small pit in my shelter. I think I've dropped over 500 cobblestone into that pit already, it helps leave space in my inventory for other things like the resources I pick up.

      If you can't find anything, just go to another random location and begin again, leave all your stone somewhere if you need to use them later, no need to waste inventory carrying it. Remember the minecraft world is HUGE! You just had bad luck finding a bad spot ;)

        hah yeah I actually had a crap load of wood, so i've been making little boxes and workbenches all the way down so I could store the cobblestone and make new pickaxes.. i must have filled 5 boxes so far! bloody annoying!!! :0 When I found that massive cavern last night I thought for sure I would find at least 1 block of something different, but the only thing different I found in the whole expanse, was 4 squares of lava oozing out of a wall :0 ARRRGH!

          Yeah I found a lot of enemies in my cavern, where my iron sword really came in handy. I found quite a few resources while combing the caverns, but I made a silly mistake thinking that the mossy rocks could be made into something so I was harvesting that stuff, boy was I wrong xD. DERP!!

          I found this tip useful. Ding a shaft all the way to the bed rock (undiggable stuff) if you clear out around the bedrock, you will see it covers 5 layers. After the 5th layer, you will get no more bedrock. Now, go back up 5 more blocks, so you will be 10 blocks from the lowest bedrock layer. Now, dig my boy horizontally. Just a long 2 high 1 wide corridor. Its at this level that you will find the most diamonds (really, they are around layer 5 to 15, but 10 is nicely in between). If you keep going, you will find shit loads of iron along the way. Forget about stone pick axes, they take far to long and wear out too quick. You'll find more than enough iron to keep going. I used that tip, and now I'm like Paul Simon, with diamonds on the souls of my shoes. :D

        To get rid of a over storage issue of cobblestone, i made a garbage disposal unit.

        Get about 10 cobblestone, 3 steel ingots (to make a bucket) and then find some lava. get the lava in the bucket, take it back to your base and make a small hole. Make sure you surround it in cobblestone and be sure to block it off so you can;t walk into it, then throw all unwanted dirt/cobblestone etc into it with 'Q'. They are gone for good!

      Give me the cobblestone, me and my friends are tryIing to make a skyscraper without cheating :D

        I got to 52 stories before Minecraft refused to allow me to go further.

          How about digging a crater down to bedrock then building the tower up from there?
          For an extra challenge, do it underwater.

    Holy epic rain homecoming, Brisbane!

    Had to walk the kid to school but couldn't find my raincoat (I can't use an umbrella because it's hard enough to keep the pram on the deathtrap they're trying to pass off as a footpath with two hands, let alone one). Looked outside and it was only slighly overcast so I figured I'd be fine. Ha!
    By the time I got outside it had started sprinkling, by the time I got home I was a caught in a downpour so huge my feet were aquaplaning and if I didn't have the pram to hold onto I would have sailed away down the hill.

    Man, I really wish I hadn't bothered doing my hair this morning. :P

      lol poor strange.. it really is bucketing down atm.. i'm loving it though! It's been too hot for my liking the past few days.. err week... I guess being lucky enough to drive everywhere helps me not care about the rain too much though!

        Until your roads turn into rivers like ones around my place did xD.


    I'm 28 and I just got my Leaner Permit!


    Also, I missed yesterday so I have annoyingly gone back and commented on yesterday's ...comments.

    Choice Picks:

    Shane: FFXIII
    Batguy: Baybee
    Mark Serrels: Baybee

    and Strange:
    I welcome you back and I make a redundant comment about Final Fantasy 12!

    Also I'd just like to say hello to everyone, except you. You've always given me the willies. You know who you are!

      That should read Learner.
      I have permission to drive ...not lose weight!

        its almost as hard in Australia as it is in America to get a permit for weight lose

        Congrats on your permissions to lean, er, Learn.
        Hmm, I wonder how Mr. SmallMod's lesson went yesterday.

      You called me "dood"!!
      Actually that reminds about walking past a park in Miami where shirtless mans were playing a ballgame of some description and one guy was all " Doood! You're so stooopid!" at his team-mate. It really reminded me oh yeah, that's right, I'm in a different country where they say things in funny accents. One of the most American things I saw.

      Also, if you think 13 played by itself you're not doing it right....

        I get dood from my pals the Prinnies. Can't stand the grind of Disgaea, but I got all the way to the last boss in the Prinny platformer and couldn't suss how to beat him. My PSP is sadly disfigured now. Just looking at it's poor face gives me a headache...

        I mustn't be playing 13 right or I'd be tolerating it too?

          SERIUSLY, Strange! Tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'd love to love that game!

            If I had to guess I'd say it was your frame of mind. You'd waited so long and had high hopes and it wasn't what you expected therefore it's ruined for you.
            On the other hand, I thought 12 was a pointless, soul-less disappointment so the only way for me to go was up.

              I'm hoping to go back in a few months and at least finish off that last bit of story. Hopefully before XIII-2 hits.

              Did you ever play Vagrant Story or any of the Tactics games?

                Love love LOVE Vagrant Story. One of my favourite games ever.
                Tried FF Tactics Advance and really wanted to continue but the gameplay is not my thing. I suck at being overtly strategic.

                  But not 12...interesting.

                  I thought it was the same kinda stuff but worked into closer to classic FF gameplay.

                  I really loved the music and character designs. Vaan was a total waste of space. They should have just gone with the original idea and made Basche the main (even though just like Yuna in X, Ashe was clearly the most important!).

      Calling me creepy is fair, I admit, but if I'm that weird, why didn't you tell me before now? :P


          "Also I’d just like to say hello to everyone, except you. You’ve always given me the willies. You know who you are!"

          I was just being silly, don't worry.

            I am VERY worried...
            How did you know??

              This one time I saw him peeping through one of your windows while I was in a tree with a great view of the inside of your bathroom.
              What a weirdo.

                Yeah, I had to go with a sub-par lurking spot, the best one had been taken by some raving, alcoholic bum.

                Oh, right, yeah, that explains a lot. (I kid)

                I remember that was my form?

                  Not bad, overall you were slightly above average, but that midshow highlight? Wow, I was impressed.

      Contrats on the L's.

      I got my L's and my P's the first day I could becasue at the time I lived in the country and had to rely on my parents to get around.

      You and me both on missing yesterday. Think I got my comments in before you though so I know at least one person is likley to have read them

      speaking of reading peoples stuff:
      If I want to send in a potential artice for something like "Let off some steam" how do I do that?

      The "Tip You're Editors" link?

    Dear Tech Knight

    Sorry for starting a new topic but wanted to make sure it was not missed. I tried the port forwarding URL that you gave me last night and the results were interesting.

    I tried my IP address (dynamic supplied by ISP) and i did a scan on commonly opened ports and it only showed up 80 and one other one. I tried to port forward (using my Belkin Playmax modem/router) but with no luck. I could not get 25565 to open up.

    Then i tried on the server. again, there were a few other ports open there but not 25565. Now i am not sure how to port forward on the server side so could not make changes here but...

    here is the interesting part. The server is used for PC gaming and there are multiple servers running atm. We found one of the ports for that game and tested it and it was closed also.

    I don't really understaand this whole thing so wondering if you have any more advice, either on port forwarding so my router opens it up???

    Any help is appreciated.

    And @ welbot, yeah still trying to sort it out mate.

      Yeah that link I never actually used myself, found that on the minecraft wiki. If it's showing data which doesn't make sense then just drop it and just go for trial and error testing.

      What I always do is make 2 entries in the "Virtual Server" menu (I'm assuming that's where you did yours), one for TCP and one for UDP, just in case, both having 25565 (On internal and external ports just FYI). I've got a Belkin Barricade router at home so it should be similar, either under "Firewall" or "Security" depending on your model.

      For the server side you just need to make sure it's allowed through the software firewall (if there is one), which you should be easily able to add rules like the router in the firewall settings, TCP and UDP port 25565 allow in both directions. I do that on my PC from my Trend Micro firewall. No need for any port forwarding on the servers. That's the router's job since it's your gatekeeper to the internet.

      Unfortunately I can't do remote assistance through Kotaku :P otherwise I'd jump in and check it out myself. I can however set my router up in a mock setup and post screenshots to you which you could use as a guide, just so you know for sure what you should have in terms of Minecraft.

        I have team viewer 6 installed (awesome app btw) so if you want to drop me a line on 'claimsboy [at] hotmail [dot] com' then i would be happy to have you lend a hand.

        I did set up the virtual server to the correct port, I know my PC's internal IP address (this is located in the router) and i set the TCP/UDP thingy to 'both' to cover it all??? Not sure what else i am doing wrong.

        If you are OK to help, then also install teamspeak3 as this is what we will be using for chat when the server is up and running so i can get you set up on that also.

        let me know when you'd be free. I can't do anything before 8-9pm dur to having a 2yo monster so if after that is cool one night this week let me know.

        My main issue is that i need a reliable way to test that it is working. I will leave the server running so we can test.

        @The Cracks, yeah, I got the internal IP fine but thanks anyway. I did try the DMZ thing but that didn't seem to do anything.

          Sure I can do that, I'm on sdcdragonman (at) hotmail (dot) com. So you'll most likely hear from me after I get home tonight, around 7pm I think.

          Yep, good you're using the internal IP address and you got the protocols right. I just use both cuz all games would behave differently in terms of communications from server to client. This way all your ends are covered.

          There's a teamspeak 3? Cripes I'm really out of touch, gotta get that then. I mainly used Ventrillo/Steam for voice convos. I'm usually up until 11pm-12am latest every night anyway, cyborgs like me don't need much sleep :P.

          Yeah true, just trying from minecraft on PC to server isn't good to help troubleshooting very much, it either works or it doesn't, won't tell you why it doesn't.

          I'll probably need to make sure I know what's set up in this guy's networking. Not to worry, we can speak about that tonight.

            While trying to help me last night, my mate turned off the server! happy to have a chat tonight but it may not be up and running yet. Just letting you know. But if we can sort out my PC to forward to 25565 then we are OK.

              I'll actually try to set up my own too while I'm at it tonight and you could give mine a whirl, if it comes down to it. I'll be making it anyway cuz I wanna see for myself how it works. It's not gonna stay though, I don't keep my computers on overnight unless d/ling, still living with parents, they don't like that lol.

                yeah i think that would help, just so you can see the server side of it. In saying that though, it is only really one server properties file that has anything in it, but it would be good to at least make a connection.

                Will talk tonight.

      Have you made sure that you are forwarding the ports to the correct local IP? If you need to check your computers local address, bring up command prompt (assuming you are running Windows) and type ipconfig (this should show you your local IP).

      Also, check to see whether the ports needed are TCP or UDP, and make sure that the inbound and outbound port numbers are the same (unless otherwise specified).

      It's also possible that you might have to establish a DMZ to bypass NAT restrictions, if it turns out that that is the problem.

      if you need help with port forwarding, I can help you. Specially if you can get me remote access to the machine or something. Else, a realtime chat app and I can walk you through it if you like.

    I just found out I won Kotaku-DOS...

      LOL :D
      Like i said, on the one day you go home early!

      wow! that took a while!! :0 Although I already congratulated you on Friday, I guess it's appropriate to say it again since you've only just caught up ;) So.. Congratulations sire!! It's about time you got it ;)

    Fellow M&Mers, I can longer hold in my rage, a heinous crime has been committed. While simply building up my town, working on the production of it, disaster struck. I was pillaged by a terrible foe. This Stripple will rue the day they decided to mess with Blaggylaggy. The creatures of Blagdom prepare for war, we will not allow unprovoked actions such as this. Now, who will join me in my march for conquest (dunno if I should actually attack, I just felt like being dramatic).

      Did this happen last week? If so, I'd hold off on the attack for now cos he's apparently been dealt with from the Olympians boss. His pillage apparently went through before the discussions of peace began.

        Looks like he is just on his way back now...

        He could've ordered to have the siege I broke on Bronzey's city pulled out. I was forced to fight them off, and this was while the peace talks were going down. This was done by the same guy.

          mm yer.. JJ just told me it happened today.. so I guess they have no grounds for complaint if you want to pillage them in return ;) So much for their wanting peace! Give em hell guys!

            Just target Stripple, show him what happens to Rebel scum!

      I did some checking last night and O has setup some powerful Allies....

    Well, I've finally done it. I've jumped of the ship of sanity. I am becoming an indie game maker...
    And I have one quarter completed game available to download. I call it Asteroid Evaders!. It's a two player game like asteroids, except you avoid the asteroids instead of shooting them.
    I have an IndieDB page for the game
    The proper download isn't authorized yet though, don't download the version on the website. You can get the recent version here
    No, it's not a virus riddled piece of spammy software... :P
    I'm going to be adding some more features to it, like a points system, single player mode, the ability to choose which ship you want to play as, and an online leaderboard if I can find out how to do that.
    Anyway, enjoy :D

      Evidently my game is ranked 210 out of 3,110 on IndieDB.
      I'm not entirely sure what that means, but it sounds good...
      BTW you can now get the recent version straight from IndieDB :D

    I'm always impressed when a character unexpectedly breaks into song, but when my favourite (Harley Quinn) does it....

    i then found out it was an old song
    everyone that was showing loving for 1950's women should watch this :D

    I found this out via dvd commentary,and as only true geeks watch these, my question today is
    "What has been the best dvd commentary you have watched and why"

    Jay and Silent Bob strike back is hilarious
    The Mighty Boosh is funny because they get more and more drunk.

      Can remember almost none of it (which means I should go and watch it again), but my favourite commentary so far would be Serenity.

      Don't think Ive done the commentary...none of the DVDs I have ever bought seemed to contain one...

      I do always watch those making of featureettes.

      My fave would be the ridiculously long Spirited Away behind the scenes that includes the dircter making 2 min noodles which is very important.

      I was also shocked to see that Satoshi Kon was a smoker... don't know why(no Im not mixing up directors I just posted about two random DVDs ).

      The Usual Suspects.

      Sometimes... I watch it just for the commentary.

    I went to EB after lunch today, and they're offering some trade-in deals for the Nintendo 3DS, including one for the old DS and one for an iPod touch.

    Additionally, Mark:
    What is the liklihood we'll get a competition to win a 3DS? I'm desperate for one, but am not so keen for the $300 price-tag...

      I love the shamelessness MadTod, but be warned, you'll have fierce competition from me, and my 100% disposable income...

      Now I've made myself feel bad about anything I win. *sigh*

        Disposable income?
        Feel bad?

        I need a 3DS, good buddy!
        I know you'll be there for me!

          Sadly I only really have money at the moment, and I lose my job on Friday, so I'll be poor after that...

            Ooooh, what happened?
            Do you have another job lined up? :(

            I hope everything turns out well, buddy! :)

              Yeah right, Madtod. You just want a free 3DS.

              Don't buy him one, buy me one!

                This is the most popular I've felt since I offered to buy a bunch of year 9's a hooker.

                That's not irresponsible, right? (just remember, I live in Canberra)

                  Is hookers legal in the Cap?
                  Year 9 isn't that young is it?

                  Guess the parents would get the shits...

              Nothing dramatic, this is just a holiday job, and funnily enough, the holidays are about to end.

              I haven't got another job set up, but given I now have a reference, in this market, how hard can it be? (Yes, I do have a pulse, and as a bonus, I can count all the way to ten, IN MY HEAD!)

              Sadly, whatever I end up with will pay me far less than this...

                Holiday job?? For you or them? I mean do you have further study...?

                  I theoretically have further studies, as I am 19, and still uni-ing it up, but whether I continue with that is a different matter.


      I'm keen. There is no way I can afford that beast or Sony's beast!


        Man, I love the beast, he's awesome (I watched Beauty and the Beast the other day, it's really pretty on Blu-Ray).

          The TV series? Like , not the cartoon?

          Also , Beast, he's a well mad Xmen!

            Ehh, no.

            The Disney musical.

            Because I am MANLY!

            (Also, Beast is a pretty awesome XMan. Now I'm imagining a Beast/Beast crossover, given Disney owns Marnel now...)

              Ahh yes, good to see Disney owning Marnel Junior High School...

              Marvel, rather.


    In a bid to show the power of cheap comic buying on eBay.
    I have just won oversized Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 and 2 Hardcovers for less than the price of shipping!


      Bendis and Lafuente for Vol 1?
      Bendis and Bagley Vol 2?
      Wow, how much for the lot?
      This is my list for collection when i arrive

      Absolute Batman: Hush
      Absolute Dark Knight
      Absolute Batman: The Long Halloween
      Crisis on Infinite Earths Absolute Edition
      Green Lantern Rebirth
      Absolute Death
      Absolute Justice
      Absolute V for Vendetta
      Superman/Batman Vol 3 Absolute Power hard or softcover
      Absolute Watchmen
      Worlds Greatest Superheroes (Paul Dini and Alex Ross) Hardcover collection

      All confirmed except for HUSH... can get it but damn it's pricey

        No no, the first Bendis and Bagley ones. Ive yet to read Lafuents run as I stopped collecting when Bagley quit.

        Like your list except for anything Alex Ross related. Mostly I don't like his style.

        Liked Marvels and Kingdom Come. KC works for me cos I feel he paints evryone old, and they were supposed to be. Marvels I like cos it was written so damn well.

        DAMN! My local once had Hush Absolute for cheap cos it had no shrinkwrap, I couldn't afford it at the time...

          Yeah, I kinda struggled reading Kingdom Come, the painting art style is just weird =\

          I wish I had Absolute Hush. All I have at the moment is Absolute Watchmen. I wish they also re-release Ennis' run on the Punisher (the series that started with Welcome Back Frank)

            Ennis run should be available in Softcover, it was released in an Omnibus which is HC but those are damn heavy and hard to read because of it (worse than Absolutes).

            I would kill to read his Punisher run, love Preacher!

          Ah i see :) So yours start from issue #14??
          Am trying to continuity right so it goes

          and then the ones you got???

          not too hot on Ross either ( to clean :D ) but more interested in the Dini stories...

            You have it back wards.

            USm started as "Ultimate Spider-Man"
            It was pencilled by Bagley, then Immonen.

            Later all the Ultimate line was rebranded as Ultimate Comics.

            So the title became Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man. That's when Lafuente started pencilling.
            Then he was joined by the female penciler(who I think is better) Bagley will be back for Death of Ultimate Spider-Man for 6 issues.

            The oversized ones I am buying contain 12 issues each...

        Have you ever read Crisis on Infinite Earths?

        I knows it's a classic and all, but I think it would have gone down a lot better had I read it in the 80s when it happened.

        It's a big mess of cameos as they try to fit in every hero that DC has ever owned and somehow make it work with the main story.

        Back in the 80s that would have been as exciting as all get out, but these days it seems like a big mess to me.

        Doesn't help that I'm a Marvel fanboy, so I don't care about Hawk and Dove even though Liefeld wants to make man love to them...

          Have only read "in theory" (long winded internet text)
          I know it's a mess, but isn't the joke that is was supposed to solve continuity problems...
          Hush is $150 plus in US.... still considering
          Have been trying not to look at Marvel, too tempting but so far
          Captain Britain Omni and Bendis Daredevil Omnis are on the list already
          And the Punisher one you and Notorious R talked bout....

            I love the Cap Brit omni, I own it of corse. That is Davis when he started at Marvel. You really get to see him grow as an artist.

            Which DD omnis? There are a few. Stick with anything written by Bendis, Mack, Brubaker or Miller and you will do fine. Miller's being old have that classic over explanation and each issue starts with a recap of DDs powers and how he got that what you did back then. But they are suprisingly mature. Part of that whole 80s thing with Sawamp Thing , Watchman and American Flagg.

          If you want more Dini, check out the Detective Comics (batman) series he wrote for a while, those are pretty good.

          He also seems to be doing a Zatanna ongoing series at the moment. Should be fun!

            Only recently "discovered" Zantanna thanks to your Tee picks and Batman TAS. Will checkout.

            If anyone else is interested in any of the books on my list, let me know. I'm getting double of most to sell on ebay when i get back, but will work out prices for Kotakuese if any of you are interested...

            don't forget to check my Youtubez links when you get home...

              I promise nothing. I get 2 hrs with the boy and then he sleeps, after that the MRS goes intarwebz caraaazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

              But we will see...

                I watch dem, dey good. Harvees is bedder.

                I also have a love of H.Q., mostly her costume. I was shocked when I found out she's a smart/dumb blonde. Wish she was more independant.

                Did you KNOW?#3
                Harley was invented in and for Batman TAS and then moved to comics because of her popularity?

                DID YOU KNOW#4
                That fat twat Kevin Smith named his daughter Harley Quinn Smith. No shit.

                  I only discoverd Harley through Batman:Arkham Asyslum (the game), learnt that voices were all from cartoon. (Blew my mind when i found out that Luke Skywalker was the Joker) Got into the cartoon, found out my favourite eps were all written by Timm and Dini, based on actual comic storylines and now i'm obsessed!
                  Knew the Harley facts, got a couple myself
                  1# Harley is actually based on Arleen Sorkin, cos she and Dini are friends
                  2# Her and Dini drove to work together and she was singing the song i posted as vocal warmup, he then wrote it into the episode.

    MAdtod, Sughly...did you guys see this?

    Sughly for the animation, MT for the Skyrim...

      Yeah, I saw it when it came out. The saddest part is that how the character reacts is exactly how I reacted!

      Man, I REALLY want Skyrim!

        It's weird, I'm not sure why I'm so excited for Skyrim, Oblivion was a glitchy mess, and I only logged 50ish hours into it, and while Fallout 3 was fun, I never finished the main story, and it only got 30-40 hours. Still, in my mind I can see myself wasting hundreds of hours on Skyrim, solely in the two weeks after it comes out...

          Well, it's part of a sentimental chain. Morrowind was my first real RPG, and oh god did I love it. Oblivion was a bit of a letdown, but mods made it infinitely better.

          All I know is, I won't be seen outside of my room after November 11... at least for 3 months... :D

            I played Morrowind for the first time after I'd played Oblivion, and I could never get over how clunky it felt in comparison. It was much better in many, many ways, but I just couldn't get over the controls, and the feel of combat (also, cliff racers).

          If you foloow the main path you can finish F3 in 9 hrs or something pathetic...

          I still haven't done Oblivion, keep getting sidetracked by random quests and other games.

          Has anyone played the original xbox Morrowind on a 360?
          That would be the only way I could give it a proper go.

            Can't remember ever trying it, but it apparently does work - only it has a couple of glitchy thingies.
            Do a ctrl+f for Morrowind on this page for details:


              I really wanna know if anyone has played. This page isn't that accurate compared with my experiences on KotOR 1&2, Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast, Jade Empire and Conker: Live and Reloaded.

              I have never experienced as many problems as is on the page. I think PAL version must be better or something.

                I played it for a few hours or so on my 360 and had no problems. Have no idea how well it would work if you were going to invest the megatonne of time required to complete it though.

      Haha! So good!

        Follow the link through, brudda. He's quite the animator. I watched the Saturday Morning Watchman it is dead on.

        I think that's exactly whet Alan Moore thinks of the Watchman movie.

    Been playing dragon age for a couple of days now.. how far in does it start to become more.. gamey and less movie-ish :| I mean... I love an rpg with lots of dialogue and stuff, but this seems to be dragging on something feirce.. I've just reached the village after leaving the wilds, and so far it seems like there's more dialogue than action. Does it ramp up soon or is it gonna go on like this for a while longer yet?

      You've pretty much reached the end of the intro part.

      Now, the real game starts (pity I sucked at it)!

      Thankfully you still have... dozens and dozens of hours of gameplay left :/ By the time I finished Origins and all the DLC my play time was up to something around 200 hours. Guh.

      It will ramp up soon, although there's always a lot of cinematics and dialogue.

      I love the talky bits, they're the best parts of Bioware games. Playing the Dialogue? Genius!!!

      But yeah the game gets more gamey and free after that town.

      I'm at the same stage, and was starting to wonder the same thing. I went through six different characters before settling on what i wanted, got a bit caught up in all the openeing stories.

        Theres acheivements for doing each intro, so it's not a total waste.

        I love that they did that. I'm hoping that the new (very ME) direction they are taking with part 2 works out to be as fun.

          I don't mind the story being more direct, i just hope they don't rollback the skill trees and weapon sets like ME2. What race/class/origin did you finish on Jimu?

            first time was a City Elf fem Rogue fence sitter
            Then I started a mage human goody
            then a warrior human baddy.

            I have played through all the origins now.
            Wish I made my mage an elf.
            Wish I made my warrior a Dwarf.
            One day I will do a dwarf play through.

            I had most fun as the arcane warrior.

              I originally settled a goody two shoes elf mage.
              Then i met Morrigan.
              I'm now an evil human mage with bad ass face tats!
              Medieval Pimpn'!!!
              Dwarven Warrior is my next choice..

                In my evil Human warrior game I shagged Morrigan then dumped her for the elf.


                  That started out a bit tacky but actually had some depth towards the end.

    I have it on very good authority that Team Bondi (L.A. Noire) were chilling out at Pure Platinum in Sydney last night and throwing a fair bit of money around.

    Apparently they're very nice guys. I just thought it was kind of funny when I heard about it. Though I always got the impression that game devs were supposed to be underpaid.

    **Minecraft Server Update**

    Hi all. First off a big thanks to Tech Knight for helping last night. We were able to get the server running for the first time last night. I played on it for a couple of hours... BUT, unfortunately, it is far from being ready for you all to join in. It is very buggy/laggy/crap and at this point, not really enjoyable.

    I will investigate some of the error messages i've been getting and see what if anything can be done.

    So the short story is that there is still no server but we will let you know as soon as it is stable enough to play on.

    Now that we have it running i am more keen than ever to get this working. I am assuming that it will be a world with no conflict, however after i opened the door to our house and let a monster in i think Tech will want revenge! Sorry again! My bad.

      Awesome!! I can't wait to be part of it, I already have a project in mind, which will require donations of cobble. Hopefully some nutter wont come in and destroy it.... Perhaps all those who are let in to the server must oblige to rules of no destruction/bad-assedness? Anyways, great to hear some progress is being made. Also, welbot has offered his services for helping you guys out if you missed it. He's pretty talented in the server side things. :D

        I think griefing is really only an issue when you have a massive community that comes and goes frequently, without anyone to keep track of each other.
        I don't recall how many of us have expressed interest in going on FatShady's server, but I don't think it was any more than a dozen. It's an easily managed number of people, and we each know each other so we can't hide under the guise of anonymity and wreck other people's stuff and pretend we didn't do it. We respect each other enough not to. Because we're pretty awesome like that. :D

      Lol nah, I didn't die, but I did take a lot of damage from that zombie. I pulled a true Kingdom Hearts Sora and kicked it's arse with a wooden sword xD. I just need to get some pork and some cobblestone, cook it up and replenish my health. I don't take vengeance UNLESS you decide to blow up what I build or actually kill me, cuz when you do that, IT'S ON! :P

      @ Qumulys: I agree 100%, FatShady was talking to me last night about limiting the number of players to around 5 after we get the lag issues sorted out, then slowly expand from there. 100% Kotaku players as well on this server only, making sure it's people we know and trust. One definite rule I would enforce on top of no griefing/destruction of other people's property, if a creeper was going after you, it blew up and damaged somebody else's creation (Or if you used TNT and caused unintentional collateral damage), it'll be your responsibility to fix it, or at the very least, leave lots of resources behind at the site as a compensation payment, saves them the trouble of getting all the resources again to rebuild. BUT, if it's a shelter, 100% enforced, REBUILD THE EXTERIOR.

      Welbot I dunno if you could assist on lag issues for a game server but any insight would help a lot. I could only think that either the bandwidth is maxing out somewhere in their network, or bandwidth allocation from the router or server was inadequate. Could also be possibility of since other game servers run on that already, and assuming it had a lot of players in at the time was too much to spare the resources for the minecraft server

        got any idea what kind of router the server is running behind?

          Well I got told it was a Belkin brand but I didn't get the model from those guys.

          nope, i can try and ask. is there any speedtest type things we can do on that particular port/IP to get a baseline and compare it against the other server games?

      I am keeping tabs on this :) I wanna play now, but every time I start up a solo world I feel like it's a 'waste' cause I have no one to share it with. Man MMOs really screw with how you appreciate gaming.

        I've never played an MMO (due to life existing elsewhere) but i actually now feel the same.

        It is such a good game for doing what you want, but you need to show it off huh?

        I made a rollercoaster that not only drops you off at your door but opens the door for you also. I want you all to ride it with me.

        As soon as I get it working you'll know.

    Just a note to Mr Serrels sir, did you just receive an email from me which hopefully wasn't gobbled by the Allure Spam Eater 2000? Thanks mate. :)

      Got it. Hilariously it was in my junk mail.

        ROFL, I reallllllly think that junk mail folder should just be thought of as your inbox ver 2. :D


    Instead of an upcoming match making night, I say Mr Serrels buys Amnesia and we all watch him play it as he streams it live. We can all chat while he plays. wait wait wait, scratch that, we can all laugh while he cries.

    Good idea? yeah? HANDS DOWN ITS A GOOD IDEA!


      I have some dignity.


        Peer Pressure! Peer Pressure! Peer Pressure! Peer Pressure! Peer Pressure! Peer Pressure! Peer Pressure! Peer Pressure!

        Is this working yet?

          Actually - Im supposed to do something stupid for not guessing the 3DS price correctly. Maybe this can be it!

            Come on! it would be amazing, if you had a mic rigged up and the kotaku community was all watching, pressure pressure.

            have you played it yet? at least gotten past the first non scary bit?

            I can't remember, did you guess $500?

              I said on twitter that if the 3DS was less that $350 I would do something silly of your choosing for your amusement.

    RAGE! I've been looking to hopefully piece together a new PC mid-year with some TAX goodness. So I was very much looking forward to making a Sandy Bridge based setup. But after some research I am amazed at the greed/stupidity of Intel. :(

    My daughter is into making awesome videos and movies so I purchased her a HD (kogan....) camera a while back. Only thing was, my computer could not handle the HD format well at all. Each clip would take ages to convert into another format just to make them semi editable without the computer falling in a heap.
    So, the computer update would hopefully improve things for her editing. Sandy Bridge has its (reportably) awesome onboard HD video handling support, making HD editing a breeze. This would be great. In theory.

    As things stand unfortunately, to get the benefits of the Sandy Bridge editing support, you must used a certain type of Mobo. One which has no SLI/Crossfire support. Because, as soon as you add a dedicated graphics card, the on-chip HD video support function becomes disabled/useless!!

    So, where does this leave the direction of the Personal Computer? It seems they want me to build 2 separate systems, one for video editing and one for gaming! Is this pure greed? Bad marketing decision? Am I crazy to want my PC to be able to do more than one dedicated task?? I think it is unfair and outrageous to pay for something only to be denied its potential. :(

    Now, I am unwilling to buy 2 systems, and feel quite angry at this decision by Intel making me not want to purchase even one. >-(

    What are everyone elses thoughts on this? Am I unfairly upset?

      I'd say it's justified disquiet, however, my recommendation stands at getting the cpu you want, and the gpu you want. If you get an nvidia, the CUDA technology should allow for better HD video stuff than whatever intels option is, so I wouldn't really worry about that (ATI/AMD have a similar thing to CUDA, right?). So, so long as whatever program you're using can utilise that tech (I'm honestly not exactly sure how it works, so I may be completely wrong), you should get improved performance with just a single pc.

      I'm pretty sure that Intel are recalling the Sandy Bridge chipsets due to this type of issue.

        I'm reading it as the recall is more to do with the chipsets, not the cpu itself. The chipset is unable to support sata ports 3 onwards properly. Hopefully though the revised chipsets will also allow both the onboard cpu hd decoding, and the grfx card use as well.

        I'm confused, grrr why must they make new chips so confusing! call them new chip 1, new chip 2 etc. There's so many levels and models its bonkers!

      Oh dammit! That really sucks. I too was going to build myself a new computater, but I figured I'd just wait until middle of the year holidays to do so, seeing as they've gone and recalled Sandy Bridge. If that's true what you're saying, that's just stupid and annoying.

        I'll probably be building a new pc, I decided "bugger Sandy Bridge" so I'll probably just get a normal i7. They're bound to have had a little price drop since Sandy Bridge was announced.

          I've been running an i7 for ages now, and I have to say that I haven't been able to throw anything at it that's made it choke yet. I really haven't read as much on the sandy bridge as i could have, but really I don't see the fuss.. the i3 and i5 chips have gpu stuff built in the same as what q-bo was talking about. If you use the right mobo, you can gain massive advantages over a standard onboard chipset, but as Blaghman pointed out, CUDA will whoop the ass of anything that will ever come out of the sandy bridge alone. Also you need to be aware, that not only do you need the right mobo to use that part of the sandy bridge range, but applications need to be specifically designed to utilise this technology aswell, so unless you get the right software, you're up shit creek anyway. You'd really be better off buying an i7 and a shit hot nvidia GPU. Also i7's have hyperthreading (if you get a 1366 socket type) and that will help a ton with all manner of things.

            Hmmm interesting to know :D I guess the i7's will also be much cheaper then as well!
            The reports I read on SB had said they were well surprised by the hd editing performance, a massive step beyond what is in the current range. I guess it could make for some very cheap pc's down the track, but I doubt you'd be able to play anything beyond Plants vs Zombies on them. I don't know, this whole direction they've taken seems wasteful in so many ways...
            *scratches head

    Word of warning to anyone considering a Steam purchase of Test Drive Unlimited 2. Its a whopppping 15 GB download! :O Also, the day 1 DLC which is included in other places is not included in the Steam purchase. :/ Hopefully it wont cost too much more down the track. Also, day 1 DLC just seems like a removed part of the game purely for the purpose of profit. I know this is what keeps game companies going, but at least wait a month before releasing the DLC to make it look like an after sales added extra...

    Urgh, I have my whingies on today. Must make more coffee.

    I'm sure by now everyone has seen the star wars superbowl commercial, and if not

    I saw the little kid being interviewed with his OTT stage mum on NBC. He is six and had never and still hasn't seen Star Wars. Now i'm no lawyer but i'm sure thats child abuse!! :D

      That's a crime against humanity! Children these days...

      That ad was hilarious, though.

      I had a mate in Highschool whos mum was shocked when she realised she never showed him Dark Crystal.

        That's almost just as bad. All my friends with kids i've bought them the Labrynth/Dark Crystal double pack. Feel bad posting youtube links so maybe you can see these

        Considering going to this

          I have never watched this "Dark Crystal" movie...

          I must remedy this as immediately as possible!

            Ok Mr Disposable Income with lots of free time coming up
            YOU NEED TO BUY THIS

            Or this

            The second one is $12.66 including postage!!!!!
            Just got one for myself, everyone with munchkins needs this.

              I have no way to buy things over the intarwebz...

              Also, I have Labyrinth, I would never miss a chance to watch David Bowie, so I'm not so sure about getting a 2 movie version.

              I shall, however, keep this all in mind.

                No intarwebz buyinz?


                That's where all the good cheap stuff is!


                  Yeah, I sometimes just use my friend's debit card, and pay him back in cash, but he's been close to broke lately, so if I needed anything, I'd have to go through... My father!

              I can't sit through Dark Crystal anymore...just drags on and on. Loved it as a kid.

              Labrynth on the other hand ...I can't stop laughing at Bowies ridiculous Hair and pants.

              Whats with the Comic link...I dont understand?

                It's for a convention/sale.
                Will probably check it out.

                LOL at Bowies pants

                  Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Bowie's Area!

                  I stil haven't seen "The Man who feel to Earth"

          Yeah, I loved both those movies growing up but now I can't watch either of them. I think with Labyrinth it's because it's so much a product of the 80s.

          One fantasy movie from way back when that actually doesn't age too badly is Willow though.

            I love Willow, such a good film, got it from my uncle a few years back.

            And yes, Labyrinth has aged, and it's a product of its time, but it is also AWESOME! We crazy teenagers love it (my friends and I are weird). I spend a lot of my time running around singing Magic Dance(not really a lot, but, a moderate amount).

              +1 for Willow too. I put my kids onto the whole Labyrinth/Dark crystal thing when they were little and they still love it too. But they just didn't get the awesome that was The Goonies... *sigh*

                I've never been able to sit through goonies, my freinds swear by it.

                You know what's an 80s classic?

                The Lost Boys!!!

                  What? I don't understand. You don't like the Goonies?

                  Does not compute.

    Who here likes cheese?

    Man cheese is grate.

      Yeah, I like cheese.

      You know what goes great with cheese though? Playing Mortal Kombat, and when I play MK I like to listen to Nordic religious songs.

      Really, there's nothing better to hear in MK than a Finnish Hymn.


      This is how I read that...mancheese is grate. !

        I'm Colonel Sanders and this is my fav comment on the TAY.

      Where's the cheese?

      Oh and just because NSFW

      and one more NSFW

      I loves me cheese! I always try different ones whenever I can! Always watched that Cheese Slices show on ABC with Will Studd cos I just love finding out about the different types and ways of making them. Currently I'm addicted to a Dutch cheese called Maasdam. It's sooooo nice! It's kind of like swiss cheese.. a little sweet, a little nutty.. and omg.. melted on toasted sandwiches.. HEAVEN!

    Big W has the 3DS on preorder for $348
    You get the 3DS, a starter kit and either Rayman 3DS or Ghost Recon Shadow Wars 3D
    Consoles in Blue or Black. Free delivery!!

    Tempting..... :D

      I prefer discounts than free games I won't play...but good find!

        But you can trade it for $3 credit at EB or JB!!!! :D

        Sadly, none of the others I can find are offering discounts, the Big W one is the only one with a game at that price, even if you won't play it. Although, some of the retailers (Eg Dick Smith) are yet to update with information on the price.

      $350 is too much. Way too much. If I don't win one in a competition, I've resigned myself not to get one...

      I know I'm sounding like a spoilt brat, but Uni students aren't made of money...

        Methinks if Kotakau were to have a 3ds competition, there would be fierce, fierce, competition.

        I may not /need/ any of the money I earn, but I'll be damned if I don't really like it!

      JB HI-FI also have it for $348, but sadly it comes with no games/accessories.


    What does this even mean?
    and makes shortys drop drawers!!!"

    Also remember that episode of The Simpsons when we found out Homer writes letters to movies? "Dear Diehard..."
    I have done something similar to Mark in Ask me Stuff.

    I am laughing much more than my feeble joke deserves!

      It was a hip hop reference. Your moves drop jaws ( in obvious preparation to receive...) and they remove their pants to....

      And i added to your Ask Me Stuff post...
      Also +1 for FNM lyrics :)

        Good, good.

        Wasn't sure if anyone realised what I was doing.
        I added those quotation marks in an effort to help people realise I wasn't just blathering.

    So Cliff Bleszinski said on Twitter "I'd comment on that Kotaku Kinect rumor that just hit, but I can't find the article in their new confounding layout. Oh well!"

    Told him to come leave a comment on Kotaku Australia. Hanging out to see if he does or not...

      Woah! Just had a look at the US site to see what you meant...haven't been there for months and months. I'm so glad I just stick around here now, that layout is migraine-inducing. I gave up trying to figure it out. I'd be surprised if any new readers of the site bothered to try and find anything, it would be way easier to just go somewhere else. Whoever approved that needs to be fired.

      Also, the Gears/Kinect story was actually linked right there on the front page though. :P

      I wonder if he was shirtless as he tweeted that?

      Whatever the case, I am sitting here in anticipation.

      nice one!

      Lets see if he does? I'm gonna bug him also!. Lets see if we can do this thing!!!!

      Excuse me Ma'm,

      Is Kotaku AU changing to that format in the near future?

        I'm sure Mark tweeted that it was NOT changing to 'that' format. I have not seen it but recall reading this earlier?

          We're def not changing to that format. We have our own redesign in the works - but we're keeping the blog format, just tidying up comments for you guys and some other visual stuff. Ben White's working on it - he sometimes posts here. I can get him in here to expand a bit if you guys are interested?

            Good, I know you guys will do an awesome job, giving the au community something tailor made for us.

            Also also also, Mark, should check out some trails HD times ive posted ie 2nd level on medium.

      Did Mark call you an overzealous spam filter at the top of this page? :P

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