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    With the clusterfrakk Gawker is right now, I have decided to give Kotaku AU a second chance after roughly two years. That is all.


    After seeing the love for Trials that you spread throughout TAY most weeks, I decided to give some of the harder tracks in Trials that I couldn't complete another go.

    I've now managed to get up to "Goin' Up!" in Extreme, and for the life of me I can't get past a certain part. It's from the checkpoint just after you make a backwards jump by bouncing against a wall on the right and then rolling down a ramp on the left. You have to make it up a staggered box ramp on the right, but the problem is that the 2nd, higher box sits in a way that your back wheel hits it, making it nearly impossible to make it up onto the surface it provides. You can see the previous section I was talking about, and then the section I'm having issues with, at this link:

    Now every YouTube guide I've found basically says "do the flick jump thing until you don't f*ck up", which really doesn't help me anywhere near as much as they think it does. I've been at this for a ridiculous amount of time now, and it's driving me insane!

    Help me, Fatshady. You're my only hope!

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