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    Will you be my Valentine?


      ...I had no idea it was Valentine's Day until I read this comment...

    Sorry! An hour late with this. Much retardation.

    In other news. This is the first weekend in recent memory that I didn't get sunburnt. Baby steps people. Baby steps. Maybe I can function in this country after all.

    What di you guys get up to this weekend?

      After clearing out the cobwebs from the lawnmower and removing a wasp nest from inside my gardening gloves... I played an awesome game of gardening! Mowing the empty block and digging a new veggie garden. Also, I saw that tweet about the 3DS pre-order with dick smiths and the blood ran to my head. Looks like I'm an early adopter now.

      I read finished reading Planetary.

      It was madgood, mad.

    Hey Mark, made this just for you

      haha that's great, mate.

      On a side note, i'm sorry i haven't finished you kotaku wars shirt yet, but as said before - no internets :s
      Sorry, mate

        That's okay mate
        BTW did you see the prequel vids?

          Doh! I forgot to watch them last time, can u throw the links up again so I can check em tonight?

          you did prequels?

          Well on the plus side, any one of us could have done better than Hayden Christina

          Here you go
          Episode I

          Episode II

          and Episode III

          Jimu-Hsien: R2-D2
          Tris-Tosterone: C-3PO
          O-Bish Wan Braaaains-only: Obi Wan Kenobi
          FatShady Qum-Ul-Blaghman: Padme Amidala
          General Chuloopious: General Greivous
          BatGuy Loopwalka: Anakin Skywalker
          Count Marku: Count Dooku
          Sughly-i Moderators: Jedi Knights
          Seamuth Lord: Sith Lord
          Chancellor AmbroseIV: Chancellor Palpatine
          JamesMacUsedOurHandles: Clones
          James Mac: Jango Fett
          Strange NotoriousRay: Nute Gunray
          Jimu Jimu: Jar Jar
          ♣Tad Moderation♣: Trade Federation
          21st Century Welbot: 20th Century Fox

          Jimu J. Jarrick: Wicket W. Warrick from Episode VI

    Hey guys and gals!!
    Miss me?! I miss all of you!

    I'm still without internet and work is still pretty busy, but hopefully i'll be able to run my gob today - a few things first of all, however.

    Jimu - you would be proud of me. Well almost. I have stopped buying games!! I was clean for 3 weeks... i say was because yesterday i saw a copy of GRAW2 for $10, better yet, it was a non-classics edition. So i bought it... *sigh* and i was going so well. But no, i haven't started playing ocarina yet,

    Fatshady - Can you send me an email to troy.cleary at the hotmails, so i can start organising your DS. Due to no internets, i have only sold one shirt, but that will change when i get the internets back and i'm able to source some more material, in the meantime i want to get the DS across to you, pretty much as soon as my new one arrives. Sorry for the hold-up, buddy.

    Q-bo - you're a sexy hunk of man-meat.

    My fellow M+M players - With a lack of internet i have come back to find that my cities are rich! Maybe i should hold off on playing more often, instead of scraping by day-to-day lol

    Mark - Hi sweet thing - happy valentines!

    in fact, happy valentines to all! Lets all revel in its stupidity and cupidness!


      Also - last minute valentine ideas. I need them.

        Step 1.
        Print this

        Step 2.
        Sexy times ensue

        Cook Dinner
        Box of Chocolates
        Watch the Notebook or similar film

        Make it small as you can otherwise she'll keep expecting you to top it every year. If the expectation is zero than everything else is a bonus.

        Unrelated, can anyone tell me why my wife cries every valentines day?

          My guess is its those 'I'm so happy I'm crying' moments. Yep, must be it...

          mine cries because i haven't made her my wife yet

      S'okay choopipoo, buying bargains doesn't count!

      Have you listened to Devin yet? (I was so excited when I started to read your post thinking that's what you were gonna tell me!).

        No, not yet.
        No net + no downloads.

        And i haven't been able to find a CD yet to buy - i was thinking of heading to JB this weekend to pick up one of his CD's.

        I watched/listened to some on youtube, and they were brilliant, so i will be picking some up for sure.

          As in Devin Townsend?

            The one and the same

              Pretty much my favorite musician ever. Saw him live last year and nearly died. Awesomely awesome music :) We can start a whole new TAY just about him now I think. Kgo.

                I saw him on the Terria tour, not as good live but still a lot of fun!

                  I have heard a live bootleg of his, and compared to the show he put on in Sydney recently, that sounded terrible. He's come a long long way in live performances. I think it has something to do with the fact that he's not touring with Strapping Young Lad anymore, so by the time the DTB or DTP stuff comes up, he's not burnt out.

                  But yeah, I'm a huge fan of most of his solo stuff (there is the occasional song I'm not a fan of, and I didn't care much for Physicist in its entirety) but there are many more I can basically listen to for weeks on end.

    The week has started off incredible shit at work, adding to the shit week last week...

    Overall, currently in a really low point in life it would seem, would really like to get up and just go home...

      That really sucks, mate.

      Hope this cheers you up:

      if it helps, i feel like that quite regularly too. Ir is also combined with wanting to slug certain people in the face just before storming out.

      Oooo. Postie lady just dropped of my xbox from Batguy the baby making legend... Staring at box.... Trembling slightly..... Promised will wait for kids to get home b4 opening..... Arghh.....

      Will play tdu2 to take mind of the goodies.... Dont think I can hold out until 4pm.. oh noes.


        I started to reply to oggob. Trying to decide what to write when someone is feeling down and depressed. I tried a few lines, but kept deleting them, not knowing what I could say to cheer you up oggob. :( Then the postie arrived, which was easier to post about.... Forgot I had your reply waiting. Sorry mate.

        I do wish you well though and I hope things look up for you soon :D


          As in 360?!?1

            Yup, well, it could be a box of porno's, or bricks, but I'm pretty sure its real! :D

            I put him up for a nomination in kotakudos for this amazing gesture of awesomeness and for having a baby on the same weekend, but I think Mark may have forgotten about it??

            Anyways, I'm super pumped and I'm sure he will have good karma now :D

              Glad to hear that Stage 1: Delivery was successful. Here's hoping that Stage 2: Everything Is In One Piece was equally successful.

              And you can safely open the Australia Post box... you won't be betraying the kids because it's a little like pass the parcel inside. Without the lollies though :(

          lol, no dramas, actually when I read your post about things arriving, I also noticed that I had mail here... and finally my copy of Vanquish arrived from the UK...

          Only took 116 days to get here! So they did make make me slightly happier!

        Nice score Q-bo! Hope you find time to enjoy all the goodness that xbox can bring!! :) Once you've got it hooked up, you'll have to be sure an post your Live ID so we can all add you!

          BAH! I'm in trouble. I could not handle it any longer. Box has been "accidentaly opened" it was packacked up extremely well!
          Also, Batguy gave me a free game as well! My HUGEST thanks go out to the Bat :D
          I've plugged it all up, turned it on... Crossed my fingers... and

          IT WORKS!!!! So, I'm in the process of setting it up now, but I'm having trouble getting it to communicate to my Windows Media Centre. I think it may be my stupid modem/router which has been giving me hell lately. I'm just reading up a few help sites in getting that going.
          *wiggles and squirms with happiness*
          I think, if it works, my ID is Qumulys. Obviously :D So add away everyone.
          Thanks again Batguy! :D Your my new valentine. :P

            I never could get my 360 synched to the craptop.
            I just throw stuff on a USB stick

              Still trying to persuade it! Usb sticks seem to go missing at my place, funnily enough, it coincides with my kids saying, "can I borrow the usb stick?".

              Why has no body yet invented a USB stick with a whistle finder, like for keys, but for a usb stick. A Whistle Stick (tm) (c) 2011.

            Oh yeah, media! You'll probably want the remote control that I forgot to give you! Makes a big difference to what you can do with it.

            I'm not using it so I'll put it in the mail ASAP.

              That would be awesome good Batguy! But there's no hurry or anything :) Do you want some extra monies for it?

              Also, I grabbed Trials HD last night, man, you've got some tough times posted! (Your the only one on my friends list atm). I was about 2 seconds behind in every track, until I finally beat you on one. No idea what it was called, but I couldn't go to bed until I beat you at one of them :P

                I will hunt that score down and return the favour!

                Add "FatShady Live" to really feel the pain.

                  Will add him tonight. I think it was a medium track, will let you know tonight :) I think you were 1.00minute, i was 59 secs

    Soooo....Mass Effect.

    Got some time this weekend to play for the first time in a little while, so i tackled a few things, one being "bring down the sky" dlc for the first time ever.
    See i got both sets of DLC before my second play-through :)

    Anyway, this was a great piece of DLC until the end...

    ***possible spoiler alert***

    So after saving A WHOLE DAMN PLANET full of people, i am faced with the choice of saving either 2 other people and letting the bad-guy escape, or sacrificing them to kill the bad-guy to ensure this kind of BS never happens again...

    Now, i like to stick to a parragon char, but i though "damn it, i just can't let him go - he tried to wipe out a whoel damn planet".
    So of course i sacrificed the 2 technicians and proceeded to cut that bastard and his henchmen down..

    You know what i go for that shit?
    +25 to renegade!!!


    I do some god-like shit and i only get +3-6 for paragon most of the time, but oh no! Save a damn planet and kill the bad guy with VERY MINIMAL colateral damage and i get +25 to renegade!!!

    Man that just made me so pissed - now i've got this big-ol chunk o'red in my stat screen that will never go away...

    ***Swearing in Kotaku thread - +50 Renegade***

    GOD DAMN IT!!!

      I - SAVED - A - WHOLE - DAMN - PLANET!!!!!


        Morality is weird. Mow down hundreds of enemy grunts and you're a good guy, kill one boss and it's +25 evil points.

        The end of that mission, if you let Balak go, says that Shepard will keep hunting him down - nothing has been mentioned about it since, although it could be in ME3.

        You got the bad guy points because you'd won.

        And then you chose to kill 3 people instead of none.

        Realistically though... that dude deserved to die.

      Is there any bonus for going one extreme over the other?

      I just did what I wanted, never felt like replayin ME cos too much guns, not enough swords!
      (I'v had 3 full playthroughs of DA: O.)

        Hence why I thought a jedi garrus would kick arse! No swords bring lightsabers!

        Nah, no bonus'... i'm just a sucker for the "punch the bad guy in the groin, save the princess, have a ticker-take parade" sort of approach.

        I'll get over it, i'm sure.

        i'm also with techknight - there needs to be more lightsabres in mass effect :P

          Totally with the lightsabers, was shocked they went without any swords...

            yeah, it would have been good to have some form of close combat equipment. When you run up and hit someone all you do is whack them with the butt of your rifle, which is kind of lame considering there are points that you can attribute to assault specialties, which includes a beefy melee boost...

          Hey it's BioWare, they made KOTOR, they made ME, therefore they got the right! :)
          You see this BioWare? Do it! Make Garrus into a badass jedi plzzz!

            Phantasy Star Online had lightsabers and Sonic Team had nuttin 2 do wit nuttin...

              So did Zero from Megaman X. Though not 100% a lightsaber but still similar. Love Zero, he's awesome.

      lol @ Chuloopa

      Lets put it into context: If a real life cop, in order to take down a mafia boss had to shoot through 2 innocent school girls to kill him, would that be OK? But it's Al Capone himself!! The biggest gangster this side of the galaxy has ever seen and surely he will go and kill another 20 school girls, but it doesn't make the killing of the 2 girls any more morally correct.

      But yeah I know what you mean.

    Hey Mark,

    I was looking at the links on the comments and noticed that this is week is 'talk amongst yourselves' number 99, any plans for number 100 next week.

    Also, ignore Tadmod's offer,i should be your valentine because:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    there will be no quarrels,
    coz I love you mr.Serrels.

    Roses are red,
    They grow in the park,
    Will you be valentine mark,
    Coz i feel a spark.

      4 my loopy buddy :D

      Roses are red,
      or so I am told,
      but dip them in cheese,

        roses are red
        your name's like a cloud
        come back to my room
        and lets get loud

          The rosies are red
          Your name is Sir Loops
          My trousers descend
          Viagra quick, I got the droops!


      Roses are red,
      Kotaku is pink,
      Mark even gets sunburns,
      in the ice rink!

    Are there any other Kotaku folk that would love to see the latest "You Don't Know Jack" released here. I loved these games and the quicklook on Giantbomb website was quite impressive but it seems there is no local release.

    I am investigating if it is region free.


    You still up for doing CheapSkate tomorrow? Will you be doing the guest comic as well or are you going to let someone else do it?

    You're a legend for putting up your hand btw! :)

      Ill try and pop out a hastily drwn comic today, whetehr its gets used or not doesn';t matter!

      I'm up for doing it.

      Jimu, if you get something done, pop an email to [email protected] (now I can prepare this account for even more spam.

      Since this is my first post of the day, here's my valentine crap (so sad and alone :P).

        I find your lack of xbox disturbing.

        Also, let's be lonely together.

    So... browsing through Zavvi's monday sale... and i see this..


    Does this really make for a game that people would actually buy??


    I mean... lets all be honest here... a Dart board isn't somehting that is that hard or expensive to actually set up at your own place...

      Luckily, nobody is being forced to buy it. So I feel more sorry for the developers. I mean, it must have been the most boring game to make in the world.

      Children, sharp pointy things, bad combo...

    I know I'm spamming today, but:

    I just found out that "Frurent Engrish" is an option for "languages" in facebook.

    I haven't laughed this hard for years.

    Well, if anyone wants to play Minecraft with me, I'm currently in the Simplicity Australia Server
    Just enter in mulitplayer to join

      Im keen, suffered from a large MC addiction over the weekend so keen to actually do something that others can see. Thanks for sharing this.

      I am still keen on the idea of paying for a server ourselves as a private space for us would be awesome...

    I am back from the rainy Blue Mountains! How is everyone?

    Now I sit at home waiting for Ikea to deliver me some furniture for free as a make-up for all the jerking around they've done for the last 3 or 4 weeks :D I sincerely hope they actually make the delivery or today will be a rather large waste of time.

    Hello internets friends.

    I ran a PC LAN over Saturday/Sunday, and I an now a zombie. For reals.
    Started the day with a regular V, and think I need to up the dosage.

    Come to think of it, any TAY readers be up for a LAN some time?

      I used to hate LAN's for being so darned tedious.

      Now I have a beefy laptop!

      A Kotaku LAN would be pretty damned awesome, methinks.

        Have to consider where people live though. I'd probably be interested, I'm from Melb, if thats where it happens to be?

          We're in Sydney - but how crazy would it be to link up states? Probably not possible for gaming - but webcam hijinxs and state vs state nerd trivia could work :)

      I miss LAN parties, a lot, back when I had real friends that didn't make habits of stabbing me in the back. :'(

      Screw you high school life!

        Wait, your friends were stabbing you in the back during high school, and you miss lanning from before then... you were lanning in primary school?

          Lol no this was back in year 7-8, while I had friends who moved to different high schools but in same high school (they eventually left from various reasons). So it ended in 2002 roughly, and only did one more with randoms back in '05 at an internet cafe. Since then, no. And I got a great Asus Laptop with 1GB dedicated graphics on it and 4GB RAM :(

          Btw I'm from Melbourne too, south east

          Years 4, 5, and 6 all celebrated my birthday with a LAN at my house.

          Playing Marathon and Myth 2.

          Those were the days.

            A mac LAN!? Sounds expensive!!
            Marathon was amazing.

              Actually, given my age, this was the time of Aleph One, so it was cross platform. My dad would swipe some computers from his work (the hospital) and we'd use them. I only had like, 4 friends though, so it wasn't too bad.

    Erhum, first time to spam here. [Replies don't count]

    Don't know what took me so long, but I finally played some BO zombies, my first zombie experience, properly with 3 others over the weekend. Twas fun!! And boy did I suck.
    Anyway, now I'm slightly addicted. :|
    I've yet to play with a room with mics, so I can't imagine how much better it would be :O

    If anyone is interested in playing, please let me know... I... feel so ronery... maybe because it's... valentines goddamn day today.


    -spam turned out gayer than I had originally planned for-

      Now I'm confused.

      I thought spamming was when you keep repeating shit like the classic Python skit it was named after?

      What is a spam?

        You've confused me too now. Fine, I won't ever describe anything as spam again... because now I can only think of the luncheon spam.

        Also, I was thinking about Python the scripting/programming language instead when you said... oh nevermind. Today is turning out sadder than ever. I've been bumping into things, saying the wrong things and just not feeling right. Why!?

      BO opened my eyes and made me quit COD for good. Their fault, screwing up PC development twice over (Granted it's IW and Treyarch but they both had their chance and blew it)

      I hate valentines day, I always got tricked or mistaken for someone else (like locker notes). I apologise in advance to Kotaku peeps if I snap at you for no or little reason.

        What's wrong with it?

        Provided I've only played MW2 and BO on PS3...

        It's okay, you can snap at me. I can take it!

          This is isolated to PC versions only, I hear nothing but good things on console versions, but I can't console aim so it's kinda pointless to get it for PS3. I'm a keyboard and mouse kind of gamer for FPS.

          MW2 had everything great except for one thing: Multiplayer quality. 7 out of 8 games I was in, it failed for me, suddenly kicking me for strange reasons. That was its only real flaw gameplay-wise. Still greatly impacting my experience though.

          BO however was an abomination for PC! Multiplayer problems still an issue, despite dedicated servers added in, it's actually gotten worse. This was deemed unplayable for me even after all my upgrades. You can't even join parties successfully in multiplayer. I had to fight the fricken game for 3 hours just to get one game in with zombies, and we had to do a lot of indirect complex crap in getting the game we wanted. We all pretty much hit "Auto Join" at the same time crossing fingers, eventually we got lucky. And Then during that game, the host of the game (Some random noob that kept getting himself killed) decided to leave and... what's this? No host migration? It just booted us and ended the game. That's just the multiplayer, the worst was the optimisation for PCs. From what I've heard, Trey did a way-too-close port from consoles to PC, only allowing quad cores minimum, which was not specified on the box. Min reqs were dual core, which I had. So I thought, okay, I'll get a high end dual core since the socket on my MB was 775, not many quad cores to choose from, none any good anyway. I upgraded my graphics card AND processor (Which costed me around $500 all up), and the game still doesn't run smoothly for me at lowest graphics settings (Which look way worse than MW2 and that runs darn smoothly on highest). Their so called "fix" for it, ineffective. All it did was stop my game from freezing randomly for 20 seconds. It still stuttered like a bitch and in the end I just exited it and never turned back to it. I think they just turned their back on PC gamers cuz of another majority who thinks pirating it is best to do cuz they whine on price.

          *takes a deep breath* That ends my rant... sorry


    I LIKE to go onto the US Kotaku. Sometimes they have things the Australian one doesn't. I also like reading the comments. There are more of them and usually very humorous. People usually add a picture for the right moment and I've actually found heaps of useful websites from comments on there.

    But EVERY TIME I try to visit the US site now I get redirected to the Australian one. It is really annoying. Why can't I read both? Can anybody help me please?

      It's a problem on their end.

      PRO TIP: copy the link you want to go to, then put 'us.' before Kotaku on the story link. That'll let you read it until they've fixed things at their end.

        BRO TIP: Beer glass not big enough? Use a vase!

          BRO Knowledge: You're a man... what are you doing even knowing what a vase is?

            BRO remembering: Its that thing the missus tells you to put the flowers in that you bought her for forgetting the anniversary.

        I just tried the US site now and it all works for me, but I know from Twitter there were issues over the last couple of days.

        ...I think it's a DNS problem - things get changed/break and it takes forever to propagate to Australia (sometimes I hate our isolatededed-ness) so for it to get back to normal you just have to wait it out.

      I have the opposite trouble at home, I want Au and keep getting US...go figure!

      I have the US Kotaku bookmarked as so that makes things easy for me. But whenever I click a page it either comes up at the au version OR not at all because we didn't have that specific thread. I've tried copying the page url and putting "us" in front but it still redirects to the Australian one. This is beyond annoying!!!! I had an account set up and everything. I want to use the site dammit!

    So checking out Morrowind for original Xbux on eBay.

    Easy enough to pick up, but I noticed theres a Game of The Year edition. This goes for way too much. But I am patient and a shockin sniper and I know I can get it cheap eventually.

    My question is: Is it even worth it? I have GOTY Oblivion and Shivering Isles is fantastic...but I'm not even sure what the other DL pack did...

      Why not get it on PC? it's much cheaper and look prettier.

      The GOTY is definitely worth it, even for bloodmoon alone.
      You can become a vampire of a werewolf!
      And this is before twilight came along, so they aren't sissy vamps or were's!!!!

      Go for it, i say.

      The other main DLC for Oblivion was Knights of the nine, which was just some big pretty armour thing (it had related quests, but meh).

      In Morrowind, there were two (I think) expansiony DLC things. Tribunal, which added some crappy city that you got to via teleportation and was lame, and Blood Moon (or something like that), which added werewolves. Awesome, blood curdling, murderising your family, werewolves.

      I would say it's worth it, but I never actually played it, my friends who did enjoyed it though.

        Dammit, I was hoping they were sh*t...

        Oh well...

      Tribunal was kinda fun, but ultimately forgettable. Bloodmoon, on the other hand, was freaking amazing. Werewolves! And you could become a werewolf and do quests for the werewolf deity!

      The GOTY edition is well worth it just for Bloodmoon.

    This is a thought that I had regarding the whole Piracy debate, something recently brought up on the Crysis leak article.

    From a developer's perspective, what's the difference between someone borrowing the game off a friend, or pirating it?

    I ask because I have seen a lot of people come down very hard on piracy, yet I think most people see borrowing games off friends as ok.

    Off the top of my head I could see someone saying that if you borrow the game, you don't own it yourself and so might go out and buy it after playing it if it was worth it. However this is only if your friend wants the game back and won't let you borrow it for an extended period of time, or if there is some multiplayer component you want access to whenever you want.

    However many games you would probably borrow, play through the single player campaign and then give back. If ever you wanted to run through it again you could borrow it again. This seems to have the same consequences as pirating.

    If you are buying it after borrowing it solely because you liked it, ie you were borrowing it to give it a trial, then this is exactly what many pirates claim to do, try the game via piracy and buy if it is worthwhile, so it is no better.

    It isn't really the same as borrowing it from a video store because I'm sure some money gets back to the developers out of those hires.

    I'm not looking to come down on anyone that borrows games from friends, I personally do it myself. I would like to be able to say it is better somehow than piracy, but when I think about it they seem to amount to the same thing.

      I think it's a massive grey area in regards to intent and the scale on which it's shared - you could probably say it's more innocent and less saps less money from the developers... but I know what you mean.

      As a side-note, my brother downloaded the leaked Crysis build before I even heard about it - it's not really my kind of game, but I saw him playing and it's quite impressive.

      So much so that I preordered the 360 version... I don't condone piracy (including the 'try before you buy' reasoning), but go figure.

      The way I see it is sharing like is fine cause it is just the one copy. Piracy is creating illegal copies of the game and giving them out.
      Take used cars or loaning your car to a mate; nothing wrong with that but if you had a magic wand that could make duplicates of the car which you then sold of gave away that would hurt the car makers.
      Games and movies are only different in that is it possible to make copies.

        And there is also the question of DRM and ownership rights.
        What if a car maker built a car that could only be driven by ONE person EVER. Would you think that is fair? Would you buy that car?
        Yet I can't lend my copy of SC2 to my sister because it is account locked.

      Piracy also leaks into what's the right thing to do in my opinion. For example: You have an old PC game, floppy disks are what it's installed from. Somebody else decided to damage it unintentionally, making it uninstallable/unplayable. Today, what's the chance that you can get a replacement? Practically nil if not very VERY unlikely. So one may think that since they already DID buy it, they download an installable version online from a torrent and play that, therefore no harm done. It's still technically pirating but it doesn't seem wrong to many people, me included, and I have done it before, with classics like Day of the Tentacle or Red Baron. I know it was illegal, but I did buy these in the past, so I thought to myself, if I download a working copy and NOT provide it to anybody else, it's like getting my own replacement. But of course, that'd be wrong too, since it's like making my own custom and endless warranty, which isn't good.

      Yes I am guilty of a being a pirate in the past, but only when there is no other choice. I don't do it cuz I didn't want to pay. I never EVER do that

      Think of it like this. Borrowing a book is fine. Going to Borders and stealing this book is not fine.

      Borrowing is better, because someone has legally purchased it and is in full ownership. They can therefore do whatever they want with it.

      As said, it comes down to this: Lending out your Dan Brown book to a mate is OK. Photocopying 10,000,000 copies of the book and giving them away, selling them for $2 each is NOT OK.

      I think this is why you'll increasingly see games with a multiplayer element (even if its shoehorned in there) to keep up the replayability which cuts down on trade ins and rentals (rentals are practical for single player but if you have a MP game you really like its more cost effective to buy)

    I kinda wish that games would stop coming out for a year, even though the industry would just die and there'd probably be no more games ever, but there are to many tempting choices these days. I can't remember the last time I played through a game for a second time let alone a first time.

    Roses are red,
    Daisies are white,
    Just like that restraining order
    You sent me last night.

    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

    Just saw Wayne Rooney's overhead kick. Holy shit.

      Yeah i saw it on the news last night - how brilliant was it!??!

      that is some crazy shit. Good thing he did score hadn't scored a goal in like 9 matches.

      Even though I'm not a Man Utd fan, that was still bloody awesome.

      When I first saw that, my jaw hit the floor. It just looked so ridiculously cartoony I couldn't belive it...

      Even watching it now, it's just so incredible!

      What a legend!

      It was pretty damn impressive. And it was against Man City, too. Spectacular way to win the derby, and goes to show that Rooney still has a few tricks up his sleeve (down his socks?).

      Thankfully they don't make a video with all his tries and misses, but finally he did it and the title should be in the bag!

    Weee what an adventurous morning. Started of with littleJJ running late, which made me late cos I had to take her to work! Grr! But all was not too bad as my doc's appointment was running late anyway! Then I had to go shopping for clients! Oh it's so much fun! Just wish all these goodies were mine!! LOL. Can't win em all I guess. And speaking of not winning, I had to go to 4 different chemists just to get my prescription filled cos they were all sold out! Like really.. how many people are there out there taking opiates! Damn! Guess I might not be one of a few as I thought :| Which kind of scares me in a way. While they don't effect me the way they do some people, I worry about the ones who do get whacked out on them.. Hope to hell they're not on the roads! :0
    Oh, and during my shopping, I came across a 1Tb HP SimpleSave Drive at Target! Only $89! If you're in the market for an external drive with automatic backups, go grab one! That's a score!

      Are you sure the opiates aren't effecting u?

      That has to be the longest comment I have ever sen you post!

        Lol.. that's by far not the longest I've ever posted. I've posted much bigger in the past. And they do effect me to some degree, but they don't make me drowsy like they do some people. Others I know who've had similar things before can end up almost unconcious from the drowsy effects, but for some reason, I never get sleepy, which is great, cos if they did, I wouldn't be able to work, and I take them so that I can work without being in horrendous pain ;)

    my partner is not a gamer. My hobby is an issue (apparently). She has no hobbies to speak of. It's hard for me to explain my I enjoy my hobby as much as I do when she has nothing that compares to it. Do any of you have this situation? besides whinging/sulking like a little girl when arguments don't go your way, how do you deal with this?

      My partner is also a non gamer4 - but funilly enough does own a ds and is addicted to angry birds.

      I have always said to Bee that if she tries to stop me from gaming, it's over.
      Games came first, games stay.

      You should probably say the same thing. If she really cares about you she wouldn't mind your gaming.

      She should just man(woman)up and deal with it.

      Of course it also depends on how much you play. if you're playing for several hours each day, then yeah she'll probably get annoyed lol

      But yeah, just because she doesn't have a hobby doesn't give her a right to get in your face about yours. Personally i wouldn't put up with it.

      Mai Wifu was a non-gamer. She played NES as a kid but that was all. I let her use my DS, she got addicted to Zelda Phantom Hourglass, she got everything...EVERYTHING!

      She still kept playing the shooting range at the end, now she plays lots of Tetris and Mr.Driller.
      She also fell in love with Dynasty Warriors for a time.

      Even after all that she can't understand why I would want to game 24/7. Problems arise. What I do is get my part of the chores done first and then game.

      These days I can only game at night cos of the baybee. So it's less of an issue!

    Ooo is having a sale! Up to 50% off DS Games!!

    I've only just started listening to podcasts. A bit late I know. Can anyone recommend some good ones? So far been listening to smodcast, the nerdist and Adam carolla.

      I've recently started listening to the The GAP (GameArena Podcast) mostly because someone in TAY mentioned that Serrels was in the 18-01-2011 episode. :P
      I've never really listened to podcasts before this (so I don't know what constitutes a 'good' one), but it feels like natural banter and conversation between all the guys, and I like that. My only complaint would be that sometimes there's just concentrated bursts of swearing.

        Yeah... I'm enjoying the GAP too.

        I also listen to the 1UP - Active Time Babble... which is about RPG's.

        I did listen to the Joystiq one... but aside from one joke about Robert Bowling being the last person at Infintiy Ward, and the suggestion that he's in a big empty warehouse with one desk and a "coding for dummies" book... it wasn't that funny.

      If you like comics then
      Wordballon is a good one.

      I just started as well.

      I don't really watch Red vs Blue, but I'm subscribed to the Rooster Teeth Podcast and the Gamers Rapport, among a few others that never update, so I don't really listen to them. I find them pretty entertaining.

      I'm gonna go check out the other ones you guys have suggested.

      Irrational Interviews and Irration Behaviour are awesome, you must listen to them. I also listen to the giantbombcast, the GameInformer show and, like Bish, the GAP, because Serrels was in it. And it turns out Jung is in it, so it's all good!

        The Irrational Podcasts are by far my favourite gaming podcasts. Especially behaviour. Those were just so well put together. When we get our Kotaku podcast going, I want to make something a bit more focused like that.

          Did you say Kotaku Podcast?

            I love science time with Dr Karl from JJJ. Lots of interesting randomness

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