Team Fortress 2 Map Update Gives You The Li'l Chew Chew Who Could

Team Fortress 2 brightens your day with a title update that brings three community maps to the game, including an adorable payload affectionately dubbed "Li'l Chew Chew."

You get Nightfall, a payload race map by Aaron 'Psy' Garcha and Paul Good set in "a damp logging site, in the middle of the rain, in the middle of a forest, in the middle of the night." Next is "Frontier," a payload map featuring "Li'l Chew Chew" - "a razor-toothed BLU payload designed to messily devour any merc dumb enough to blunder in front of its path through this single-stage payload map." Third is "Lakeside," an Egyptian ruins dig site that serves as a "fast-paced King of the Hill map."

Community Map Pack! [Team Fortress 2, thanks Tiller]



    Total sellouts, making you download something for free made by the community; Instead of going to Facepunch and downloading it for free.

    I'm glad that Frontier went official, it seems like a very interesting map, especially with the man-eating payload cart (although I think it only does that when it's moving x3?).

    The KotH map is pretty nice, but seems like it'll be a snipe-fest around the central point; scouts look like they'll dominate here too.

    Not too keen on the PLR map though; looks tight and spammy like Pipeline.

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