Tell Us Dammit

Dammit we want you to tell us stuff – what video game franchises do you miss? What would you like to see brought back?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Yes, it's important to have new IPs drive the games industry, but sometimes we just love to see old franchises brought back to life. What games would you like to see brought back? Shenmue? R-Type? Jet Set Radio? System Shock?

Let us know in the comments below.



      "The Weenies got into the playoffs on a wing and a prayer. Send them out on a stretcher and their last rites!"

    I'd love to see Syndicate get another game - who do I have to use my Persuadertron on to get that to happen?

      Supposedly in development already as Project RedLime at Starbreeze Studios... EA will eventually publish it...

      Although there is absolutely no info available about the game! :(


        I was just talking to my son about Syndicate last night! 0_0...

        Imagine what they could do with that game today...

        I'm picturing Deus Ex 3 x4 (because it's a squad shooter!) ;)

    I would love to see someone have a go at another Bushido's Blade tpye of game. Quite difficult to balance and make enjoyable but if this was made well with motion control (Meaning somehow addressing the wild flailing about) I would be interested.

    My knee jerk reaction is Elite, but yes, a System Shock remake would be great!

    A new Road Rash.

    Seriously if EA released a new HD Road Rash with online multiplayer...I would be somewhat excited.


      But based off the Megadrive version, not the dodgy PS1 game!

      Yeah, absolutely - and I reckon Criterion maybe the right developer for the job! Just as long they study the originals and note the incidental details (like being able to run around after being knocked off your bike, which the "3D" PSone games never let us do)

        YES. Direct control while running back to your bike after crashing is vital to Road Rash. Dodging bikes/cops on foot added an unexpected layer of awesome to those games.

        That, and the music. Oh boy that music.

      Criterion + Road Rage would be awesome, considering what they did with a few bikes in Burnout Paradise.

      What about the Road Rage spinoff... Skitchin!!!!!!!
      I really enjoyed that game back in the day, even though it was basically Road Rage on rollerblades, it was great!

    Suikoden VI.

    Make it happen Konami!

    I'd also like to see Final Fantasy revived. Just because they've made games doesn't mean the franchise didn't die back in 2001

    I'm going to be boring and generic and blah blah and squeal like all FF fanboys and girls...

    FF4, 6, 7 ! Remake! NGP! Go!

    And that's enough of that.

      I'm with you on a FF6 remake.

      4 has been over done and 7 is perfect as is. No remakes required.

        They should just do an HD version of 7.
        Like all those Rare games on LIVE.

          That would work. Maybe do some remodelling work and some new FMV using the newer CG models.

          Oh, and added Trophies and Achievements which will stop mates pretending they pwned the emerald weapon.

            Nobody has done so.
            They may have slogged away and finaly killed the bastard...but not that other word with which I refuse to partake in the use of.

              Ah, but it is the word such a person (one who lies about his Final Fantasy accomplishments) might use. Personally, I rank it along with words such as 'epic' and 'fail' when used the way such words are used these days.

                When I hear the word I always think the meaning is killed+ owned.

                Nobody can own Emerald, he owns you!

            KotR + Phoenix = Bye Bye Emerald Weapon

            Ruby frustrated me for a while though...

    At the risk of being laughed out of here, I miss the Myst and Panzer Dragoon series of games.

    I want a decent sequel to Jet Set Radio Future.

    And I want Square Enix to get off their asses and come up with another Bushido Blade.

    Oddworld! Please make a new Oddworld game!

    Or Jak & Daxter.

    But mostly Oddworld.

      Original Jak & Daxter, not the newer ones.

        You know it. The first one was so great! It was first game I finished to 100% without a guide.

        Goooooooooood times.

    While the second Krondor game was rubbish, the first (Betrayal at Krondor) was awesome and one of my all time favs. Would love to see a new game with similar mechanics i.e. half the game is 'read' like a book. To this day it still allows for the game's old graphics to be immersive!

    Vagrant Story
    Soul Reaver
    Jade Empire
    James Pond (2D)
    Abe's Oddyssey (classic 2D)
    Metroid (classic 2D)
    Dino Crisis (doesn't play like 3)
    Resident Evil (in the original style)
    Sonic (that doesn't play like rush)
    Final Fantasy (that doesnt play like 13)
    KotOR (non-MMO)


        Yes! This must happen! I still haven't played Shenmue 2.

        I aslo agree on Resident Evil. The remake on the gamecube was great. they should do a remake of RE2 in a similar fashion.

          I prefer the version on DS.

          Too chunky on Gamecube, I enjoyed it but...

            Really? I thought the Gamecube version was the most fluid (then again, it's been years since I played it). I never picked up the DS version. Never saw it cheap enough to warrant another purchase (Have it on PSX, Gamecube, PS3 and PSP)

            I'd have been happy if RE5 was more like Dead Space. That was a decent horror game. And you could shoot while walking.

              Appaz the newer REs will have Ye Olde shoot and walk.

      + Superman 64.

        Plainview, are you making fun of my selection?

          On return visit, it does appear so doesn't it?
          I mean, I can see how it could be misconstrued as such.
          Not my intention, old salt. A fine list from a fine fellow
          and writ large and bold, so fine in fact - and in the heat
          of the moment - I felt compelled to throw a rock at it.
          Plain and simple, nothing more to it than that.
          Destroy something beautiful as it were.
          A scurrilous, treacherous act on my behalf; the kind of
          thing that reflects poorly on man. Remorse my constant
          companion. I don't know why I am the way I am?
          It's just the way I am.
          I mean:
          + E.T. ?
          All apologies, friend.

        Also, the game is just called Superman and it's on the N64. Just throwin' that out there ;)

          Touche and good shot, old chap! Feels good don't it?
          So intoxicating the smell of victory does become.
          Equal parts addictive and deadly. You got me fair
          and square; well played.

          The amendment:
          + Superman.

          hmm, doesn't feel quite as satisfying without the 64 at the end.
          Such is defeat.

          This dood just killed and owned you!
          If only there were a word for that...

    Battletoads!!! we need to expose the kids of today to the joys of learning entire levels by memory and then playing these levels with pinpoint timing.

    Even half a sec of either side in any part of the level spells death!

    Wonder boy. Back in the day me and my old man would hire out a master system with the first game and spend hours trying to finish it. Then dragons trap came along and blew my mind.

    A few years later we get a megadrive. First game? Monster world. Still playable to this day. One of my all time favorites.

    Would love to see a new one. Even something for the iPhone. Actually, it would probably be best on the iPhone. Don't need a huge AAA title for it. That would just ruin it.

      I hear ya. Me and my brother played Wonderboy for hours, weeks, months even - it felt like a game that never ended. Then Wonderboy 3, thats my favourite 8-bit game of all time (its just such a perfectly designed game)! I've actually got all the Wonderboys for MS & MD (except the japan only Monsterworld 4), though I would love to see a complete collection and a Monsterworld 5 - as the Westone the developer actually still exists!

    I'd love a new Waverace that retains the feel of the n64 original (unlike the crappy gamecube sequel).
    A new Rogue Squadron would be great, as would a new Starfox game (the 3ds remake of the n64 game is great, but I want more!).
    Rock n' Roll Racing HD would rock, especially if online.
    Killer Instinct is long overdue for a comeback, but I don't think Rare give a shit anymore.
    Last but not least, a new (2d) Demon's Crest would really hit the spot!

      Also, I think a Die Hard Trilogy remake using wii or ps move controls would be sweet:) Nintendo should really give zelda: four swords another chance, I think it would do well on 3ds

      HELLS YEASH!!!!


      My FAVORITE racing game of ALL TIME!

      OF ALL TIME!

      awwwwwwwwwww Rock n' Roll Racing <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3



      2 things
      first Hell yes!! Valve have sat on this series long enough.

      2nd Funny coincidence I was playing epp 2 last night cos i am going for the gnome into space and its stopped being a fun little challenge at a certain point. I am really sick of the stupid look on his stupid gnome face!!! Screw that little gnome bastard!

    Is Warcraft considered dead? Not WoW. Warcraft.

      Yeah, give us another Warcraft Game. I love WCI and II so much, but I hated 3 and WoW, and found starcraft too sterile and too serious.

      Warcraft was FUN, the sound and dialogue was bloody fantastic. C'mon Blizzard, use some of your 20billion a day or whatever WoW makes to give us another *real* Warcraft game.

      And oh, don't make us switch sides halfway through the game, that *always* sucks (I'm looking at you too, Bungie)

    I want a Double Dragon sequel/remake, but not just a jazzed up button mashing side scroller, I want some street fighting realism.

    I want the streets to be filled with scared onlookers running out of the way and screaming as you have fistfights with the street gangs, cars will be cruising past beeping their horns, the cops will rock up to arrest you, requiring you to escape down a maze of alleys. You and your enemies can pick up any object in the streets to use it as a weapon and there would be some tight fighting mechanics.

    It should contain the essence of Double Dragon but be modernised for today's gamers.

    Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy and Stubbs the Zombie both need sequels.

    These games;

    Road Rash 4
    Streets of Rage 4 (2D)
    Monsterworld 5 (2D)
    Shenmue 3
    Sonic Fan Remix (published by SEGA)

    I had yesterday off work after a minor leg injury, so I replayed Reach. I want Bungie to continue making Halo games :(... Their next IP better be worth it!

    Also, on an unrelated note, I was thinking the other day that people were complaining that Nathan Fillion was too old to play Nathan Drake in the uncharted movie... Marky Mark is only a few months younger than Fillion... Up yours Fillion haters! I only posted this here cause I'm not on Twitter or Facebook, so I had no idea where to share this thought.


    TOO HUMAN!!!


    I sat through the entire bloody game, so deserve so f***ing closure!!!

    I want an ending, you bastards!!!

      I'm with you for Too Human. I got halfway through before i found out it wasn't going to end, and gave up.

        Thanks for the warning, I was thinking of checking that one out!

    I'll second things like Oddworld, Unirally/Uniracers and the good StarWars games.

    but my picks for underutilised and abandoned IP:

    LBA/Twinsen (sadly having both EA and Activision logos in the splash screens means probably no GoG release, let alone the sequel)

    Magic Carpet - especially with the current crop of motion controls - I always thought it could be done fantastically on the Wii with dual remotes and the balance board, or otherwise would still work really well with standard dual stick controllers.

    Lost Vikings - with Trine-style co-op

    And the 'Terra' series (Soulblazer, Illusion of Gaia/Time, Terranigma) - it was perfect as a darker approach to the action/RPG and a nice mature alternative to the old Zelda games

    Oh and Rollcage - best racing games ever!.. except maybe for MicroMachines.. which we also need more of :p

    And Lemmings, but on PC again.

    Man we've got a lot of good franchises to feel nostalgic about!

      Lost Vikings seconded.
      It was alreay 2player. What's different in trine?

        I didn't know there was any multiplayer in Lost Vikings!

        I assume it was the same as Trine then where in two player mode you just switched between the free player (though Trine has them all sharing bodies rather than existing separately like LV), but Trine I think also let you drop in a third player as well.

        LV has potential with even more players though after the characters they added in LV2

    There was this great mech shooter for the PS1 called Omega Boost by Polyphony Digital. It wasn't very well known but its a brilliant game and I would love to see another.

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