Tell Us Dammit

Dammit we want you to tell us stuff – like if you could wipe one single game from your memory and play it again for the first time, what would it be and why?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Personally, for me, there are so many. Yoshi's Island, Monkey Island 2, Metroid Prime, Mario Galaxy, Metal Gear Solid 3. I think if I had to choose one, however, it would probably be The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

But what about you guys?


    Deus Ex, most definitely. I just hope I could make it through Liberty Island without the knowledge of the gaming joy that lies beyond it.

      +1 - Except I didn't mind Liberty Island, especially when I realised I didn't have to charge a sentry bot head on to pass the level.

    hmmm Ocarina of Time maybe but I'd need a week off to figure out the trick to the Water Temple all over again.

    It was actually my first Zelda game so I wonder how different the experience would be if I could play it from scratch with a background knowledge of the other titles in the series.

      I'm with you- the first time you open up to Hyrule Field, with the music crescending and panoramic views... probably STILL my alltime #1 gaming moment.

      Agreed, Ocarina of Time. When I finished it, I geniunely felt empty, knowing that I'd never get to feel that experience again. It was the first time I ever wished I could wipe my memory so I could do something all over again.

    None. Not only do I treasure my memories (they make me ME!), but I wouldn't have time to play any of the games I really enjoyed over again.

    I might wish to have the time I spent playing World of Warcraft back, but even then, the insights into game design were worth it.

    Like you, Link to the Past would be one of my first choices. I would really love to go back and experience the likes of Doom again for the first time too. Maybe Gothic 2 aswell.

    There's a bunch, man. Chrono Cross/Trigger, Star Ocean 2, Persona 3...
    Those games all had a huge emotional effect on me and it'd be great to be able to experience that again.

    I'd also want to erase Star Ocean 3, but that's for a different reason.

      Is three the PS2 one? I owned and enjoyed that but just got stuck somewhere I couldn't escape from. A future back up saves to save me either.

        Lucky you. You stopped playing right before one of the worst plot twists in the history of video games.

          I got to the plot twist, thought it was classic.
          I laughed but didn't think it was so bad.

    Majora's Mask, Bioshock, or Portal. Didn't care much for Bioshock's gameplay, but if I could experience the "would you kindly" revelation again...

      I have to agree about the "would you kindly" revelation.
      That was definitely a moment of my gaming history.

        I wish I could get that far in before someoen spoils it for me. I really want to love Bioshock, everything about it screams AMAZING. But the gameplay bores me. Follow the arrow, kill something, upgrade the gun kill something follow the arrow.

        It hurts cos I like it but I dont at THE SAME TIME!

    Metal Gear Solid


      So many games (including this one) have replay value, but if I could experience those "OMG" MGS plot moments again for the first time, I would be very happy. :)

      Another +1 for MGS. Great great game with awesome twists in it.

      However I would also like to play again:

      Heavy Rain
      Gears of War 2 (love that storyline)
      Mass Effect
      MGS 4
      Zelda: Ocarina

      I could keep going... so many great moments in gaming history

    I'd say Ocarina of Time, but that would only make the Water Temple harder...

    Forced to make one decision...

    Ugh, the power to do this, is, quite honestly, about fifth on my list of wanted super powers...

    I'd probably have to go with Oni. It feels dated as all hell now, but the majority of games I've played, the wonderment and joy stemmed from them doing something different, which would be completely lost if I played them again, since other games would have done the same.

    When I first played Half-Life during the days of my first home PC, I had no idea how it was going to play or what it was going to be, having read little media coverage or heard any positive feedback from friends. It was an amazing thing to discover this completely immersive first person experience, that was unlike anything I'd ever seen before, and something I'd gladly put myself through again.

    Half-Life 2


    I would love to be a kid playing red/blue for the first time again.

    Yeah Link to the Past. Though putting that box art right there in my face probably has a bit of an influence on that decision. I still remember exploring the world though, discovering the big fish with the flippers for the first time, and finding the man under the bridge... man, I loved those little touches...

    Retro games ftw!

    1. Lufia II (First RPG i ever played and I LOVED it!)
    2. Zelda - A link to the past
    3. Pokemon (you can't deny that when it first came out, it was awesome)
    4. Donkey Kong
    5. Half Life


    Gotta be Ocarina of Time. it was amazing discovering every little bit when I played it the first time. It'd be awesome to do that now.

    FF7 I guess, my first mind was blown.

    The fact that I'd remember the others could screw that all up though...

      You know, I actually played FFVIII first, and then played FFVII afterwards... and for that reason I just couldn't really get into the characters. Since they looked too... blocky. It sounds lame, but I just struggled to relate to block people as much as the more realistic graphics in FFVIII :(

        Fair enough I think. There is no consistency in the prensenatation. Squat on the map normal in a fight detailed in a cut scene.

        For it's time though it was a revolution, proved that FF deserved to be in 3D much like Ocarina of time for LINK.

    I'm going to be greedy and say the full half life series, so that I could replay it from the start.
    The original because I was a cheater when I first playedit and want to try again without them, and the second and episodes because they felt so epic and exciting.

    Betrayal at Krondor.
    It'd be like discovering a really good book all over again.

      Betrayal at Krondor became a book :P

        I thought it was a book first?

    This post, as well as trying to dig up all these memories to answer the question, makes me so nostalgic it hurts.

    I just can't pick one. I wish I could play all of them again for the first time:

    - Zelda: A Link to the Past
    - Final Fantasy VII
    - Chrono Trigger
    - Illusion of Gaia
    - Terranigma
    - Super Mario World
    - Yoshi's Island
    - Half-Life
    - Diablo 2
    - Quake 2

    Dammit, I have to force myself to stop, this comment is getting too long.

    Grand Theft Auto : Vice City

    GTA III blew our minds, but Vice City so so much more, the first time you jumped into a car and Billie Jean started, you were there in the 80s.

    Tommy Vercetti was a brilliant character (and he is even lacking on the Guinness Top 50, he is better than Niko, CJ!) and the humour in this game was fantastic.



    I know the puzzles and everything now, to play through that again would be awesomeness!

    For me it would have to be Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed.

    I love the old SSI "Gold Box" games (recently played through Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, Secret of the Silver Blades and Pools of Darkness) and love the two Buck Rogers games based on the same RPG engine.

    They took the engine to new levels with the Buck Rogers series. The depth to the games and story line is just awesome.

    i was playing Zelda OOT and LTTP last week haha :p

    Ahh... I REALLY LOVE LoZ:aLttP!!! You sucked me into this discussion just with the (American) box shot. Sorry Mark, but I really don't want to play it for the first time in this day and age.

    But, I'll just suspend disbelief for a while and say Monkey Island 3.

      Oh of COURSE! MI3! No game has equalled it's superb art direction, characters, dialogue, puzzle design... a flawless adventure for sure! *nostalgic sigh*

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