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Dammit we want you to tell us stuff – like has a game ever caused you to cry? Come on you can admit it! If not then what game has come closest?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

I never cry. Ever. Except at the end of Toy Story 3 - how can any person stay dry during that sob fest? Alright fine, I'll stop playing tough. Here's my list.

- Secret of Mana - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

I'd like to stress, however, that they were single tears - not full blown sobs.

Now you go!


    FF7 was definately the first ever where I felt so hurt cuz of just one cutscene.

    I don't think any other game's done it yet, but some are starting to hit the heart, not hard enough to cause tears though.

      Yeah definately FF7, they tried in the later ones b ut it just wasn't as emotionaly impactful. That Dead Island trailer came pretty close though.

    A game has never made me cry... ever.

    Not because I am a man of steel... because I'm not, man I cried in Adam Sandler's Click. WTF

    But its because either A) i have played a game that has been able to move me this way or
    B) I cant emotional connect to a videogame character as well as I can with a movie character.

    The most "moved" Ive felt was the end of RDR. When IT happens.

      Same here. I havent cried in a game yet but limbo touched something inside me kind of like james sunderland did in silent hill 2. I also cried in click. So theres 3 people now.

    Ok, here goes... Portal... I sobbed immeditaly after smiling and being filled with a creepy contentment after experiencing a truly unique and unexpected gaming session ( I played it from beginning to end in that one session) knowing at the time that there was no more portal sequels being planned... I proceeded to smile again some years later after reading the news of Portal 2 being developed :)

    RDR made me well up.
    If it's any consolation Tristan i cried at Click too.

      From the moment they entered the barn at the end of that game, I saw where it was all going and I started bawling like a baby.

      I was shocked at how much it affected me!

      But then again, I've also welled up recently (though not actually cried) at Alan Wake and Heavy Rain, so it probably shouldn't have been too unexpected. I'm obviously a sook.

        I didn't cry but the ending of RDR. Couldn't play it anymore after that. So sad.

          RDR just made me angry because I felt I could have won (or at least taken a lot more with me) if it hadn't made leave the barn. Though I knew there was simply no other way they could make that game end and still call it a western.

      I experienced a serious welling of emotion in RDR. It was wow, yeah...I shed a little tear.

    I struggle to think of a game that has made my eyes water, but when I think of games that I have been emotionally invested in, one immediately springs to mind - Limbo.
    Actually, come to think of it, Half Life 2: Episode 2's ending did make me feel borderline weepy...

    The closest I've come to crying in a game was at the end of Gothic 2.. and the only reason I came close was cos I was so sad to see it end! I wanted it to go on forever!!!
    The only movie I ever recall crying in, was when I was about 5 or 6.. My mum took me to see the Black Cauldron, and this little cute furry creature died, and I cried.. but then at the end of the movie, he came back to life! Awwww! Gotta love a happy ending ;)

    FF7 is the only one I can think of (The game that taught nerds how to cry) but that's almost a given.

    I honestly can't think of anything else. Sure, plenty of other games have had me emotionally invested since then, but none that have squeezed out a tear. I'm going to blame FF7 on youth and shock.

    I cried twice while playing Fable 2. First time when Rose gets killed and the second time during the dream thing near the end of the game.

      Damn, ninja'd by you.

      And you mean I wasn't the only one to tear up at that point? Man, that makes me feel so less unique.

    Jesus. I must be an emotional rock... I have never been brought to tears by a video game. Or a movie...

      Never even by a movie? Wow, you are indeed either a cold, heartless rock or just watching the wrong movies.

      Have you seen the Pixar movie Up? The opening 10 minutes of that is among the most brutal tear jerking cinema I have ever experienced. If you survive that, you should probably go see a doctor because you may actually be dead.

        I admit I've never cried in a game, yeah I've been emotional taken by certain things, but I have never cried. Movies on the other hand, I cry like a baby :P And I'm with Batguy, when I first saw UP's beginning I was crying...I think I still do :) Some of these "kids" films I think portray some very mature issues. I wont list the amount of movies I've cried's far too long!

        ps. I cried in Click too :)

          I've only full on bawled once, and that was at the end of Field of Dreams, when he meets his Dad. It always gets me. Always.

            You know Mark, I'm with ya...I dont know what it is, but whenever there is something between a father and a son, get the tissues :P man I'm sad!

            That, and the end of Dead Poets Society.

              I cried in dead poets as well. I was only 12, i burst into tears when i saw the gun.

            Big fish gets me. that ending, man. *beard wipes away tear*

              Big Fish!

              I hear ya man... that was on the other week.

                Anyone else find the ending to The House of Flying Daggers tear jerking then? I sure was bawling my eyes out at the end of that one...

    No game has made me cry, but the one that brought me closest, interestingly, was Fable 2.

    For some reason, the start of that game, where you *spoilers?* watch as your sister dies, and you can see the sorrow on bad guy Mcgees face as he does it, it felt emotionally deep, in a way the rest of the game just failed at.

    Apart from that? The ending of Half Life 2 Ep 2. This is beautifully done, providing the perfect sense of helplessness and feeling, so much so that I'd put it in the same level as Pixar films for emotional manipulation. Otherwise, nah, I'm a MAN, and I AMERICA my way through MAN games and never get sad. For AMERICA!

    Only ever reared up at the end I'd s4 of Dexter. Just can't connect with games in that way. More than a few games have caused tears of frustration though.

      Typo of the year!

    The closest i have come was gears 2...

    I really wasn't expecting all that emotion from such a fist-bumpin sort of game.

    Both when Tai killed himself and when dom found whats her name... corpse face...

    there's probably been a couple of others..


    Too Human. I cried like a baby when i finally finished it to find there was no actual ending..

    Sonic the Hedgehog on 360 made me cry...

    Call Of Duty: World at War.

    Not because of its content, just the thought that I'd dropped $100 on it.

    I almost cried when I broke up with World of Warcraft.

      One of my friends cried when another of my friends quit WoW :P

    I cried when I played it to the end of 'Pariah'...

    Such potential for a game ruined... I cried because it was such a terrible ending.

    NB: I didn't ACTUALLY cry. I'm a man! xD

    A game hasn't made me cry but there have been points where I've felt sad.

    The first time I played Infamous and had to make the moral choice to either let people have food or zap them to take it for myself, I chose evil but the way they scurried away scared made me feel so bad that I reloaded my save game and did the "good" path for the entire game. I did "evil" for my second playthrough though :p

    In GTA4 when I chose the "deal" ending I was upset with the outcome because I was fond of fatty cousin Roman so I chose the "revenge" ending as the true ending.

    Games just don't make me cry! Except for the ending to Tetris, I bawled like a baby.

    Oh, this is easy, MGS4 at the end cutscenes, you'll know what I mean if you have finished it.
    And in Shadow of the colossus before the final battle...

      I actually felt horrible throughout the whole game of Shadows of the colossus, killing all of those huge gentle giants...I wish there was another way.

    I nearly cried finding out why there were no children in Resident Evil 4.
    I'm pretty sure there was another occasion when I cried while gaming, but I don't remember exactly. I cry pretty easily so I'm sure it's happened other times. Oh that's right, I shed a few tears at the end of the second Layton game, right after you solve the final puzzle. ='D
    Hmm, does crying after watching a StarCraft tournament finals count?

    FF10, that got a tear out of me.

    As for movies anithing with a animal dying, gets me everytime I AM Legend made me cry like a little girl haha

      HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA *sob* why?

        Because it was just him, and his dog.

        for all those years, then he had to kill her before she turned into a crazy hairless man eating getting all welled up just talking about it *Sobbing* lol

    Never genuinely cried playing a game. But have cried on the inside playing a game i wanted so much to like but couldn't because of major flaws/faults. Alone in the Dark on 360 being one of them. What a waste!

    Demons Souls makes me wail like a wounded wilderbeast

    I tend to be a bit of a softie for this sort of thing, so I tend to be like that a lot.

    Valkyria Chronicles was most recently, now that I've finally gotten round to it. It wasn't the actual death scene that got me, though. It was the funeral.

    Similarly recently, Crisis Core's ending practically killed me, and I think the first time was FFVII, not at Aerith's death, but at Cait Sith retrieving the black materia in the first time.

    Though yeah, in general, bittersweet moments tend to be the ones that make me cry. But like I said, I'm a softie.

      I'm with you on that nick. I found the 'death' of cait sith to be more moving than Aerith :p

    The closest a game has ever come to making me cry was the end of Half Life 2 Episode 2. That entry had me hooked all the way through. Didn't actually choke me up, but it's one hell of a cliffhanger.

    One of the only films to actually get me choked up is Braveheart.

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