That Lady Is A Spy!

Shaylyn "ChemicalAlia" Hamm releases her latest gender-swapping creation for Team Fortress 2, the female Spy. Hamm's already released more feminine version's of TF2's Medic and Heavy classes, complete with replacement sound packs, a series we hope continues.

The Female Spy pack is available from if you're looking for a less butch group of Team Fortress 2 classes.


    Wow! These models are brilliant! The female medic just looks so right. Congrats to you ChemicalAlia, your artwork style is so simple and clean. I love them all!

    Why there isn't official female versions of the classes/characters in TF2 yet is beyond me.

      If they make gender-specific weapons too, I'm all for this idea. Eg oven mitts for female heavy, or a wine bottle for female demo. Silly things like that

        Oven mitts? why dont you just fuck off.

          Wow, bad day?

          Relax and chill the f*** out.

    Having a look at the female heavy I'm not sure I could say that she would make the team "less butch"

    Can anybody let me know what they think of the voice acting?

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