The 3DS, Torn Into Pieces

Later this week, the glasses-free Nintendo 3DS goes on sale in Japan. A Chinese site already has its hands on the hot portable, and it's ripped it into pieces.

This dissection gives a closer look at the innards that power the 3DS, which boasts more powerful graphics than the previous generation of Nintendo handhelds. Of course, it also can run 3D without the need of 3D glasses.

Note: The picture of the three batteries shows the DSiXL battery at the top, the DSi battery in the middle and the 3DS battery at the bottom. And while you're looking at the 3DS battery, you might as well have a gander at the 3DS's battery life.

后盖才是亮点!任天堂3DS初上手拆解心得 [TGBUS via ゲームメモ]


    awesome no bloody ribbon cables this time

    worst thing ever when trying to replace the screen

    accidently scratching them

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