The Battlestar Galactica Game Is Still Spooling Its FTL Drives

Earlier this week, the new Battlestar Galactica game went into open beta. Being a massive BSG fan, I figured I'd jump right in and see how it was shaping up.

In these two clips, I'll walk you through the two main parts of the game — on-foot and space combat — and show you what the early stages of your life as a Colonial Viper jock will look like.

Don't mind the shoddy state of my Viper; as you progress in the game you can unlock bigger and better ships.

As the game is still in beta, don't think of it as a review. Think of it as a brief, guided tour of the first couple of hours you'll spend walking and clicking around the darkest recesses of space.


    Great. Now can we see the other side?

    For the love of pete turn off the music from the game when you are recording voice. Either record the two separately or loop back the computer audio so still records but doesn't play out loud.

    Did someone have facebook running in the background?

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