The Bloodiest Football Game You'll Play Today

While it's not the most accurate representation of American football, Milkstone Studios' Zombie Football Carnage still has all the right moves - just a little bloodier.

Zombie Football Carnage hit the Xbox Live Indie Games store today, and its colourful Castle Crashers-style graphics caught my eye immediately. The you play a little football helmet wearing guy trying to survive four quarters of what passes for football wherever the hideous beings you're killing come from. Enemies are killed by tossing the pigskin at them or through the use of various deadly power-ups.

You're going to die in Zombie Football Carnage. It's pretty much part of the design. Get as far as you can, gathering money as you go, and use that money to upgrade your abilities in order to press on further. It's a simple and elegant design that lends itself well to bite-sized snippets of gameplay.

Zombie Football Carnage is available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 80 Microsoft points.


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