The Dark, Lonely Art Of Dead Space 2

Since there aren't many (living) people around in Dead Space 2, you're left with more time than usual to admire the architecture of Titan Station. And what better way to admire it further than with this concept art.

It's the work of Joseph Cross, who as well as doing art for this game has also worked on Need for Speed and last year's Dante's Inferno.

While it's all lovely, and it's great getting the chance to admire it al without fear of something trying to eat you, there's a slight spoiler warning, as some of these locations are from deep into the game's singlelplayer campaign.

Third-person shooter / horror game Dead Space 2 was released last month on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. We reviewed it, and it's pretty good.

You can see more of Joseph's work at his personal site below.

[Joseph Across]


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