The Day Guitar Hero Died

I'll never forget where I was when I heard that a plane had crashed in an Iowa cornfield, with Izzy Sparks, Johnny Napalm, and Lars Ümlaüt aboard.

Here's "The Day Guitar Hero Died", by The Warp Zone, a tribute to the one-time phenomenon killed last week by Activision. Not to damn it with faint praise, but that really is some rather clever songwriting. I know Don McLean's melody and lyrics from "American Pie" lead the way, but that's a catchy chorus that hits the tone of the original. This should be up on Rock Band Network, pronto. Really.


    Izzy Sparks is the name of a harmonix employee.
    stupid activision.

    That was really good.

    "This should be up on Rock Band Network, pronto. Really."

    WOW! That was extremely good! I bet Don never imagined his song would be used to mourn the death of fake, plastic musicianship.

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