The First Statues For BioShock Infinite, Set For September(ish) 2012

The amazing statue sculptors at NECA have new BioShock figures in the making. The coolest here at Toy Fair 2012 are the ones from BioShock Infinite. The new BioShock game is a long way away, so these won't be out, a NECA rep said, until Sept. 2012 or so. The game isn't slated for release until 2012 either. Waiting ain't easy.

This is part of the BioShock 2 line.


    Ummmmm, those aren't B.S. Infinite characters. Those are quite clearly a Bouncer and two splicers. I'm not sure why they would have an Infinite plaque in front of those.

    And shame on you guys for not noticing that. ;)

    that is not a bouncer that is the regular rosie model. the bouncer however did get an upgrade, as the new bouncer figure will feature LED eyports in red, yellow, and green.

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