The Force Versus The Triforce

I asked Vitor Zago to bring these two characters together in battle and he nailed it! Dark Lord Vader and Link's worlds collide in this excellent illustration.

Who do you think will win this Sci-Fi / Video Game battle?

Need your daily fill of geek eye candy? If so, head over to Justin Page's Rampaged Reality and get your fix. Republished with permission.


    Darth Vader, definitely.

      Please. Link will destroy him! You aren't called the Hero of Time for nothing!

        Exactly, besides, a bit of cortosis-weave on the mastersword and Link's good to go!

    Dark lord of the sith vs..... Green dude in tights?... Sith Lord hands down

    Link. He'll remind Vader he was in Force Unleashed 2 and Vader will die of embarassment...

    Canonically, Darth Vader can't actually use Force Lightning because it specifically requires the use of your hands, or other biological limb as an outlet. Darth Vader doesn't have real hands. Sorry to sound like a dick, but just pointing it out there.
    Despite that though, I doubt Link actually has anything to defend himself from a Force Choke =P


      3rded. First thing I noticed :(.

      But really, Force swordplay is meant to be a lot more dangerous than regular swordplay.

      Dude, why can't he shoot lightning out of his stumps... and use his metal fingers to conduct?

    Isn't Link's shield made of metal??

    Mario is clearly the winner of this battle. Whoops

    I think it's impossible for Link to loose. Even if he dies, he'll just re-incarnate and try again.

    Mirror shield could possible reflect force lightning and Naryu's Love (invincible shield) could get him past a force choke and close enough for an overhead or behind slash.

      Absolutely! Mirro shield can most definately reflect lightning. and Naryu's Love never fails to protect Link from ANYTHING and EVERYHING! Besides, Vader's choking power isn't strong enough to collapse Link's lungs anyway. XD (Link's too tough) and plus, Link colud just go back in itme and kill Vader as a child if he wanted. XD and even if he couldn't get close enough to Vader (for some unthinkable reason), zlink can just use cortosis-weave with his mastersword and win. :D :D :D

    Battle of the Soul Calibur guest characters! Thus it is my experience that Mitsurugi is three seconds from sticking a katana in places not compatible with living.

    Batman always wins.

    Quick, Link! Get the high ground advantage. DV turns into some sort of weird logic retard when you stand on ground three inches higher than his!

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