The Game That Lasts 1000 Days?

And no, I'm not talking about World of Warcraft, or Minecraft, or any other game with 'craft' in the title. Red Lynx, creators of the haemorrhage inducing Trials HD, have chucked up a new trailer for what seems like a new iPhone game, and it has piqued our interest.

Regular Kotaku readers won't be surprised to hear that it was our very own 'FatShady', a nationally ranked Trials HD player, who alerted me to this vid.

Start your speculations... now!


    Hmmmmm.. Sounds intriguing.. Looks like I might have me a new game to play... :D

    It's a new book app.

    This book has 1000 pages, you must read one page a day.

    Achievement unlocked at 1000

    Trials HD wasn't my thing but this looks intriguing. If it's not my thing either I'll be upset because the teaser makes it seem like it'll be right up my alley.

    The trailer didn't make it clear enough, and I can't be bothered to re-watch, so how many stories/days/people/things are in this?

    Actually my first though was animal crossing. Sometimes it seems like you have to play that for about 1000 days to do everything properly...

    This game looks interesting though. I hope they beinng it too android too and not just iPhone :( Unless it's crap, then it doesn't matter.

    its over one thousa.... oh wait, no it's not ;(

    meh, I've played a game that's lasted just a tad over 1800 days. It's the amount of hours that really define an addiction, I mean commitment *ahem* yes............

    1000 hours, now that's a challenge

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